The properties of Josh in the story (Shadow Government) for Mother Qabanysocial critical studies

Ali asghar; HameedAhmadeyan; SajaeedSaleme

Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

The Jews are among the greatest people in the world, trying to control the world, and throw Muslims in a quagmire of ignorance and immorality. The novel of “shadow government” reflects this issue. This research studies how they were present and trying to take over the Muslim community to become the real property in the world. The writer talked about the Jews in the three axes and warned Muslims and the whole world of their plans and doctrines like Freemasonry, Donma, Union and Progress Committee, and Qabbani indirectly explained to readers the characteristics of Jews, especially Masons like secrecy, and symbols and violence and their attempt to spread lust. On the other hand, there is an indirect call in this novel for every Muslim who reads it to adhere to the Holy Quran and Intellectuals who face them like Jamal’addin Afghani.