Management control in Imam Ali Government

Hanaa S. Jabar

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 29, Pages 459-494

That the state called on that the human control on three important reign to make normalcy and contiguity: it is executive control it make and take domineeringness, and legislative control that make roles and legal control that make lows, so the state important the control management have very important and effective to keep economic source for state and keep the right of people from attack and it effective way to publish the national produce to people in good way:
Islam is region for allah and make good things between people in two branch:
First: ideology and worship management relationship between human and allah.
Second: treatment control the relationship between human and his brother in economy, society, political and all rule, flexible low, the islamic state have an aim that the state control the relationship between human and his brother and enter in islamic handling.
The important reasons that make me to choose this subject the low knowledge of people in islamic government and control and i want to research in primary source and modern reference to have special result in this research.