Effect of Aal-KashifAl-Ghitaa family on the character of Sheikh Ali Aal-Kashif Al-Ghitaa, the author of Al-Hisoon Al- Mani'ea

Ahmed Naji Al-Ghurairy

Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

Through this search , we got to what it was the family of all detector cover of the scientific level represents the work done by the men of this family of studies and research , lectures and other things that form in its entirety , tool payment and the establishment of the academic levels of the generations that came later than the children of this family , has been We stood and we are looking at the biography of Sheikh Ali detector cover owner impregnable fortresses , what was this tender family of a clear impact in the building of intellectual character . This is Mottagl eloquent in front of the reader if they follow these influences ranging Grew up within the confines of this family and by being aware of its bid , which crystallized in the same movement that Activating due to be level or slightly more than his peers .