Hijir bin Adi Al- Kindy Movement in Al- aghany for Abiel-Farej Al- Asfahany- A contrastive Analytic Study-.

Hasen Easa Al- Hakeem; Ali Dehish Hiloo Al-Ghara

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 18, Pages 11-36

Kitab Al- Aghany is one of the most important resource that deal with Hijr bin Adi Al- Kindy Movement, Al- Asfahany had separated about fifteen pages , so they exceed most of the historic resources ,that paid little attention to this movement, save Al- Tabary and Al-Baladhery .
Al- Asfahany , in his treating with this movement, depended on a set of the narrators , but he depended greatly on the narration of Abi Mokhanef which is considered as the most important narrations.
Comparing what Al- Asfahany had mentioned about this movement with what the other historic resources had mentioned , it became clear that Al- Asfhany had his own important narration that showed the movement nature and aims , and that Al- Asfhany had found that a wide historic information about this movement that made him deal with it elaborately , so Kitab Al- Aghany is one of the most important resource to study all the movement aspects.