The Travelers and Geographical Ibn Sa'eed Al-Maghribi

Majeed Hameed Shihab

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 8, Pages 99-128


Ibn sa'eed is a poet, historian, traveler and geographical from Andalusia .He is Ali Ibn-Mousa Bin Mohammed Abdul Malik Bin Sa'eed born in around (605,610) A.H in yahsub fort or what is called Ibn Sa'eed's fort. He studied language, literature and poetry by Abi Ali Al-Shalubeen and Abi Hasen Al-Dabaj and Ibn Asfoor .He has more than thirty works in various sciences. Ibn Sa'eed was chosen for writing two books about geography which were the best of his works .the importance of his works lies in his description of the reality in an accurate way for being a traveler staying in the places which heads to for a long time .During which he gets to know the place well, asks a lot and knows the history of that place then he starts writing about it.
Moreover, the scientific concern of the research is based on the fact of being as a source for the students of geography and enriched the libraries with his works.
These works are still scripts kept in the library of Alascoreal in Spain which contains a geographical legacy which has never been studied or translated yet .The concerns of history professors were a lot more than of the geographical which proves that Ibn Sa'eed was a comprehensive scientist who wrote in different fields of geography, history ,literature ,novel and jurisprudence . The most important of his works is (Bast Al-Ardh) or what is so called (Kitab Al-Jughraphia).