American Independence War( 1776-1783 A.D) ( A Historical study)

Ahmed Jasim Al- Simmary; Younis Abbas Ne; ama al- Yasiry

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 23, Pages 319-360

The Title of Research is(The War of American Independenc1776-1783),One of the Important causes of the war is that the victory of British Army on France in the Seven War Freed the Colonies from the need for British protection against the French threat ,and When the British Government tried to tighten the system of imperial control and forces the colonists to contribute to imperial defense and pay part of the bill, the colonies rejected and declare the Declaration of Independence on July4,1776 established a new nation and transformed a limited revolt to secure right within the British empire.
The Research divided into an introduction, two chapter, and conclusion, The first chapter deals with the study militaries forces(1776-1778),discuss the causes of the war, the foresees military in British and America, control of British army on New York, the victory of American forces in Trenton, the control of British forces in Philadelphia, and the victory of American forces in Saratoga.
The second chapter discussed the militaries forces (1778-1781), the first point discuss the effect of battle of Saratoga on British Government, the alliance between France and America, the control of British Government on south colonies, the victory of American Forces in York Town.