The Effect of the Iraqi Religious Minorities in the Discussions of the Iraqi Parliament 1925-1933 A.D

Ahmed Ibraheem Mohammed Mustafa Aal Mustafa

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 26, Pages 431-456

The arrival of deputies minorities in the reign of King Faisal I to the dome of the Parliament adopted on the extent of their closeness to the royal court and because the constitution select them eight seats in each election cycle has become a presence for granted, and RPR these cultural their previous levels high and their decline from families of long-standing career in business and perhaps above reflected on cohesion within the parliament and unite theses by a large margin, and during the period 1925-1933m maturity of the deputies of minority legal regulations several based on their entries actors in the standing committees in the House of Representatives, which reflected positively on the development of the reality of the country because the previous regulations have become laws got up the country, and because of the link Congress minorities during the search for the person of the King Faisal stayed away from partisanship fully and opposition in the House of Representatives by a large margin.