Analysis of the word (Ajm) in the words of the Prophet "Who learns the Koran and then forgot to meet God on the Day of Resurrection

Hassin Khakbor; il Ahmadzahi; Isma; Asma Eranmanesh

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 36, Pages 11-28

Monotheistic invitation of all the prophets were associated with a variety of language conflict and hostility that different doubts can be outlined one of their most basic plans. Conflict (doubt) of Being human of the Prophets and also denying their relationship with God is of the most pervasive doubts about the many prophets. Analyzing the Quran verses shows that the doubt of being human about the prophet is of the most fundamental human suspicions of the Prophet, and other charges are derivatives of this doubt. Today, a lot of doubts and accusations in the form of scientific debate arise about the Islam Prophet that derivative of this doubt. In Holy Quran, being human doubt of the prophet is narrated specifically for the Islam prophet and generally for other prophets. Analyzing of the Quran verses shows that unbelief, obstinacy and stubbornness, ignorance about the different levels of human beings is of important motives of opponents and designers of doubt.