Classification of foreign land roads in Dhi-Qhar province by using ( GIS)

WehabFehed Al-Yasiry; MithaqTalib Al- Khefajy

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 32, Pages 47-68

The study includes of Classification of outer highways in Thiqar province . the number of the outer roads in the field of study is (18) highways in addition to the Classification of vehicles and numbering the main highways,so this classification includes the (historical - morphological- and functional role).The morphologicalClassification is considered the most important one which is distributed the outer roads in the field of study into highways and subways The number of the highways is (2) while the subways (8) .
The vehicles are classified into small cars which are (81740) and long vehichles which are (27987)cars . Also the number of thevehichles classified according to the petrol which are (81740)cars