Evaluating the cognitive and Esthetic Dimensions of children’s Magazines Design.

Hatim Rasheed Kadhim

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 8, Pages 293-324


Variables of knowledge and beauty are intertwined; the former develops a sense of beauty and the second opening the mind to receive knowledge, and through them to transcend the human psyche to the top brought about.
For this, the researcher on linking and tracking of these dimensions for the purpose of crusts in the designs of the covers of magazines flute for children issued by the House Children's Culture of Iraq for the years (1979 - 1980 -1981) and to the age group (9-12) years old and trying to be subjected to the process of evaluating the reality of her work in keeping with the seriousness of impact on the culture of children, their access to the reach of their hands before school age before the textbook, if it may lead role in the delivery of ideas and information should be sound and in accordance with the perspective of the year, for its special role in winning the child's wishes and the generation need to have to rush to the magazine, which establishes the importance of research current. The objectives of the research are known as cognitive and aesthetic dimensions of the designs in the covers of children's magazines, and then correct them.
To achieve this, reviewed the perspective of education through art according to the perspective philosophy of Plato and Aristotle, Ibn Khaldun and John loud, and then review the views of Bloom, Adler and Jonk on the tributaries of social life, the sound of children, for Piaget and subdivisions to the wishes of the child and his Tendencies of the forms of art according to the developments of the intellectual and physical.
Search results was that the priority for (9) vocabulary groups of secondary-dimensional analysis tool knowledge and neglect (12) Single. This is the result not be subject to the covers of magazines Oboe controlled calendar by hand post and the result of the appearance of drawings do not fit the age level, who has been the magazine for him.