Strategies of educational thought at Al-Jahiz


Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

Al-Jahiz's strategic foundation is based on a number of concepts, such as thinking and the educational process based on its intellectual foundations, which Al-Jahiz has confined to the systematic doubt, experience, and extrapolation that must be confirmed in supporting theories and establishing facts.
In addition, the method of educational arrogance which took writing as a means of spreading science and knowledge and make it one of the most important ways to teach science, based on the scientific methods that have a solid - imposing itself on him, assuming the validity of significance and clarity of proof _ What is Markuz in general mind Society, the owner of the dictionary of the Dabba, the dialogue that took place about the status of scientific genius and one of his contemporaries: (God if I put a message in the rabbit nose.
* Yaqoot Al-Hamwi, Cairo, Dar Al-Ma'mun: 16/99.