Imam Al-Mahdi waiting from viewing of Poet Modern Persian

Teba Sayfe; Kayre Morady

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 34, Pages 231-250

Expectation of the promised is a great religious belief for the Shias. This belief reinforces the hope and happiness in the Muslim’s hearts, So as to the hope of the future and the happiness in the future can alive the hearts. Since the literature specially poem can specify the route to the knowing of the Imam Mahdi ‘the savior of the human’ the savior who fills the earth from the justice when it was full of the oppression.
Praise of the Prophet and his family is a common issue at the most of the poems of the Persian poets, but rarely a poet can be found which created an independent poem for the praise of Imam Mahdi. The praise about him was between the other themes. So the poems about Imam is rarely created by the poets independently, and the old poets like Attar Neishabouri and Nezami Ganjavi created some speeches among their poems. The contemporary poets created many poems to praise the Imam directly or indirectly. The revolution of the Islamic republic of iran in 1979 had a great influence for the contemporary poets to approach the Imam Mahdi in their poems. This paper tends to research the viewpoints of the Iranian contemporary poets about the Imam Mahdi to present the various aspects of their viewpoints for the readers and also tends to introduce their methods of expression of the Imam’s role and his introduction to the future generation