Law making and its importance in Islamic thought


Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

The most important results that we have reached the end of the search for brevity:
1. follows the subject of our audit on the Study of the flag, which is a natural consequence to him.
2. Nothing in Muslims adhere to the linguistic sense of the disease if it means the flag after the ignorance, because this is something that asserts the mind and transport struck down, and in the hadith: "God has shown his ignorance."
3. The well-known that with our audit of Mokhtsat Shiites, but the other team believes in science its content, and the conflict between the two sides verbally warned him as Sheikh useful and was followed by others on it.
4. The educational impact of the disease is the human urge to beg alms and pray and cruel, and obedience and the mainland, where the whole proceeding that radiance of hope for change, as opposed to what Le Pen froze appreciation on things as they are without the possibility of change regularly consumes Balbda.
5. Finally, then turn in faith and thought goes to the narrowing of the absolute divine power, and our audit hits the corners of this thought and undermines its structure of rules, Valibda manifestation of divine power absolute, and believes in him but believe in God and condemns him to this absolute power.
thanks God first and last