The Effect of Slip-writing Teaching Technique on the Performance of University EFL Students in Essay Writing


Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

The present study aims at investigating The Effect of Slip-writing teaching technique on the performance of university EFL Students in essay writing. Quasi experimental design with a non –randomized control group, pretest-posttest is adopted. The sample of the present study includes (87) male and female college students selected from 3rd year university students of ThiQar university ,College of Education for Human Sciences, Department of English Language.Face validity and reliability coefficient of the pretest/posttest have been computed.Two independent sample t-test formulas have been used. Final results reveal thatthere is statistically significance difference between the two groups. This means that the experimental group students have proved to be better in their essay writing because they were taught by using the slip-writing technique..Finally, suitable conclusions and recommendations are put forward.