Channels of intellectual and spatial interaction in the Arabian Peninsula before Islam

Amal Ajil Ibrahim

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 36, Pages 511-542

In the Pre- Islamic Arab Peninsula, there were varied doctrinal and intellectual systems represent a harmonized social environment with intellectual and religious channels that participated in enrich those systems and in improve the Arab mentality via the interaction of its individual within each other. The channels connected with certain places and times such as pilgrimage, markets, the tribe assemblies, monasteries and the Christian churches. The importance of those channels are clarified by studying and dealing with the sound doctrine and rejecting paganism or idolism, as well as by the desire of the Arabs to be united in one central state.
Their importance is varied on the level of their effect on the Pre- Islam society; some of them affected most of the society, and some restricted to certain class that had all the conditions such as the intellectual awareness, reading and writing and desire to study and research about monasteries and churches.