Quoting by the speech of Imam Al-Hasen bin Ali bin AbiTalib( P.U.T) in explaining the lexical books terms' collection and documentation

Abd Ali HasenNa; oor Al- Jasimy

Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

أُثرعن علماء العربية أنهم كانوا موسوعيين في معارفهم، حريصين أشد الحرص على مقومات الفصاحة والتثبت مما كُتب وصُنّف في شتى العلوم والمعارف، وكانت وسيلتهم الى ذلك التثبت والتوثيق هو الاستشهاد بكلام من يوثق بفصاحتهم ويؤخذ عنهم الشاهد الذي يؤيد ما ذهبوا اليه من صحة الكلام ومجاراته لسنن العربية في استعمالها بين الناطقين بها أو طالبي علومها.

As it known about the Arab scientists, they are asencyclopaedic in their knowledge and high assiduous in keeping the elements of the authenticity and validation based on their works in various sciences and fields. Their works characterizes by citing only the authors who are trusted in their eloquence and can be used as a reference for the native Arabic speakers or the knowledge seekers in general.
This research gathers the sayings of Imam Hasanibn Ali ibnAbiTalib(AS) that have been brought by the writers of general and specialized lexicons to explain the meaning of the vocabularies that have been mentioned in their lexicons,and it identifies evidences for that meanings. I deeply investigated these materials to reproduce them in an organized and authenticated format through tracking and exploring them, thenconsolidating other lexicons that follow identical methodology and approach. I titled it as “Adducing of the sayings of Imam Hasanibn Ali ibnAbiTalib (AS) in explaining the vocabularies in lexicons/gathering and documenting”. With the introduced work, I hope to benefit for the knowledge seekers.

Talmud and its relation with Zionism and Israeli policy ( study and analysis)

Abdul-Qhadir al-Jebareen; Khaleel Mohammed Abu-Alan

Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

This study focused to clarify and analyze the relationship between AL- Talmud book and Zionism racism, which was established in order to build a Jewish homeland in Palestine through the expulsion of the Arab population of Palestine and the establishment of the Jewish in their place, he support of the colonial powers, as this research shows the convergence between the secular Zionist ideology as claimed by the founders of the Zionist movement and the religious thought of the Jewish Talmudic fanatical who advocated the elimination of the Arabs, and the distinction between Jews and others by giving preference to always Jews, And the distinction between Jews and others by giving preference always the Jews, and to clarify the criminal methods carried out by the Zionist gangs in Palestine of murder, torture and displacement of the Arab population from their lands, And how leaders of the Zionist gangs justified these actions through the texts of the Talmud which were endorsed, and the reflection of the impact of these teachings on the Zionist leaders and the current Israeli policy.

Right of expression between the international guarantees and the observation of the national law, Iraq as example


Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

The right to express between the international safeguards and oversight of Iraqi domestic law modelA search on the front of the problem and the hypothesis and researcher reviewed the scientific method used then touched on the review of international guarantees of freedom of expression in the declarations and international conventions and regulate the right of expression in the framework of the Arab League and the control of the Iraqi legal system under the legislation, the Constitution of 1925 and use the table of the stalled newspapers explained in lost this Constitution then accept censorship under the Constitution of 1958 and censorship under the Constitution of1964, 1968 and 1970
He then reviewed by the General Assembly resolutions of the United Nations for the suppression of the right of expression in Iraq and then search for the right of freedom of expression in the Constitution of 2005 and the Iraqi judiciary specialist publishing issues and then come to a set of conclusions and recommendations, and hired a researcher newspaper official Iraqi facts discussed in the constitutions of 1925 and 1958, 1963, 1964, 1968 and 1970 and 2005 also used a variety of sources of international Kalmwathiq global announcements

Studying the poetry of resistant captures under the Israeli occupation


Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

Most of Palestinian youths entered to the prison of the occupiers and this research is about the literature of the resistance of poets that are captured and freedom mantra chanted; some of them were released, they are too many such as Mahmoud Darwish, Samih al-Qasim, TawfiqZeiad and Fayez Abu Shmalh and etc. In this research we will study the poetry of “Resistance in Prisons” and from the point of view of new literary criticism will review it, in this type of literature we see the symbol and its many applications. And we also find a lot of terminology that are related to the resistance literature; Words such as, detention centers, prison, friends, freedom, land and so on. In this article we will investigate about the resistant captive’s poem and will refer to the characteristics and symbols of this poetry. Research methodology of this article is descriptive-analytical.

Employment art embodiment In Imam Al-Sajadprayer

MosaArabi; HusseinMohtadi; MahdiTarkashond

Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

Imam Sajjad’s prayers (supplications) constitute an important part of our religious literature. These prayers are a means of praying to God and expressing inner and latent feelings within chest. The abstract and deep spiritual concepts and the moral and emotional color of these prayers have led Imam Sajjad (p.b.h) to choose an outstanding and artistic expression for better transmission of the prayer message to his audience. One of the expressive and artistic styles that could fulfill this important task is artistic incarnation. This manuscript tried to examine these functions by implementing an analytical- descriptive procedure in Imam Sajjad’s prayers. Analysis of artistic incarnation in some passages of Imam Sajjad’s supplications show that as a result of visualizing abstract and intellectual concepts, not only the audience does not feel alienated and being distant from the spiritual world, but also is able to easily understand the universe with his senses. And this issue helps his richness of faith and belief (in God).
Keywords: Artistic Incarnation, Prayer, Imam Sajjad (p.b.h)

Iranian nuclear program ' a study in the rise and motive and the American attitude

edRizaij Edam

Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

Study on the Origin of nuclear program and the US motives and attitude from it.
the Search has sought to answer several questions one of the important is :what is the Iran justifications to develop the unclear program ? And what is the ways that the US used it to deal with Iran's nuclear program? For that reason the study divided to three chapters.
Chapter one deals with the Origin Iran's of nuclear program and it divided to two side the first one deal with nuclear program before 1979 while the another deal with nuclear program after 1979 .
Chapter two deals with the motives of the Iranian nuclear program it divided to three studies: the first one is about Political motivation and the second is about Economic motivation while the third deal with the Security and military motives.
Chapter three deals with the US attitude from Iran's nuclear program, it divided to three studies: the first is about the US attitude from Iran's nuclear program between 1945 – 1978, while the second the US attitude between 1979-2000. While the third deals with US attitude between 2001-2015.

Enrooting of Ijtihad as a concept and tradition

Mohanned Mustafa Jamalul-Deen

Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

The diligence industry mankind is not divine, RPR methodological pluralism and Alambnaiah within a single school or a single doctrine, but this diversity has not prevented scholars from trying to adjust the curriculum discretionary controls a scientific and objective standards, which differ in turn, according to the contrasting views espoused by each team, since formed their opinions Routers knowledge identified how they treated her with placed diligence, which represents the point of convergence and divergence at the same time, it represents the foundations and pillars underpinning, and therefore over the diligence and historical knowledge roles Perhaps the first is the emergence of the concept and the term, which'll show it in our research and on SSI three, dictated by necessity Manual research and presentation

Hisham bin Al-Hakim : the effect of Ahlul-Bait school on his life and theological opinions.

KawakibBaqhir Al-Fadhily

Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

Hishamibn al-Hakam, aware of the flags of theology and doctrines, particularly because it was one of the founders of the theory of the Imamate, remains to this great man as educated at the hands of the Imams (peace be upon them) a prominent role in various sciences and knowledge, science and modern novel about the infallible (peace be upon them ), in addition to that it was his views and signals in the sciences and other knowledge to achieve a cognitive achievement in spreading the household science.
Because the right of the owners of the Imams peace be upon them from harm and public mutilation, and the right of Hisham bin especially from oppression and injustice requires us to Nenze him what it was told, from the words of a science envious or a sullen hostility judgment, knowing that all imams owners they stay Menhala flows into it Researcher visions and ideas and the results of research may be new or is a continuation of what was written in the ancient justice to those who have wronged because of their love and devotion to their religion and belief; was this research is to try to do justice to this character of suspicions that took place around him.

Criticism of the ambiguous concepts in the Arab contemporary thought


Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

Criticism vague and ambiguous concepts in contemporary Arab Thought
The concepts in contemporary Arab thought to suffer from the opacity and confusion, so deliberately some thinkers to criticism in order to be clarified, and the question: Do you have the cash attempts useful in clarifying or increase in her thumb and confused? Suppose the answer: it increases the thumb and confused .. The question is the problem of the research, the answer is a hypothesis.
The research is divided into two sections, the first entitled: (a vague concepts in contemporary Arab thought about Muhammad Aziz Habbabi), and the second entitled: (ambiguous concepts in contemporary Arab thought when Kamal Abdul Latif), as well as the introduction and conclusion and a list of sources and references.
The most important findings: They focused on the dismantling of concepts without trying to re-installed and production, which increased the thumb and confused, yet these attempts task but it is still a few, and we desperately need.

Jurisprudence of cash money for late Imamate.

Salah Abdul-MehdyIbraheem

Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

Of subjects jurisprudence emerging cash paper, and scholars Late and contemporaries of the front and Islamic sects tried to explain the fact that the cash
paper, the position idiosyncratic If it turns out it's easier release the appropriate sentence for him, have been mentioned in this several sayings area we discussed the most and we came to the fact that the paper money has no value, but its value would in the lid and balance, whether gold or other as a country, and on this basisOverbalance jurisprudence that fit this fact: not check usury Alamaaoda them for being numbered, does not require the two arrested in the Council, and should not be the Zakat, check out the loan usury which is forbidden, and where the true speculative contract
But as fruits and jurisprudence of the other words that we have discussed, we have stated to be incorrect

Sunrise referring terms in the holy Qur'an ( A Semantic study)

Fatima Abdul-Ameer Al- Salamy; Alaa Mohammed Musa Jawad

Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

إنَّ كل لفظ في اللغة له قالب خاص يُصَبُّ فيه؛ ليحدّد حجمَه ومعناه ويسمى صيغة الكلمة، أما وزنه فيخضع للتغييرات التي تطرأ على اللفظ وتحول دلالته لمعنى جديد حسب التقلبات الصرفية ، فلفظة (طلع) بصيغة الفعل تختلف دلالتها عن (طلوع) بصيغة المصدر وعن (طالع) بصيغة الاسم ، فلكل منها دلالة صرفية تختلف عن سابقتها، وبقدر ما تفيده الدلالة المعجمية والدلالة الصوتية والدلالة الصرفية في الإيحاء لمعنى اللفظ المفرد، فهو عندما يتحد مع ألفاظ أخرى يكتسب دلالة جديدة يوحيها السياق التي تنظم فيه ، فنجد بعض الألفاظ تعطي معنى معجمياً يختلف عن المعنى السياقي في القرآن الكريم ، مثلاً لفظة (طلع) بكل صيغها المختلفة تعطي معنى الطلوع والظهور في دلالتها المعجمية ، بينما في دلالتها الصوتية فيتحدد الطلوع ومستوى انفجاره وانتشاره، وفي دلالته السياقية نجده مرتبطاً مع بقية الألفاظ في الآية القرآنية، وهي تُسهم بشكل مباشر في تحديد هذا الظهور والانتشار وتمام معناه

Sunrise referring terms in the holy Qur'an ( A Semantic study)

Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

Shia Endowment Office-AL Imam AL Kadhum college for Islamic sciencePurpose of search: show the cause of alteration of the logical term at third century AH, comparatively with the second century AH.
Method of search :analyses of the terms and the language words in their meaning comparatively.
The more importance of search:The translation is elasticity act ,so why, the translator could use many words ,The aim way in the translation is Metaphor and The translation depends on the wealth language and culture of translator.

Exemption for linguists and Usulis

FadhilKamil Al-Musawy

Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

Praise be to Allah, peace and blessings be the best all the people Mohammed Secretary and Haddat right and the leaders of all creatures and after:
Looks at the knowledge of the language being one of the terms of the diligent worker with assets of Islamic jurisprudence to ete necessary to know the holy book of God, which is the first source of Islamic law, which touches the daily conduct practical for every Muslim such as prayer, fasting, transactions, etc., it is known that worships rely on verbal text and acts and statements and approve the infallible up to taxpayers by speech inaudible or illegible after the era of the infallible; and if so, must know the Arab speech styles; because the Koran was revealed. It is the manner of allocation methods and means some of what covered the speech with being compared with his output falls within the style allocation among other types, including its relevant wording of Commons, such as the condition and character and purpose exception including Mainvsal for the term of Commons such as mental and auditory, when a speech exception is devoted to the language, which will be the area of research, God Almighty. Find the three sections was taking exception to the first part, and idiomatically definition language when linguists and fundamentalists when it reported the views of some linguists and fundamentalists. The second section, entitled exception to the Staff stated inter exception clause exception vacuum, and the types of exception, the terms of the exception. The third Almiges was titled Placements in exception ensures the exception of the number and the exception of a few sentences, and finally was the finale, which contained the most important findings. Alla ask the Almighty to reconcile

Moral behavior role in adopting ward marketing( An exploratory study of a sample of workers in a number of great malls in Al-Najaf al-Ashraf

AzharAzeezJasim Al-Obaidy

Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

The current research seeks to explore the nature of the relationship between the variables of ethical behavior as an independent variable pink marketing variable as a f dependent variable, in the context of reducing or bridge the knowledge gap between them. This research comes as a result of the spread of the use of unethical pink marketing based on the exciting trends fungal customers of women and the failure to provide their own social rights and legitimate marketing environment combination. The completion of the requirements of this research through a sample survey of the views of intentional workers in a number of large malls in the province of Najaf, numbered (70) workers have been distributed and directly questionnaire specially prepared for this search, after retrieval questionnaires were good ones for statistical analysis (65) questionnaire. The results of proving the existence of the correlation relationship and influence between the two variables above, have shown a positive and significant relationship between independent variable and dependent variable, as well as positive and significant effect of independent variable on the dependent variable. In light of these results have been a number of recommendations, which are supposed to be learned, including malls under research and researchers in this area
Keywords: Ethical Behavior, Pink Marketing, and Large Commercial Malls in the Province of Najaf.

Density indicator between planning and urban designing

TuqhaRa; edJawad Al-Rubai

Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

This study was conducted in 2016 to shed the light on the density indicator, and how to determine it in the urban planning process, and it's impact in the urban design process.
The theoretical part of this study was carried out to find the indicators of relationship between elements of urban design (effected density) and it's principle, as the good urban design is produced by adhering to a set of general principles derived from the application of the physical elements of urban design. while the practical part of this study to the use of a range of experts (PhD and MSc) specialists in the field of architecture, design and urban planners of the architectural backgrounds to assess and put the weights of the impact affected density urban design elements on it's principles. The research found that there are discrepancies between urban design elements, where the highest value is a component of the economic and social fabric as it was (6.7333) and the lowest value was for component interfaces, as was (1.4667) according to the test (Tukey HSDa), as well as having a genuine differences of the relative importance of the principles of urban design at the moral level of 0.1 on a schedule (Friedman test), where the highest value of the principle of construction of public spaces vibrant and was (7.06) and the lowest value was the principle of public participation as she was (3.38).

Leadership and its effect on supporting the Dogmatic behavior, a study case in ready Men Garment Factory in Al-Najaf al-Ashraf

Hamid Abbas Adil Al--Nasrawy

Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

The current research seeks to know the nature of the relationship between narcissism leadership and dogmatic behavior in the men's ready-made clothes factory in province of Najaf,Its importance in trying to bridge the knowledge gap between the variables of the study. As well as the correct foundations and appropriate to address the real problem directly affect the work environment in one of the most productive institutions, So the researcher using a random sampling method and the distribution of 125 questionnaires on a number of male and female employees at the factory. The number of questionnaires recovered 124 questionnaire, while good for statistical analysis were numbered (122) questionnaire and a rate (97%) of the questionnaires recovered. The theoretical results showed the existence of a knowledge gap to explain the nature of the relationship between narcissism leadership anddogmaticbehavior in organizations in general and in factories productivity, in particular, as the results showApplied significant effect and positivefor narcissism leadership in dogmatic behavior.

Class distinguishing for Imam Ali (P.U.H)- analytic study


Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

When tracing divisions strata of society and the types of people at the Imam Ali peace be upon him, will there is the more than one classification, but the money prejudice to close the foundations of the philosophy of the state and functions of the parish Tksaman, one year and comprehensive cover all people in every place and time, and the other special functional purely classify the categories society on the basis of specialization or function, a division mentioned in the custody of the owner of the Ashtar also, the Imam divided the parish into classes according to their competence each layer, and so true that so-called functional division or Specialist. And it says peace be upon him: ((I know that the parish does not fit some layers, but some are indispensable to each other for some)) and it shows that the great bonding and flour from classes at the Imam where the layer is not independent of the other layer.
((Mismatch soldiers of God, including the public and private book, including the judges of Justice, including the fairness and kindness workers, including the people of tribute and abscess from dhimmis and Muslim people including traders and people of the industry, including the lower layer of the people in need and palliative and all God has called him his share and put on alone ordinance in his book or Sunnah of Allah bless him and his family in our era it preserved)).
Imam Ali peace be upon him he is the first to express the concept of social classes and classifications - and his wealth of social and political content - in Islamic thought, as there is no express him before the creation of the Imam of the era, which was the Constitution of the Government of Malik Ashtar in Egypt, we find there is a great consistency and careful harmony between functions and roles of the social classes of the seven in the division Specialist detailed, where these layers are connected to each other, and needs - and functionally - some others, and then the integration of these layers as a whole will be reflected on the performance of each layer of them to function more fully and this is what establishes him as saying it peace ((parish layers does not fit some of them, but some are indispensable to each other for some ...)), and has been searching on taking these classes detailed in the era of the faithful peace be upon him the Ashtar trauma because of its university and comprehensiveness to the opinion of the Imam in the strata of society and divided into functions whether administrative, military or judicial, professional or destitute layer was searching on several axes and Investigation according required to address these functional classes researches and studies. Thankfully First and Last

Analysis of Collocational Errors in Selected Iraqi Published Papers

HusseinDhahi al-Hassnawi

Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

The present study attempts to identify and analyse the collocational errors committed in writing by Iraqi EFL researchers whose major is English. The corpus involves (10 ) papers chosen randomly from various Iraqi universities. The research aims at identifying and analyzing both lexical and grammatical collocationalerrors. The results show that the performance of Iraqi researchers in both patterns seems to be influenced by L1 transfer. Moreover, it is found that other factors contribute to the high frequency of collocation errors committed by them, namely the lack knowledge of collocationalskills, especially with regard to collocationalrestriction,the misuse of synonyms, and thetendencyforovergeneralization. Furthermore, it is found that lexical collocation is the most recurrent error throughout the data. This is due to the grammar-based method ,which is broadly adopted in Iraqi classes.