The religious consideration in the Quraanic example

Muhammad kadhem Al-Bakaa; Israa Shaker Joda

Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of worlds, prayer and peace be upon the most honorable creature Mohammed and his pure progeny.
The holy Qur`an is the speech of Allah, it is full of the Islamic knowledge, it is the Muslim identity. This research care for the interpreters and rhetoricians studies who had dealt with Qur`an on its different aspects, one of which is the example in the holy Qur`an which they had studied on the interpretation and rhetoric levels, where example had interred legislation and doctrine, as the simplest means to communicate with human mind which could not comprehend the absolute and the summarized, so partial issues are revealed, when the example is understood the lesson is understood as well.
The research is so wide that these few papers are not enough, it needs so many theses and researches or organizational efforts, yet the researcher attempts to study the doctrinal and moral aspects of example, dealing with the evidences that express the importance of the holy Qur`an example.
The study importance lied on that the example in the holy Qur`an had not been studied in a separated scientific study. This research includes an introduction, a preface, three chapters, a conclusion and a bibliography.
The preface consists of four topics; example in language, example in tradition, lesson in language and lesson in tradition.
The first chapter deals with example importance in rhetoric and interpretation, for the individual and society, within two topics.
In the second chapter the researcher deals with the example image relating the doctrinal and moral aspects within two aspects.
" Lesson in the doctrinal and moral examples" is the title of the third chapter which includes two topics.
The most important results are mentioned in the conclusion.
Our last prayer is praise be to Allah alone.

Imam Hussein Stylistic lamentations comparison between poem Alsharef Al-radi and issmaAlaryaly

Naser Allah; roqayaAhmadi; SumayaHasanalian

Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

Many of the Poets Paid attention to Imam Hosein Especially After the Karbala incident and made His martyrdom Issue their Poetry center, praising His virtues and Conscientious, Pooring him with Feeling Honest Emotions, and Committed Poetry began to carry Echoes of the incident, and Al-Sharif al – Radi and Ali ibn isa Al- erbeli are two Of these poets.
On the other hand Stylistic Comparison is one of the Modern Critical Studies that shows Aesthetics of text, As the literature is Using the language More specifically and has Especial styles that Made it an Advanced Linguistically world has Beauty that enchants the reader, and Stylistic vision Cares about This beauty in The language.
From this point it is intended to study the Two poems of Al-Sharif al – Radi and Ali ibn isa Al- erbeli to Show The difference and similarity Between them.
Studying the issue, it became clear that the Lamentation and Grief and Disgust and Sorrow Effect in two Poet style and Appeared in Image level Especially in Simulations and Fantastic metaphors to show this great disaster, and in Semantic level they used Words that show sadness, and Popped up in Audio level in The repetition phenomenon Especially Al- Mad Letters.
And It was found that Al-Sharif al – Radi was a Great poet and his poems became a complete example that poets after him follow him and Ali ibn isa Al- erbeli was one of them Especially in his Quotations and his Embeddings

IbnHayan’s selections of grammatical issues

Ayed Kareem Alwan Al-Huraizi; Abdul Jawad Abdul Hassan Ali Al-Baidhani

Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

انماز أبو حيان من النحاة بأنّه يوجّه القاعدة النحوية على نحو رؤياه الخاصة ، وذلك بعد أن يعدد الآراء فيها ، ثم يعلن مذهبه فيها ، ثم تناول الآراء البعيدة بالنقد أو التقليل ، و ليس هذا المبحث مما انفرد به أبو حيان من حالات إعرابية ، و آراء خاصة به ، بل هو اختيار من بين آراء مطروحة ، سبقه إليها النحاة ، فاختار منها الأصوب ، ثم نلحظه يعزز رأيه بما لديه من حجج و أدلة ، و غالبا ما كان يسند آراءه إلى القرآن الكريم أولا ، ثم لغات العرب ثانيا ، ثم يلي ذلك ما توافر من أشعار العرب ثالثا ، فضلا عن تجنبه الاحتجاج بالنادر و الشاذ و القول الضعيف ، ونلحظُ أنّه تفرَّدَ في لجوئه إلى المعنى السياقي عندما يحتج باختياراته النحوية ، ولم يكتفِ بما بين يديه من آراء المتقدمين بغية تقوية حجته في الاختيار ، وسيقتصر مبحثنا على بعض اختياراته في المسائل النحوية من باب الأسماء و الأفعال و الحروف ، و المبنيات.

Some hydrologic features for the underground water in Karbala

Abdul Hassan Madfoun Abu Raheel; MarwaWesam Abdul Alem

Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

The study of hydrological characteristics of groundwater in the province of Karbala are of great importance to know the specific characteristics of groundwater in the study area.
including knowledge of sources of groundwater recharge, which is one of the most important hydrological characteristics of groundwater in the province of Karbala because of which is water penetration through a section of soil and up to Groundwater level and also see if the origin of groundwater in the province of Karbala is nautical or Continental, has been shown through equations it is of continental origin, and also study formations reservoir of groundwater as characterized these layers a set of characteristics water is groundwater present in the blanks classes Sedimentary and especially because it can keep in the water either in relation to the direction of movement of groundwater in the province of Karbala was in the way, was the first direction from west to east towards Lake Razzaza and the other direction from the Indian area toward the center of the province of Karbala .

Analyzing the uses of ground for the residential quarter in Najaf by using GIS

Huda Abdul Adheem Abbas; Ali HameedSaad; Abdul Sahib Naji Al-Baghdadi

Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

This research is one of the researches that is the full analysis and output the results based on GIS techniques , It aims to built the geographic data base and Statistic analyze the land use of residential neighborhood inside the boundaries of the holy city of Najaf , and plot the layouts of land use plan for all these neighborhoods , the geographic database is can be update to serve the concerned authorities to take appropriate decisions for these city with the ability to add other data fields to this rule for the future development.
Finally, research can be seen as an opportunity training programs for users of geographic information systems .

The economic situation in Iraq 1958-1963 through Al-Thaura Baghdadi newspaper

Ahmed Naji Al-Ghariri; Salih Abbas Nasser Al-Taee

Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

It included Al Baghdadi Revolution processing Abdel-KarimKassem economic situation in Iraq, which aimed to achieve social justice, epitomized by issuing the agrarian reform law, which he spent on large estates and free peasants economically and socially from the yoke of feudalism, and the redistribution of land fairly, and to provide health and educational services rose reality of the living standard of the population countryside.

Muzdakia and its intellectual and doctrinal effect on the Sassanid community

Khalid Mousa Al-Hussaini; HibaKamelIbraheem

Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

This study tackles the Mazdaki and its intellectual and doctrinal effect on the Sassanid society, due to the importance of its revolution which led to great changes in the Sassanid society by the thoughts and doctrines which it came with that were the starting point of the socialist doctrine. The aim of Mazdak was to spread justice and equality among the poor people and the deprived ones. Mazdak was able to gain the support of king Qbadh I and the common people for his philosophy and doctrine which were suitable for the needs of the society back then. This study concentrates on reading the social status of the Mazdak state when Mazdak came along with his intellectual roots of his theory and the regulations and doctrines which he believed in. in addition, the reasons for his fall and death were mentioned. The study is conducted by the aid of a group of Arabic and translated references.

Evaluating the urban ground uses in the old Kufa city

WahabFahad Al-Yasseri; ma Muhammad AlbuArabi; NuhaNe

Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

The study shed the light on the reality of the usges of the urban land in the old city of Kufa and the most important factors affecting it. Then, evaluates those uses according to the local standards of planning, which represented the standard of per capita as well as other criteria. The study also showed that the reality of the land uses in the study area is not consistent with the standards of planning and the size of the population, as there is a clear decrease in the number of housing units and residential space, as well as in other uses such as transport, and industry ... etc. It has been reached a number of conclusions, which is the final outcome through the final study of land uses for this city.

The religious experience in kirkjard existence

AmerAbdZaid Al-Waeli; Duaa Abdul WahedMuhsin

Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

The existential philosopher Soren Kierkegaard was one of the prominent philosophers in philosophy, in general, and the philosophy of religion, in particular. Several effects has formed his religious experience.Kierkegaard described faith as the relation between the Man and his creator without the rules of the men of religion.The perception of the Church does not see where only lies and falsehood and pettiness. Material and trend, turning the worship of God to ridicule him. He was heading toward God, toward the infinite in itself ... a trend that disturbed the church steps and theoretical Christian lyrics at the time.

The title strategy in Al-Jawahetriri poetry Mulukiat poems as a sample

RaheemKhrebittAtiya Al-Saedi; SattarJ.Hussein

Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

Modern critical studies follows all written associations of the produced literary text, titles occupied a great deal of that following especially for the poetic texts that this recording action in the previous eras as the reader was occupied with the audiences and attendants neglecting this verbal preface( title) which was neglected even in the written poetic texts. Ancient criticism endeavored to full this gap by those who were interesting in collecting the poetic texts, the explainers of poetic collections and the texts' controllers.
To go with the modern critical lesson, in adopting all the text linguistic sings to deduce the hidden contents of the text, this research studies the title strategy in Al-Jewahery poetry takingAl-Milookiyat poems as applied field to define the linguistic and semantic nature of the titles and the direct and suggestive images of them and defining the procedures that the poet had followed to put them as there are different procedures such as:- taking the dominating linguistic part in the poem, taking a linguistic with strong presence or by to be suggested by the poem occasion.

Difficulties of learning Arabic language for contemporary orientalists: cracking pluralization as a sample

Riyadh Kareem Abdullah Al-Budairy; Abdul Hassan Abbas Hassan

Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

This research aims to explain the contemporary orientalists' opinion about difficulties in Arabic language. By analytical way, this study deals with (altakseer plural pattern) as a sample of this difficulty. The researcher discusses this case and present all the counter evidences to rebuttal that alleged opinion. The researcher sees that there is a harmony between this kind of Plural patterns and the whole system of Arabic language. Also, there are a group of another language have a similar pattern as it exists in Arabic language. Finally, the researcher believes that viewing the ways of (altakseer plural pattern) in Arabic language as a lexical aspect led to that commonness of learning difficulty by non- Arabic- speaking orientalist .

The concept of divine beauty and love in Aflotin moral philosophy

ma Al-Muala; JameelHaleelNe; DuaaRahi Shaker albuGelal

Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

Aesthetic for Plotinus is represented by unity, special image and assortment; aesthetic in existents lies in their assortment and organizing, because life is an image and the image is an aesthetic. For Plotinus is connected with the first principle which is Goodness, from which all existents are issue, all the bright images are beautiful, Allah is the source of the artistic image and the Creator of aesthetic or beauty, His Almighty pours it to those artists who have an elevated spirit or soul. Aesthetic for Plotinus does not depend practically on symmetry and order as Aristotle had believed, rather it is the living spirit or the incorporeal divinity in objects, and it is the control of soul on body, sounds and rhythm.
He also believed that goodness is the ends of aesthetic, it should be exist in the (First), issues directly to the mind, then to the soul. The final aim of every one is to get the highest degree of aesthetic, so goodness and aesthetic connected together, and both of them connected with the religious rituals, hence getting the religious purification is getting goodness and aesthetic.

Multilingualism in women’s novel (Thakirat al-jasa) novel as sample

Kubra Rowshanfekr; FatemaAkbariZadeh; KhaleelParveni

Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

Based on the Bakhtin critical approach in studying novel i.e. dialogic, novel can be considered as a linguistic phenomenon that its originality is hidden in heteroglossia. This means bringing together different styles, languages and a variety of voices among which dialogue relations are obvious. Since language is a discourse which indicates the difference between ideological perceptions therefore, author of the novel in the structure of his creation at different levels of novel breaks his consciousness within another language. Likewise the feminist critiques which investigate women's work, Arabic novel of Dhakirat-ul-jasad by Ahlam Al-Mostaghanemi considers linguistic diversity and individual sounds and stylistic and contextual differences and therefore indicates social and cultural differences to reveal the awareness of author and women’s ideology at different levels of the novel (discourse of narrator, the discourse of characters and intertextuality with literary and non-literary discourses).This article through descriptive-analytic method within dialogic theory and feminist critique studies the “Heteroglossia” in Dhakirat-ul-jasad novel view to indicate the presence of the forms of various languages at different levels of the novel. Based on the results of this article, this type of literary genre reveals the author's perception in dialogic relationships that are available among languages and the language of characters at different levels of the language of poetic discourse, national and historic stories. Therefore, creates a double-voiced discourse that resists against the patriarchal domination, to narrate the feminine ideas.

Studying the rhythmic structure in me poem Al-Kawthar (for syaedRethaAlmouswi and object Mohammed Jwaed)

MaremTemimi; RoqayaRostem

Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

Stylistics is one of the modern methods for criticizing the literal texts which studies the structure of text and analyzes its elements according to three levels including phonetic, syntax and fluency, resulting in discrimination among the work of scholars and poets. One of the most obvious characteristics of stylistics is the phonetic structure which has been represented in rhythmic , coherent and weighted elements. The present paper studies the phonetic structure in two idylls of Kosarieh by Mohamad Javad el-janabi with Seyed Mohamadreza Moosavi el-handi. Tone and phonetics are undoubtedly derived from musical nice nature of poet and plays administrative and coordinative role in the structure.
But poets benefit from poetry interference as an innovative art for reviving the heritage of previous poets; as Jenabi has applied it in interference with El-hendi Kosarieh. These are contemporary Iraq poets who are considered as those who revive the heritage of last Iraq poets. Jenabi attempted at interference with Kosarie idyll of El-hendi Moosavi who writes poetries about Prophet Mohamad and Imam Ali(peace upon them). Then, present investigation tries to study the phonetic structure of these two idylls in descriptive-analytical method. One significant result of this study is that two idylls are written in a same music and subject, but the most important difference is the their length and verses. Moosavi El-hendi benefits internal and external length more than Jenabi. And in is natural to observe a difference between feeling and affection in two idylls. Idyll of Moosavi sometimes is full of feeling and affection and sometimes the extent of this feeling is reduced, but feeling and affection are in the same level in Jenabi's idyll.

The aesthetic geometry of semantic differences(study and analysis semantic differences simple)

Abed AlrethaAtashy

Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

The vocabulary subject which is near to each other in the case of semantic for a long time, it has been an extensive item among philologists and interpreters so a group of philologists believe in sequences in the words and others absolutely know it resolvable. Therefore, they refer to valid dictionaries to find the meaning of each word there. In this world each meaning has only one term. If there were two terms for one meaning, it could be futility. So, it is far from God’s doctrine that selects and uses several terms for one meaning in Holy Quran, therefore each word has been used in its suitable position in Quran.
This subject related to the accuracy and beauty of selective terms in Quran, that we call this phenomenon lexical miracle or lexical engineering in selecting terms. Each word can perform its role to transfer the afflatus. In this study we would bring some samples of semantic differences in some synonymous words and we gathered this research on the base of valid dictionaries and interpreters ideas. So we conclude that God has arranged each word in the base of musical, semantic and the role of the terms. The people who believe in sequence in Holy Quran, they don’t any term to replace it, in fact we can’t find any synonymous in Holy Quran.

Objective vision book (Al-moazana) applied criticism test

RasolBalaoy; Nada Marwany

Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

Criticism has changed with changes in the different literary ages, and this change was in "Abbasid era" more evident than others,so in the criticism of this era, many bases criticism have been established,and created many of critics and flagships, and one of those critics was "Abolqasem Bashir bin Yahya al-Amadi" who became famousafter he wrote his famous book in the field of critics "Balance between the Ta'ayeen",in this book he balanced the poetry of Abu Tammam who described him as a literary artisan with a mysterious meanings in the poet, between the Al-Bahtari who known as a printed and the doctrine of the early religion.And Al-Amidi, after he wrote his book, became a point of sympathy in the history of Arab criticism, because he contradicted the approach of the ancients in their superficial criticism, Which is only based on the taste and the fungus, without the standards and clear criticisms of the media.
Al-Amidi was placed at the beginning of his career,a clear approach and committed himself to follow this method,and in this approach he took upon himself idealistic objectivity which is a compromise between two poets, and did not consider one another, because he believes that the difference between doctrines and opinions.
In this study we will examine the personality of the critic Amidi under the light of the applied approach in criticism,and we looking at his book "Important balance between the Ta'ayeen", to knowwhether or not is objective. In this study, Al-Amadithrough his book" Literary Budget " appeared to us authorized author in his criticism and his ability of know all information about a poetry and poets,and he tried to study and balance between two neutral budget poets without being involved in the dispute over these poets and their doctrines in poetry;However, we find that by mentioning the examples and the evidence, he was a clear tendency towards the Bahtari doctrine.

The Role of Imam Ali his contributions to the Arabic language and its sciences

Atyabyat; SaeedHmady

Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

Imam Ali(As) great efforts in the development of all fields of science in Arabic and the correction method according to Imam Ali(As) in all circumstances because once referring explicitly or rely on word of correction and varied selection of appropriate methods and extend the range to understand all backgrounds in Arabic, with a role in the discovery and interprelation of the words are rich in this area rose lingu is as have benefited as they have treated the difficulty and ambiguity lexical and it is no doubt that Imam Ali(As) talented perception themes and concepts of the Holy Quran and understanding its meanings and dimensions and Imam Ali(As) efforts after the Islamic conquest and ethnic mix of Arabs or other commor tone and language of the people in the correct language to corrupt the rules explained to his student Abu alasvad Aldovaly and before him no one wasinvolved in the science and history proved that Imam Ali(As) syntax 98 to create. And Imam(As) all means that the will be know in this field between Rhetoricians was ready and Imam Ali(As) in the order in which poetry and poetic verses and proverbs and the use of Arabic sermons and a check when we were active and Imam Ali(As) opinions cash that it still had time touse it asa bench mark criticisx . It implies awarenss and know leage of Imam Ai(As) in Science Review and also Imam Ali(As), the first speaker in theology and Arabic, he recorded with the principles and rules that had previously cited reason was and the strength and light weight refers to his understanding, and indeed he is the founder of Arabic language and eloquence and beauty of expression pearls of wisdom that resulted in his speech that surprised all intellectuals and Nahj'sermons, letters and sayings of Imam Ali(As) in their wisdom and gathered In Islamic literature and civilization in general and for the geat Islamic values and Islamic principles conidered

Taha Hussein &Ehssan Abbas socket on Nahj al-Balaghah

Ali Haji; Amir Frhank

Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

Nahj al-balāgha is an anthology of sayings and writings of Imam 'Ali (a) which have been compiled by al-Sayyid al-Radi. Nahj al-balāgha has been organized into three parts: sermons, letters and short sayings which are a collection of wise sayings stated at the peak of eloquence. Nevertheless many cast doubt on the authenticity of the chain of transmission, or Isnad, of this work and claim that it is not the work of Imam 'Ali (A.S) but it is really the work of the compiler. However, those familiar with al-Radhi’s writings can easily identify differences between his and Imam ‘Ali’s styles. Taha Hossein and Ihsan Abbas are among those who cast doubt on authenticity of Nahj al-balāgha. Thus, they made attempt to question its authorship. In this regard, this article deals with the shortcomings and suspicions raised by Taha Hussein and Ihsan Abbas, which are considered formal or verbal suspicions. And finally authors of this aricle seek to respond to these doubts by mentioning the scientific evidences and discussing it according to descriptive approach

New Vision for extra trailing characters

Shaker Al-ameri

Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

Grammarians divide prepositions to three sections: the original prepositions, prepositions like excess, excess prepositions. Then divide the original prepositions to the pure original; the characters that are all original, and the original that isn’t pure; the characters that are sometimes original and redundant at other times. The original motivation for this division is the Factor Theory that received from philosophy.
The article asked several questions about the relationship between the meanings of prepositions and their work and also the acoustic sense changes. It mentioned some of the meanings of «Min», «Lam», «Ba» and «Kaf» then focused on the assertion; all prepositions won’t be, but excessive. At the excess of «Min» it concluded that considered redundant here is not true, as can be considered sexual in the first type, and not a statement of sex, like that of «Al» nationality, which is the second installation of the assertion of Commons and the inclusion, in the sentence, It can be considered sexual as well. The «Lam» is not redundant if it considered erector and not a preposition. The «Ba» is not redundant before: the subject, the object, the Debutante, and etc., but is to transform the verb of the sentence from being infringer to be not infringer that was before the subject or the object, and original before debutant, and emphatic by the rest conditions. «Kaf» shall not be redundant, since the meaning played by «Kaf» is the first meaning most traded her, a metaphor, in other words, «like». Worse that grammarians admit that these prepositions are for emphasis, but they insist on that they are redundant.
Naming these prepositions redundant is far from the right label, and it is good to add what could be added to the examples of other meanings and set assertion in the sense of the rest.

The phenomenon of creativity in the poetry of Abe noaas

Abed ALrazaqrhmani; Ahmed Noor; Noah Eslami

Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

Literatures evolves in the development of cultures, takes from society something and grant it something; Whenever we read the literary texts we notice a stage of creativity and innovation in them; which follows the development of societies and cultures in which the writer lives.
The development of literature occurred during the Abbasi period more than the other prehistoric times; where the writers invented sorts of creativity and renewed the purposes of poetry and its contents. Abu Nawas as a modern poet was born in Ahwaz during the Abbasi era. He got acquainted with different cultures and created in his poetry what we do not find in the works of the previous poets. We find something of creativity in the poetic image and meanings that are revealed through his poems. This research attempts to reveal the manifestations of creativity in the poems of Abu Nawas, based on the descriptive-analytical approach. What resulted in this research; is that Abu Nawas created some poetic meanings and sorts of poetic images, but he tended to innovation rather than to creativity.

The properties of Josh in the story (Shadow Government) for Mother Qabanysocial critical studies

Ali asghar; HameedAhmadeyan; SajaeedSaleme

Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

The Jews are among the greatest people in the world, trying to control the world, and throw Muslims in a quagmire of ignorance and immorality. The novel of “shadow government” reflects this issue. This research studies how they were present and trying to take over the Muslim community to become the real property in the world. The writer talked about the Jews in the three axes and warned Muslims and the whole world of their plans and doctrines like Freemasonry, Donma, Union and Progress Committee, and Qabbani indirectly explained to readers the characteristics of Jews, especially Masons like secrecy, and symbols and violence and their attempt to spread lust. On the other hand, there is an indirect call in this novel for every Muslim who reads it to adhere to the Holy Quran and Intellectuals who face them like Jamal’addin Afghani.