Mohammad Abdeh between the Azhar and AL- AFghany, though and attitude association

ama Mohammd Ibraheem; Hasaneen Jaber AL- Hilo

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 10, Pages 11-26

It is noticed that sheikh Muhammad Abdah during his life ، was totally concerned with asking for know ledepe ، passing many and various stages starting with the period in al- Azhar which influences him by its studying affairs، in spite of his solitude from outside lite، both scientifically and literarily . But al- Azhar has a great influence on him، which makes Abda later on، especially in his attempt to reform al- azhar by adeep insight of the danger of division. Thus، he establishes the University of Al- Azhar . After that the effect of jamal Adeer al-Afghani on him has been clear- cut، by internal and external deeds and achievements that crystallize his reformation and ideological profession.

Analytic Study of the urban Environment Problems – Acase study AL- ThowraQuarter in Hilla City

Mohammed Ali AL- Anbary; Abdul Sahib Naji Al-Baghdady; Kareem Kadhim Hamady

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 10, Pages 27-65

The latest growth of urban population growth and economic, social, physical, cultural, and increased migration cause multiple problems on the environment of Hilla city, which make control of these problems and to develop policies and solutions difficult and haunts the planning and executive bodies in the city. Given the complexity of the problems caused by the phenomenon of urban growth, such as deterioration of the residential and environmental and increasing poverty and social problems. This research include study of four special problems, namely, (solid waste, health and poverty, residential slums) for the Althawra area in Hilla city, in order to develop policies and solutions to reduce the impact of these problems.
This study has been achieved by the adoption of the theoretical method , field survey and office method , and the participation of experts and decision makers in the study areas, through:
A –The analysis of the reality of the problem (as a sector) in the Althawra area (from the data and information office, which has been compiled from scientific sources and official bodies).
B - The analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis) by meeting with a group of experts and decision makers and members of local councils in the Althawra area.
C - The most important conclusions, as well as a set of policies and solutions as recommendations.

Time In The Holy Qur'an

Sabah Abbas Inooz; Hussein Ali Hussein

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 10, Pages 113-148

Which deals with ''time in the holy quran '' which is considered from the most important topics. i don’t aim in to expansion it and deal with all things that are connected with. The reason behind writing in this subject is that there is no mention for the word'' time'' in the holy quran only some hints to the concept of time. the existence of the enough sources about time also makes me choose this topic. The method of writing this research is as follows: i present d in the first chapter: time in the holy quran and dealt with
First: rhetor ical manner specialized with time second: the count of the amount of time.
Third: the amount of time which wase in brief and in det ail.
Phenomen on of time and its elements in the holy quran and dealt with first: the concofept of the blessed time in the holy quran.
Second: the concept of the relative time quran .
Third: the concept of the psycholgical time in the holy quran.
Finally the consequences rsulted from this: explain the importance of what we elucidate from the knowledge of time in the holy quran through out dealing with the holy quran rhetorically the miracle of the topic of time with idoms that are concerned with man ner, musical rhythm and artistic thinking. the holy quran combines between the accurate scientific manner and delicate literary manner

antonym Semantic the poetry of Sheikh Dr. Ahmed Alwaily

Abd Ali Hassan Naour al-Jasmi

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 10, Pages 149-211

Exploring what it said about the inconsistency between the terms that consisted of his verses, and the resulting contradictions of this indication, according to types that remind in the research plan. Upon completion of the output subject matter of the Court hauled forced me to be shorter this article on the first part of it; for the exit of the search circle Size fashionable in such research, particularly the instructions published in scientific journals, and the intention is based on completed and published with the earliest opportunity to do so. Search has been named (antonym semantic in the poetry of Sheikh Dr. Ahmed Alwaily).
The search here refers to the vocabulary that comes opposite, such as: (night and day), (good and evil), (wealth and poverty), (laughter and tears), (came and went), (morning and evening). And similar.
We have included this group various purposes did not go away for the purpose in a column known as the traditional Arabic poem. Search does not want to sprawl in the description of the Board or as much as his reference to the Poetics of Waeli known to the reader, not by describing the prescribers. I read the group as part- part, then combination - combination, and then entered into the vocabulary to get out of them do meet with Preview, and I found Waeli rich in language inventories, single anneal when the image that he wants, and indicate that it is intended

The Imag of the Society in Islamic Literature Theory

Abdul Kareem Ahmed Aasi al-Mahmood

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 10, Pages 213-264

One of the basic concepts in the Islamic literature theory. Examining any social phenomena through its real position in the context of the social system sumjected to the devine rules controlling the movement of history and cultural development which is related to the rules of the universe. Combining those rules، the system of the universe is created which is coordinated in an unchangeable unit that designed since ever. From that، the balanced interpretation of human social life and its historical development، is originated. This should be kept in mind by the Islamic writers during his artistic production of any one of the social phenomena، whether positive or negative in analogy with the divine rules emerging from the heart of the human structure and the apparent and hidden relationships in the world in which Man lives. There is some balance between the mobile elements of the cultural history and the will of the society which is، in the framework of the thought، the basic step for the movement. With this comprehensive social imagination of the social life، the literary method of Islam demands the artistic product to adopt this comprehensive social imagination which traces all dimensions of human life.
It is obvious that this method relates the comprehensive view to the social matters with the doctrinal view of our religion. It concentrates on the morale understanding of life seeing the individual and social life in a balanced way.
This is a solid base in dealing with the Islamic writer of various social phenomena and designing the needed Islamic figure for the human society through concentrating on the right form of the Muslim's relation with his society enhancing the social relation among Muslims.

The Omayyad State Relation with the Byzantine Stateduring the era of Mo`uiyah bin Abi Suffyan

Abdullah Hussein waly Arafat

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 10, Pages 265-292

During the era of the Caliphate Mo`uiyah bin Abi Suffyan there were Crusades that were more, in number، than that occurred in the following era، at least, till the Abbasside era were the Crusades increased، that refers to the efforts of this Caliphate and his interesting in the fortified borderline cities and preparing armies to protect the state against the Byzantine Roman attacks، in addition he had developed his military experience to obtain positive results in fighting the Roman، all that is due to his experience and wide acquaintance with the geography of Syria، on one hand، and the Roman movements` nature، on the other hand، and that is because he was the waly of this area for a long time before being a caliphate of the Muslims

the phonetic stylistic structure in Surat Annas a semiotic –pragmatic comparison.

Toman Ghazy; Khaled Hemady

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 10, Pages 293-352

This study is a limited try to discover the possibility of a contemporary reading for the phonetic structure of one of the Suras of the Holy Quran, which is Surat Annas, to reveal the aimed and implied significance of this level. One of the reasons of selecting this Sura is its shortness and having a unique stylistic structure that invests the suggestive energies of sounds.
The research is divided into an introduction an introduction and a preface, The first topic is entitled, the stylistic structures that could be abstracted – The stressed rhythm.
And the second one is about the structures that could not be abstracted – The bars rhythm, in addition to studying the morphological structures of bars.
The research concludes the following results such as;
1. The stress rhythm in this Holy Sura made a balance between the stressed syllables and the unstressed syllables to make an effective rhythm, interacting with the implied meaning referring to an internal movement that gives the dynamic sequence a deep tune unity.
2. Bar has many functions:. Semantic, homophony and rhythm, where the structure is repeated with the other bars, its homophony is of a special type because it agreed, with many structural levels.
3. The repetition of the "S" sound in the Holy Sura suggests an auditory image that imitates the reference "AL-Moswis" which the Holy Sura presents, hence the meaning and the rhythm supported each other.

The Interion Emigration of the Saudian population in the saudian Arab Kingdom , according to 2004 census

Hussain Alywy Naser AI- Zayady

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 10, Pages 381-411

Is the internal migration of important manifestation of the movement of people within the region and difficult to measure at the national level only if it includes census data on migrants and their places of origin and the dates of their arrival to the enumeration areas, and classified internal migration into different types such as migration from rural to urban migration between cities and the migration across the city any within the city itself, is no doubt that the impact of internal migration is important in the population structure and distribution, as well as its importance in terms of population growth within the administrative boundaries of the state.
In this Research an attempt to monitor the movement of migration between the administrative units of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where they can formulate the main problem of the search by asking the following: Is there a difference in the movement of internal migration in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and what are the reasons and factors that explain the variance spatial according to 2004 census it is natural that derive many Sub-problems of the main problem.
The justification Search the existence of statistical base large and provided the final results of General Census of Population 2004, as well as the importance of the geographical position of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and contrast in the spaces, and different economic importance and religious administrative units. It was not possible for the researcher found the study addressed the issue of internal migration to the Kingdom, according to census males above.

Geographical analysis of soil salinization as a manifestation of desertification in the district of vegetable

Najah Abd Jaber AL- Jabory

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 10, Pages 413-437

Is the phenomenon of salinity of the most serious problems facing irrigated soils in arid and semi-arid thereby threatening the main source for the production of agricultural crops which, research is restricted to spend the Greens one districts of the province of Muthanna, which range from the use of agricultural land and suffered from neglect of a large territorial agricultural at this time, and focused search in the geographical factors affecting natural and human resources in the salinization of soils elimination was preceded by a historical background about salinity, determine the amount of salts and their quality and their impact on the surrounding vegetation, soil, and ways to reduce them.

The Importance of witches and it’s meaning in the play of Makbith Shakespear

Qasim Khadhum Sagban al-Dhawahyi

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 10, Pages 439-466

Through reading 'Macbeth' by Shake spear , the researcher found some referential implication which refer to the openness of that text to multiple reading, the researcher could to discuss the role of the witches on referentially and what is aroused about the belongingness of their speeches to another writer, not to Shake spear ,are treated in the first section.
The second section deals with the way by which functioning these characters was accomplished to produce a convincing image to the movement of the actors in the synopsis of the theatrical text.
The third section shows the revealing of the impact of the writers imagination in illustrating the imaginative picture of the characters and the doings of each character serve the idea of the witches.
The fourth section specifies the repetitions and their references in showing the general idea to end the research with what has revealed from conclusions