Climatic characteristics and their relation to crop cultivation and production of rice in the province of Najaf

Abdul-KadhimAli; Mahmoud Bader Ali

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 11, Pages 11-40

Climatic characteristics and their relationship to crop cultivation and production of rice in the province of Najaf.
Rice is the most important summer grain crops in Iraq, and comes mainly second most important food after wheat.
The food s and economics importance of rice, and due to the fact that Najaf province in the forefront of Iraq’s province in the area planted in the amount of production that can result in production to achieve reasonable amount of food secure، which today is the main concern for many researchers.
The researchers studied the impact of searching through the most important climatic characteristics affecting the cultivation and production of rice and to identify the levels of production at the level of Iraq. As well as the geographical distribution of the main production areas in the province.

Scholastic Theology in the light of recent and Contemporary Changes

Basim B. Jrew

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 11, Pages 41-66

Scholastic Theology has suffered from a good deal of changes and challenges right from its outset. It has adopted the positive role of refuting the attempts which targeted Islamic identity, reality and principles. It confronted ruling currents and corrected a lot of widespread creeds and ideas .With the advent of time and along the changes which happened in the humanity history, new challenges emerged at the level of ideological creeds and value systems. Islam found itself facing a new pressing challenge which required stopping cherishing history and facing the actual reality instead. This study proposed ideas to face all new changes in accordance with new techniques which can cope with present through criticizing past and reviewing its stances. We reached some conclusions about the actual reality on scientific bases and in compliance with the western methodology in its challenge of religion in general and Islam in particular

Political thought when Mr. Hassan Shirazi

Gaspe Abdul Hussein

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 11, Pages 99-120

Said Hasen Al-shirazy is one of the figures that had participated in the contemporary history of Iraq whether in the religious, social and political level, and had many contributions in the general life of Iraq
Said Hasen Al - shirazy had laid down the idea of the “authoriazed foqha movement haraket Al-fuqha wl- marajae“ within his political theory which refered to the marjea, staff and base, and it just like the known work of the cabinet.
Said hasen Al - shirazy cared for the muslims, affairs throughout al the Islamic world, the problems they faced and how to support them in their conflict. He worked hard to find mutual factors among the muslims that resulted in elevating their status.

Modernism and postmodernism when Habermas

raaed abis matlab; Amer Abdul-Zaid

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 11, Pages 126-156


This research includes Habermas attitude towards modernity and post – modernity which was represented in post –modernity، post –philosophy and post –art. Habermas set out from his new realized the attitnde taken by the philosophers of Frankfurt school (horkheimer، adorno and marcuse) from the stage of modernity، so Habermas assumed that their attitude was illogical because it was exaggertive. Therefore، Habermas defended modernity which contrasts with the above –modernity philosophers and the movement of post – modernity which was represented by the French philosophers who caned for overtaking modernity to post –modernity. For Habermas dimensional represents an important stage as the modernity didn’t give its product yat and the human crises which went side by side with modernity never meat side by side with modernity ever meant the cause behind modernity. Furthermore، Habermas says، the modernity is an incomplete project، thus we have to be slow in order to keep the great achievement of modernity، so its collapse ieads to collapse of the western civilization.

Conditions of Kufa, the political and security in the era of Abu Jafar al-Mansur (136 AH - 158 AH)

Jaber Razak Ghazi Alchriti

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 11, Pages 157-181

This thesis,which is entitled the pollticaliy and scuratiy in the era of abu jeafar el mansur (136- 158) ,we explain the states of kufa during the period of the caliphate abu_jeafar el the fifth one we discuss the alawyed movements in kufa failed in achaiving its gols.the assaults of ;raamets on kufa during this period are displayed in the therd section

Administrative status of the holy city of Najaf and its impact on the political activity of the possession of the scientific 1917 – 1924

Abdul Sattar Scheinin al-Janabi

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 11, Pages 283-330

Najaf is a city of historical and sacred religious, have a special status not only in Iraq, but in the Arab world and the Islamic world, and the city of such stature local, regional, and global excellence, was supposed to take its place in the real administrative structure of Iraq. Not be placed in the formation of a narrow and isolated management did not exceed the size of like "continued in the best of circumstances.
The administrative structure and narrow, isolated and placed the holy city of Najaf was not spontaneous, but there were underlying reasons behind the policies of the authorities of occupation and the British Mandate, and after that Iraqi governments, which ruled to put the city in the formation of administrative constraints prevent the achievement of communication between Najaf and tribal groupings around which to reduce the effects of spiritual, psychological, social, political, and persistence in the weakening economy.
The amendments also administrative subsequently held, although they were of a positive effect for the benefit of the citizen and the State Administration of both, but they were not to live up to the level of importance of the holy city of Najaf and sanctity.
The research on the official Iraqi documents is published the first place, and were processed within the following themes:
First: the administrative structure of Najaf Ashraf for the period 1864 – 1924
1. Administrative structure in the Ottoman Empire II.
2. Administrative structure during the period of British occupation.
3. Administrative structure after the establishment of national governance in 1921.
Second: The tight administrative structure of Najaf and the political activities of the clergy:
1. To address the Wahhabi attacks.
2. Opposition to the Iraqi-British treaty of 1922.
3. The opposition boycott of the Constituent Assembly elections.

About the words in the science of general jurisprudence With evidence of Quranic

Hassan Kadhim Assad

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 11, Pages 331-357

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and completed his prayer and purity for delivery upon the noblest of all creatures, which is chosen by God to his letter, Vsda reporting and the statement, and to his vanity in Miami, Elements of believers and the columns of the righteous. And pleasure on the companions Almentajabin evacuation, personnel guided the nobility, and scholars of the Muslim media, who spent efforts and the days in the dissemination of the law of master creatures.
There is no doubt that some provisions - to a joke in the style of presentation and the statement, or by virtue of the interest of the gradient in the provisions, or the wisdom of the return to the Prophet Muhammad h, and the following command right after him, d, or other interests charts, educational or political - was in its infancy, the then came to the public after a period of privatization through the Holy Book or the Sunnah. Including what is left of cousins. Vmbages General and Special Investigation great, to be the interpreter and a jurist of the know before you break into this dangerous area.

Urban Land uses in AI – Abbasiyah City

Hassan Abdullah Hassan; RahimMohammed Abdul Zaid; Ali lafta saaed

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 11, Pages 359-392

ملخص البحث :
أن كل مدينة مهما اختلف حجمها لابد أن تقدم وظائف لسكانها أو سكان المناطق المحيطة بها (إقليمها). وتتقاسم تلك الاستعمالات الحيز المكاني ضمن الأرض المعمورة من المدينة، ونادرا ما نجد مدينة تشغل أراضيها استعمالا واحدا أو وظيفة واحدة وحتى لو كانت كذلك كمدن ألمشاتي أو المصايف أو الجامعات فان وظيفتها الرئيسة ستجلب وظائف أخرى وبالتالي تتعدد الوظائف والاستعمالات هكذا مدن . ولا تختلف مدينة العباسية الواقعة ضمن قضاء الكوفة في محافظة النجف الأشرف عن مثيلاتها من المدن العراقية في احتوائها على استعمالات مختلفة تتقاسم أرضها المعمورة والتي تقسم إلى رئيسة كالسكنية والتجارية والصناعية وثانوية كالإدارية والتعليمية واستعمالات الأرض الخاصة بالنقل. وبذلك فان تلك الاستعمالات تشكل بمجموعها التركيب الداخلي لمدينة العباسية. وحاول البحث أن يبين العوامل الجغرافية التي ساعدت على قيام مدينة العباسية، وإلقاء الضوء على واقع استعمالات الأرض الحضرية في هذه المدينة، ومن ثم تقييم تلك الاستعمالات وفقا للمعايير التخطيطية والمتمثلة بمعيار حصة الفرد. وتوصل البحث إلى جملة من الاستنتاجات التي تعد الحصيلة النهائية من خلال الدراسة التحليلية لاستعمالات الأرض لهذه المدينة.

Schematic Coherence in Poetry

Ali Abdul ilah Ghani

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 11, Pages 9-30

Schemata are the underlying connections that allow new experience and information to be aligned with previous knowledge. When one reads a text he usually uses all his levels of schemata. Schemata enable us to make sense of what is perceived and experienced in the world.
In poetry, readers usually examine carefully and deeply what they are reading in comparison with other sorts of discourse. Coherence is achieved when a reader perceives connections among schemata. It is a connection between linguistic and textual features of the text, and reader's mental expectations as well as stored knowledge of the world. This paper discusses the role of schematic correlation in poetry, and the effect of different schematic background and difference among readers on schema change and interpretation of meaning