Envirn omental Evaluation for Ibn Nagim Marsh Water

Hasen Abdullah Hasen Al-Ka; abi; Kefah. Saleh Al- Asady

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 13, Pages 11-34

يتبين من خلال مناقشة هذا البحث ان درجة حرارة مياه هور ابن نجم ملائمة للشرب حسب مواصفات منظمة الصحة العالمية ، في حين تميزت هذه المياه بدرجة شفافية قليلة وذلك لكثافة المواد العضوية والعالقة في هذه المياه وكثافة النباتات المائية مما يقلل من صلاحيتها للشرب . اما من حيث العكورة فهذه المياه غير صالحة للشرب خلال فصل الصيف وصالحة للشرب خلال فصل الشتاء حسب مواصفات منظمة(W.H.O) ، وتبين بأن مياه هور ابن نجم صالحة للشرب حسب موصفات (W.H.O) من حيث (درجة الحامضية ، قيم الاوكسجين المذاب ، قيم القاعدية الكلية ،و قيم النترات وقيم المواد العالقة ) في حين انها غير صالحة للشرب من حيث قيم (التوصيلة الكهربائية ،و المغنيسيوم ، والعسرة الكلية ، والكبريتات والمواد الكلية الذائبة) ، بينما كانت هذه المياه صالحة للشرب خلال شهر كانون الثاني وغير صالحة للشرب خلال شهر تموز من حيث قيم (الصوديوم ، والكالسيوم ، والبوتاسيوم ، والفوسفات والكلوريدات)
اما بالنسبة لصلاحية هذه المياه للاستخدام الزراعي فتبين بأنها صالحة للري من حيث قيم (الحامضية والكالسيوم) وذلك حسب معيار المنظمة الاسلامية للتربية والثقافة والعلوم (ISEcl) ، في حين أنها غير صالحة للري من حيث قيم (المغنيسيوم ،و الصوديوم ، والكلوريدات ، والكبريتات ، والبوتاسيوم والعسرة الكلية ) ، بينما كانت هذه المياه صالحة للري خلال شهر كانون الثاني وغير صالحة للري خلال شهر تموز من حيث قيم (التوصيلة الكهربائية والمواد الكلية الذائبة) وذلك وفقاً للمعيار السابق ، في حين كانت هذه المياه صالحة للري خلال شهر تموزوغير صالحة للري خلال شهر كانون الثاني من حيث قيم (النترات) حسب المعيار السابق .
اما بالنسبة لصلاحية هذه المياه لشرب الحيوانات فتعد مقبولة جداً لجميع الحيوانات وذلك خلال شهر كانون الثاني ، اما في شهر تموز فتعد مقبولة للمواشي فقط في جميع الاوقات .
اما بالنسبة لصلاحية هذه المياه للصناعات المختلفة فتعد صالحة لبعض الصناعات وغير صالحة لصناعات أخرى وقد تتباين في صلاحيتها موسمياً أيضاَ وذلك لتباين نوعية هذه الصناعات وحسب المحددات الصناعية .

Yousif Rejaib ,his origion, Girth and Rise

Ahmed Naji Al- Ghrery; Riyad Ghany Mahmood

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 13, Pages 35-67

Many of the academic and non academic researchers have tackled various topics of the historical studies including the events and issues related to different periods and ages of Iraq's ancient and modern history. In spite of the wide scope of those studies in terms of quantity and quality but few of them have shed the light towards the journalists especially the pioneers of them. This was the motivation for choosing the title of this study " Yusif Rjeb- The study included an introduction, and a conclusion the researcher stated the results he have reached through his work he studied the biography of Yusif Rjeb, his birth, study, work and positions that he obtained., the researcher tackled his journalistic efforts from different aspects, the social economic, intellectual and the literary ones. Through his work he discussed different topics concerning the sufferings of the Najaf city as the lack of fresh water, low services, as well as calling for improving the level of education and updating the syllabus in a way that copes with the level development of other countries.
his political and historical opinions has been discussed through which he tackled the local issues that were the interest of the public as the case of Mosul and its effect on the unity of the society. In addition to other cases as the treaties between Britain and Iraq, the role of the Iraqi politicians who preferred their interest over the interest of the Iraqi people, the military coup of Baker Sidqi and what it caused for the Iraqi society.
The researcher depended in his work on several references, most important of which are the unpublished documents and those kept in the library of Mohammed Kashif Al-Ghataa and of Mohammed Ali Al-Balaghy which contained very precious information helped in revealing some vague aspects of his life. As well as other references, lexicons, encyclopedias and resources that helped revealing the facts of some characters. Finally the researcher also conducted some interviews with some well known characters to explain some of the historical facts.

The Exploitation of Koranic Reference Ahmad Motar's Poetry

Hafez AL- Mansoori

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 13, Pages 69-108

Since my acquaintance with the complete Poetic collection of the Basra Poet ((Ahmad Motar's)) I have admired this collection for it's compactness and arguments; As result of this feeling .
I wrote down on it's first page.
To ((Ahmad Motar's)) I found my self in you .My admiration even increased whenever Repeated reading this collection Thus I had more than one attempt with the poetry of this man.
One of my rounds with this poetry is the present research .
This research consists of a prelude and four sections in the prelude the role of Koranic verses in enriching the literary text is tackled .
The first section dealt with the employment of the Koranic episode in the literary text.
Ahmad mutar had chosen a selection of Koranic tales and he made use of these tales or episodes.
The second section dealt with use some Koranic verses that enriched his poetic texts greatly.
The third section dealt with the way the poet used to benefit from the Koranic verses . the poet added or deleted some parts of the Koranic verses without effecting the sessence of the koranic text.
The fourth section dealt with was about the employment of the Koranic individual item or word as this word containsd a variety of meaning and suggest great indications through ite use in the poetic text and as this Koranic item is always expressive and suggestive .
The research ends with the important conclusions the researcher has attained researcher.

Abi El- Barakat Critique of the Presentiment in Al- Mashaeeyah school

Hamza Jaber Sultan; Hussein Hamza Shaheed

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 13, Pages 109-140

Abi El-Barakat , in the field of epistemology , refused the psychological powers of the Aristotle origin especially their role in perception , whether to memorize , imagin or to remember , where we found soul is the first and the last percipient of the out matters and the tangible powers had only secondary role , to be a means of transforming these images to soul, while the intangible powers had no cognitive role in the perception , as Abi El-Barakat believed, where soul keeps in mind, remembers and notices. His attitudes here based on defending the soul unity , because believing on such powers leads, for Abi El-Barakat, to threat the soul unity and divide it into partition especially that this idea had dominated the Islamic philosophers from Al-Kindy to Sader el-Deen Al-Shirazy .
His explaination of perception is that it is a meeting between the percipient and the percept .

The Military institution in Iraq (1921-1941AD)AHistorical study

Rabea Haider Al-Mosawy; Mohanned Kadhim Rashead

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 13, Pages 143-204

the military in Iraq in terms of the importance of political, military and even beyond to the social aspects, as it is the army and the Ministry of Defense one of the key ministries in the Kingdom of the Iraqi, Army has gained considerable attention from the presence of Iraqi government.
, Also found great interest in British and directions to this institution and interference in the public and private sectors because of their role effectively..
During the period 1941-1958 witnessed the events of Iraq and domestic political developments have also affected large external events effectively on Iraq. Spread the impact of these events are clear to the State and its institutions. It was natural to link these effects to the military .
He came to select a theme purely "the Iraqi military development and its impact on the political because of the great importance and the prominent role played by the army on the Iraqi scene at the time and the positions of Iraqi politicians and the British conflicting of this institution and define its role, as well as the divergent positions on the issue of development of the army and arming 0 He was identified beginning of the search year 1941, as Iraq has seen milestones, most notably by the Government of National Defence headed by Rashid Ali and the conflict that took place between this government and British forces, which was the results of the war between the two parties, which ended the occupation of Iraq a second time and the entry of British troops to Baghdad and the provinces remaining .

The Ethical Problem in the Universal peace for Kanh

Samir Bilkfeef

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 13, Pages 205-232

ما من أمل ينشده الإنسان في عالمنا وزماننا ويتوق إليه بشغف، يفوق ما يتوق إليه في سلام أبدي وكوني، وهو سلام من شأنه أن يحرّر مستقبل الإنسانية من عنائها الأكبر الناجم عن التطور السريع الذي أحرزته صناعة الأسلحة الفتاكة، فغدت تهدّد الوجود البشري على الإطلاق. وفق هذه النظرة الاستشرافية التي يمتزج فيها البعد الأخلاقي والحضاري والإنساني التواصلي -والتي تطبعها الغائية المتفائلة- نجد الفيلسوف الألماني "إيمانويل كانط" (1724-1804)، ومن خلال كتابه "نحو السلام الدائم" يحرص على فكرة إنسانية-عالمية، وذلك من خلال التشريع لسلام كوني وأبدي، مؤكدا أن خلاص الجنس البشري يكمن في تحقيق الكمال الأخلاقي الأقصى للإنسانية، وهو السلام الأبدي

Thermo scope Widness effect on forming some of the Geomorphologic Features in the Iraq Western Plateau (Astudy in the climatic Geomorphology)

Hussain Ali Abdul Hussain

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 13, Pages 233-273

The study aims to shed the light on the effect of the features of elements of the hat (arid) climate which used to be observed during long periods of time within the Pleistocene and Holocene . These features are represented by ( the sun radiation and temperature ) within the recent climate in increasing the activity of the mechanical weathering and the study of the mechanical weathering in forming the geomorphological features . The study is based on data about the elements of climate , namely the sun radiation and temperature from sevsn different clamitie stations . They are : Anna , Hadeetha , H1 , Al- Rutba , Al – Nekheb , Al – Slmaan and the Al – Bsaea .
The study shows the factors effecting the increase of the heat range within the area of study , these factors are represented by ( clear sky ) of the vegetation cover for most of the area the west plate and the low hamity .
The study concludes that the rocks damage which is one of the most important mechanism of the mechanical weathering which happens when the degree of menerialsharmany of the rocks increases while the disintegration mass of rocks is observed when the degree of menerialharmany of the rocks decreases .
In addition many geomorphological phenomena appeared as a result of the processes of mechanical weathering , including Residual Boulders , Tralus Cone , and Mera,which are observed in Al – Malen Valley and the Butte and Homoclined ridge observed in the South of Al – Ga'ara valley .

cotton agriculture and cotton textile industry and the relation between them in AL-Qadisiya Government

Rahman Rabat Hussien

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 13, Pages 275-335

This research interested the industrial and developed countries with textile industry , due to the grow up the population in different world areas , Al-Qadisiya governorate as other areas which live new population growth since 1970s of the past century , so that the government establish Diwaniya textile factory in 1979 , to run many technical non-technical staffs no less than three thousands of employees to decrease the rate of unemployment and rise the industrial conditions and improve the living income for the government , in addition invest the first material of cotton in textile process , but in last years witness afatory depreciation prodction due to difficulty brought on the firt matrial of cotton and electricity cut , out off many mechanize and increase local market for foreign product,in addition decrease the cultivating areas with cotton production from 60000 dunam to3000 dunam , due to limited receive the quantity of the production and lower price comparing with agricultural fees and shortage of water in some seasons , with neglect of fighting the plant epidemic which infect the plants and no use fertilization procedures whereas some farmers using nitrogen after flowering process with bad collecting process , neglect the first collecting of the production and no separating the genes so that the agriculture office in Al-Qadisiyah governorate in 2006 found project of develop the cotton industry at Al-Budair district to learn more about the causes of deterioration the cotton plantation . and find solutions by rise awareness the framers to use modern equipments and processes to plant the crop , by planting two types which are Shwr and Lashta and using modern fighting epidemic by bio-process instead of chemical process , and using drop irrigation system to find solution for the shortage of water , remove the salts available at soil by using organic fertilization instead of chemical factorization which impact on the nature and pollute it. .

The political thought for Ahlul Beit (P.u.th), Imam Hasen conciliation Asamodel Acontemporary Reading

Hasen Taher Milhem

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 13, Pages 379-406

تبين لنا بعد القراءة في فكر الامام الحسن () السياسي، ان اليد الطولى كانت للتاريخ في تغير صور المواقف من خلال الوضع والتلاعب في النصوص فاوجدت ارباكا كبيرا عند المؤرخين الذين تبعوا الى ما قام به الاولون من ارباب السير واصبح ما دون وكأنه الحقيقة المطلقة.
وبعد الدراسة وتحقيق الذي اوجدهما علم التاريخ بمفهوم فلسفته تبين ان الكثير من الوقائع والمواقف لا تصمد امام النقد الخارجي والداخلي فتهاوت كثيرا من المفاهيم التي اوجدها المؤرخ السياسي الذي تبع السلطان في كل مأربه ومبانيه.
وقد قرأنا على عجالة بعضا من هذه النصوص التي غيرت تأريخ شخصية الامام المجتبى لتجعل منه غير ابن ابيه مساواته مع ابناء الخلفاء الذي لم ينل احدا منهم حظا في الدنيا والاخرة متناسين ان الحسن () امام قام او قعد بشهادة جده رسول الله ().
وقد تبين من مضان البحث النتائج الاتية:
1. ان الامام الحسن () لم يكن يوما ما عثماني الهوى كما ادعا البعض بما اوهموا انفسهم فيه من نصوص لا تصمد امام النقد والتحليل.
2. ان الامام الحسن () ابن ابيه البار المدافع عنه في كل مواقفه السلمية والحربية منذ النشأة الى الوفاة.
3. ان الامام الحسن () كان همه الاول قتال المارقين من خلال ما بيناه من المرسلات التي تمت بينه وبين معاوية، موضحا له فيها بان الحق هو نصيب اهل بيت الرسول () لا من تكالبت عليه اهواء الرجال.
4. الامام الحسن () أبتلى بجيش متفرق الاهواء والملل لم يصمد امام مغريات معاوية وكانت الخيانة الكبرى للاسف الشديد من اقرب الناس آلية المتمثلة بعبيد الله ابن عباس.
5. تبين لنا ان الامام الحسن () قد ادرك تماما بانه لو قاتل عدوه معاوية بجيشه المهزوز ايمانيا وعقائديا فان مقتول مع صحبه جميعا ولا تقوم مقامه جديدة للاسلام فتعود الجاهلية التي حاربها الاسلام من جديد.
6. مهد الامام الحسن () الطريق كاملا لثورة الامام ابي عبد الله الحسين () عندما ابقى الصفوة المخلصة من جيشه تحضر العدة والعدد الى قيام الثورة في وقتها المناسب.
7. أتضح ألينا ان الصلح لم يكن مطلبا من مطالب الامام الحسن () بل كان فرضا فرض عليه فقبله حفاظا على بيضة الاسلام ان لم تدرك عقولنا ذلك لنسأل انفسنا، لماذا لم يقم الامام علي () بالامر بعد وفاة الرسول () ويقاتل من اجل حقه المغتصب؟ فان قلنا من اجل بقاء كلمة لا اله الا الله، محمد رسول الله، فان لنا الحق كل الحق ان نقول ان الحسن بن علي () كان له نفس الموقف الذي حافظ به على الاسلام، فلو شاء الله ان يراه قتيلا ومعه الحسين () ومعه الصفوة الصالحة لما بقى من دين محمد () شيئا مذكورا.

The Effectiveness of a Model of Thelin in expressive performance among for the Girl students in fifth grade scientific

Haider Muhsin Salman Al-Shuwailly

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 13, Pages 407-456

Despite the factors that are intertwined and lead to the weakness apparent in the expression, one of the important reasons in the opinion of teachers is due to the lack of attention to teachers in the detection of the effectiveness of using models that have proven competence in teaching and this leads the researcher to conduct his current specimen through the use of Thelin in the Teaching of expression and detect its impact on the expressive performance hoping to contribute to the treatment of the problem or ease the severity.
To achieve the objective of research, the researcher has selected randomly middle giza for gills and section (b) has been randomly se to represent the experimental group which teaches expression using a specimen Thelin, and the Division (a) represents the control group selected as well to be taught the material of expression in the traditional manner, reached the sample (56) by students (27 the experimental group students) and(29 the control group ).
The researcher evenly treated among the students of the two groups in the following variants: (chronological age measured in months, their performance in the expression.
The subjects that are taught during the probation period ha.ve been identified after they have been subjected to a group of experts and specialists. The researcher has developed then teaching plans for the subjects to be taught during the duration of the experiment .
The researcher studied two groups of research during the period of the experiment and after the end of the experiment the researcher applied a test for the performance of expression as well for both groups.
The following statistical methods have been used : (t-Test), the ends of the two independent samples, and Pearson correlation coefficient).
After analyzing the results, the following results have been found:
The experimental group has been more successful tan those students who have studied the material expression using a specimen Thelin to the control group students who have studied the material expression in the traditional way to test the performance of expressionism.

The Artificial River in Lybia ,the last Attempt to save life in north Africa

Falah Hasen shanoon

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 13, Pages 457-486

Man-Made river project in Libya is one of the giant and greatest projects overseas. The project is considered to be the biggest to transfer (6 millions) cubic square of water from the southern desert areas to northern lands in Libya which sight over the coasts of the Mediterranean. Most of the Libyan cities located there have suffered from water scarcity. This project has been accomplished in five stages or systems, and inaugurated in 1984. The project has been set for many goals, the most important of which is the extending of farmlands and providing drinking water. The project has an environmental effect when being achieved. One of which is the construction of Libyan Desert through which the pipes of the project go. In general we can say that the man-made project has a clear effect on the Libyan people’s life in a country most of its lands are located in orbits of a desert lands which barely have no rain. Hence any single drop of water in Libya is considered to be a precious and rare commodity which the ordinary citizen does not know how to get but by means of drilling expensive wells and storing rain water. The project is the last attempt to save the water in North Africa.