A Study of Discontinuous Syntax: Hyperbaton with Reference to Some Biblical Verses

Muthana Fadhil Ali; Mahmood Bader Ali Al-Samea

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 16, Pages 11-87

Is climate change, and one of the most important problems facing the man and his environment to the overall elements and since ancient times, and today this problem has become one of the most serious challenges of concern to scientists, especially geographers of them, as it is this phenomenon to accompany the activities of human civilization after it was formerly a natural product embodies as witnessed in the land ofcomprehensive changes across the ages. Has also become a study with the effects of climate change is vital and essential, especially with the emergence of obvious effects on water resources in a number of countries in the world, as in the study area, and studies suggest that since the forties of the last century began a new direction in studies of global climate. This research was to shed light on the important issue of concern to those interested in starting, especially Almanakhien of them, namely the link between the change in the number of elements of the climate and its manifestations and changes in the properties of the Tigris River and its tributaries.
and consequent climate change in terms of temperature, humidity, rain, etc., is worth mentioning that the world, "Svante Arinos" is the first to launch the word Global warming in (1896), resulting from the increased quantities (co2) in the atmosphere by burning fuel. that the term climate change gives meaning enough to the terms (changing or fluctuating climate) who differentiate between them in the direction of the pace of climate in a period of time, that is, All that is happening in the climate fluctuation or change is meant a trend towards climate change. permission Climate change is the term given to the differences of statistical significance that occur on both (case middle atmosphere) and (contrast this case) that will last for a long time (relatively ) extend to several decades and more ..

Spatial Analysis of the Educational Services Using Geographical Information Systems GIS

Abdul-Sahib Naji Rasheed Al-Baghdadi; Zasinul-Abedin Aziz Mazid Abu

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 16, Pages 89-126

قد أظهرت الدراسة أن واقع الخدمات التعليمية في المدينة لا ينسجم مع حجم السكان فيها إذ يوجد نقص في عددها اذ بلغ عدد المدارس الابتدائية(202مدرسة)منها(116مدرسة أصلية)و(86مدرسة ضيفاً), وقد اظهرت أن التوزيع المكاني للمؤسسات التعليمية على مستوى الإحياء السكنية توزيعا غير عادل وغير مخطط مقارنة بالحجم السكاني لكل حي سكني فقد يزداد عددها في بعض الإحياء بينما يعاني بعضها من عجز فيها, وقد توصلت الدراسة بتطبيق تقنية نظم المعلومات الجغرافية GIS وتطبيق أسلوب نطاق تأثير الخدمة إلى أن نطاق خدمة المدارس الابتدائية يتكتل توزيعها في قسم وينتظم في قسم ولا ينتظم في أخر، و من خلال تطبيق أسلوب صلة الجوار اتضح إن معظم الخدمات التعليمية(المدارس الابتدائية) هي من نمط المتباعد غير المنتظم (قريب من العشوائية) ولا يخضع لنظام معين وتكون الخدمات التي تقدمه لسكان متفاوتة لذا كانت مدينة النجف الاشرف بحاجة إلى(170 مدرسة ابتدائية) لسد العجز فيها.

The Natural Law

Amir Abd Zeid AL; Waely; Hadi Hussein Abd Ali Al; Khafaji; Mustafa Fadhil Karim Al

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 16, Pages 127-152

This research ( The Law Nature ) is determined by the necessity of taking into account the formative dimension of the stages which the law philosophy have passed through and the controversial relation that connects the philosophy from one side and the law from another side .
Currently the global culture witnessed a persistent increase in the legal concept in terms of research ,analysis , criticism and development .
This increased attention to research in the philosophy of law reflects only the depth and importance of the philosophy of law in the contemporary human reality .
The key task of the law philosophy was an attempt to address the problems facing of our common living on this planet ,ass well as trying to find solutions to examine our social and political reality , which witnessed social and political crisis ,which is an echo of the pragmatic speech that dominated the Western thought which popularized a pattern of the culture patterns that created troubles and crises that prompted the law philosophers to find solutions to such troubles and crises.
These troubles and crises reveal conscience, moral and legal crises in this world we live in , at the same time those crises form a problem that stimulated the law philosophers to find effective solutions to them in the western though ,which we lack an equivalent to in the Islamic and Arad world .
The importance of this research is the need to a review which takes into account the formative dimension of the stages that the philosophy of law has passed through and the relation between the philosophy and the law . In this research we have tried to connect the philosophy with the law by following formative dimension of the stages that the philosophy of law has passed through on both l concept and treatment levels.

Administrational Status in Gabal Amil During the Ottomans Era (1888-1914)

Chasib AbdulHussein Al-Khafagi; Saif Najah Mirzza

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 16, Pages 153-180

This paper shows that as a result of Othman administrative divisions ,which made Jabal Aamil become administratively part of Beirut province, and after establishing Al-Nibtiya surrogate, Jabal Aamil occupied relative importance in authorities view especially when Ridha Sulh was appointed, so Jabal Aamil became a centre for some political activitie. Ridha Sulh always held a meeting attended by many people to make political education, in addition to open union and promotion assembly in Jabal Aamil. After Othman state issued corrective laws as 1856 Sharif Hmayon line and 1869 Al-Maarif law , which help some religions and denominations to establish more corrective foundations.

The Location of Iraq and its Importance to Foreign Politics in New Asian era (A Study in Geographical Politics)

Majid Hamid Shihab Al-Badri; Mohammed Kishayish Khashan Al-Mousawi

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 16, Pages 181-208

This thesis aims at searching about the strategic role of Iraqi location according to the new Asian states, which appear after the end of the cold war and the collapse of soviet union in 1991,Iraq has geopolitical influence extended to new liberated states through its high bourn s Iran and Turkey, In spite of the blockade when these states had liberated and after 2003 the importance of Iraqi location had returned again as a corridor reaches these states by land and sea with the world.
One of these are Arabic countries, the Iraqi location became the land, sea, and space bridge which connects these countries with each others.
The states of the new Asian space are land locked , they are states located locked sea , so they eager to reach the rest of the world, Iraqi location presents external ways to these states, to these states Iraqi location is land and sea corridor

Rhythmical Visions in the Poetry of Mudhafar Al-Nawwab

Raheem Kheraybut Atiyya AL-saidy

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 16, Pages 231-268

The research found that the adoption of the poet Muthaffar AL nawwab seas net rhythm outside, and stability on the initialized one in the poem lengthy project visionary meaningful confirmed structures percussion to Mtolath, which could be considered a cause of the visions of poetic coordinated, there are formats in rhythm external generated them visions noodles The most important: introductory infrastructure and construction style and structural flexible rhythmic criterion, as well as the poetic content flows.
Among energies art is also the rhythm poetic procedure, which is based on the bells sound chime generating visions of poetry appear on the patterns of repetition and uniformity and balance turned mostly to formats semantic incubator for visions of poetry and that the search in the sources of art reveals the poetry hidden behind the structure rhythmic phenomenon acoustically and visually

The Euphrates Island Scientists' Contributions in the Intellectual Movement in Baghdad Till the End of the Abbasside Age

Gabir Razzaq Ghazi Al-Greti; id Chaffat Al-Khafajy; Raghad Sa

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 16, Pages 269-302

One of the reasons to choose this subject is that interesting and useful texts that scattered within the books of heritage which deals with some of the Intellectual Movement aspects in Iraq in general and in Baghdad in specific, where it became, within a short time, a center of the intellectual and cultural movements in the Islamic world and in the world as a whole. Hence the researcher decided to study the resources and figures of this thought where there is a huge number of texts and narrations whose main characters were from the Foraty Island who had came to Baghdad, which indicate their great role and contributions in Intellectual Movement in Baghdad.
The other reason is that the researcher found no previous study that specialized in the details of this subject , most of the previous studies that deals with the Intellectual life in Iraq during the first Abbasside Age drooping the details such as Suhaila Mizban study of the Intellectual movement in Iraq during the first Abbasside Age, of Mohammed Al- Huaimel study of the Intellectual movement in Al-Ma`moon era and that of Swa`d Jawad Al-Ansary that is entitled the Scientific life in Baghdad in the Fourth and Fifth Centuries of Hegira and some other studies.

Japan's Attitude of the Brest Litovisck Convention in 3rd of March 1918

Imad Hadi Abed Ali; Abed aladem A. Nsar

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 16, Pages 303-355

The Declaration of Tsarist Russia withdraw from World War I, and put this declaration into practice during the first weeks of the start of the October Revolution Bolshevik , has created an international position difficult for the Allies, which required intervention of the Allies in Russia, Bolshevism, intervention by Japanese troops in Siberia east-facing coasts of Japan and neighboring spheres of influence to the Japanese in Southeast Asia in China and Korea, and the Japanese government announced the goal is to establish peace, but a reason goes back to the real desire of the Japanese government in control of the Far East and the liquidation of the European presence in the region.
Was the position of the United States of America and the internal situation critical role in curbing the Japanese politicians who tried to impose their control and influence the political and economic in Southeast Asia and China, and then in Eastern Siberia

Geographical distribution of the filling stations in the province of Najaf in 2013

Eman Abdul Hussein al-Shaalan AL-Attaby

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 16, Pages 357-383

The filling stations vital and important part of the transport facilities. As it derives its importance and characteristics of functioning of the spatial distribution, which helps the continuation of the movement of vehicles and raise the efficiency of functioning, due to the importance of the province of Najaf in terms of the important religious and tourism has stimulated the development of transport in which to accelerate the wide framework of spatial and bring about changes and expansions significant uses of the land relating to transport, distribution and extent of efficiency in its function. And tried to research that shows the compatibility of terminals with controls and standards as well as shows the geographical distribution of filling stations and fuel Najaf and the extent of their relationship to population density. And research found to a number of conclusions, which is the final outcome of the field study and analytical filling stations and fuel Najaf

After dwelling desert Bedouin in child psychology

Fatma m.k Almobashr; ALyassrey; afr kh; Insaf ga

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 16, Pages 385-414

The issues between the environment and the rights and mutual influence between them is one of the most important issues that began planners and architects seem attention reference to building a successful, and such studies are called environmental studies or behavioral psychology, and because any issue Search environmental - behavior is composed of three pillars are (human - Location - phenomenon behavioral), Man is the result of special groups such as children, adults, and seniors, either place, it may be a vacuum internally or externally or urban or housing, either phenomenon behavioral may be interactive with the group or activity or perception, and in our research ( after housing Desert in child psychology Bedouin) where he received, light mainly to overcome these dwellings natural boundaries and their contribution in the formation of children psychologically and socially, where are forms of housing and patterns of different symbol of human identity, as it represents a link individual assets, customs and traditions and contribute to the formation of psychological and social human beings Whether Kano in a house or a hut or a skyscraper.
The chosen city wetlands case stady an applied research module housing (old and modern), The study was conducted on the (200) child of late childhood of (10-12 years old) who belong to the two types mentioned above (100) children per pattern, and used psychometric and statistical . The research revealed that the old style is better than the modern style in order to link the old style desert environment and privacy, it also provides a better mechanism for socialization.

A Study of Discontinuous Syntax: Hyperbaton with Reference to Some Biblical Verses Licturer. Iman Khudhair Al-Abodi

Iman Khudhair Al-Abodi

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 16, Pages 9-33

The study deals with hyperbaton as a figure of speech in which words in any sentence are not in their expected order. It is classified as a figure of disorder and is often used to emphasize a particular word or phrase. It refers to a separation of words which belong together, often to emphasize the first of the separated words or to create a certain image.
The framework of this study is organized in two parts: theoretical and practical. The theoretical part gives the introduction of the study where the definition and etymology as well as varieties are presented. Then, the structural side of hyperbaton is discussed with reference to its forms, types and categories. While the practical one provides the structural analysis of hyperbaton in some religious texts taken from the Holy Bible. Finally, the findings of the study are summed up in the conclusion.

Focusing Adverbs in Medical Academic Discourse

Azhar H. Ubied Abbas

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 16, Pages 35-56

In any communication , it is essential to focus upon certain parts of the message to achieve complete understanding. One way is by employing 'focus-ing adverbs' –the main concern of this study. Focusing adverbs are those that focus on a particular part of the sentence. The study aims at (a) presenting the theoretical literature on meanings, syntactic properties, and functions of focus-ing adverbs (b)Identifying the meaning and characteristics of medical academic discourse (c)Finding out the employment of focusing adverbs in the medical academic discourse.
Focusing adverbs are four categories: Additives, particularizers, exclusives (or restriction adverbs) and intensifiers.Their main syntactic function is modifiers of what they precede( adjective, adverb or main verb).
Academic discourse has certain features: responsible, hedged, explicit, objective, formal, complex and persuasive. Focusing adverbs employed in this discourse show the importance of the parts of the sentences. This is essential as it draws the attention to the important things in the delivered message.
The study finds that the most employed category of focusing adverbs in medical academic discourse is the intensifiers(such as largely,considerably,ad mainly ) then, particularizers (e.g. particularly), additives ( such as neither …nor and either…or) and exclusives(e.g. exclusively)respectively .While the most employed adverbs are particularly, especially, either… or and mainly respectively.