Hijir bin Adi Al- Kindy Movement in Al- aghany for Abiel-Farej Al- Asfahany- A contrastive Analytic Study-.

Hasen Easa Al- Hakeem; Ali Dehish Hiloo Al-Ghara

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 18, Pages 11-36

Kitab Al- Aghany is one of the most important resource that deal with Hijr bin Adi Al- Kindy Movement, Al- Asfahany had separated about fifteen pages , so they exceed most of the historic resources ,that paid little attention to this movement, save Al- Tabary and Al-Baladhery .
Al- Asfahany , in his treating with this movement, depended on a set of the narrators , but he depended greatly on the narration of Abi Mokhanef which is considered as the most important narrations.
Comparing what Al- Asfahany had mentioned about this movement with what the other historic resources had mentioned , it became clear that Al- Asfhany had his own important narration that showed the movement nature and aims , and that Al- Asfhany had found that a wide historic information about this movement that made him deal with it elaborately , so Kitab Al- Aghany is one of the most important resource to study all the movement aspects.

The regional and International Powers` Strategies towards Socotra Island.

Abd Ali Hasen Al-Khaffaf; Dhilal Jawad Kadhim

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 18, Pages 37-78

importance island degree Chairperson of its geographical location, who gave it geo-strategically important, they
Oversees the sea lanes vital, which is the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea and Gulf of Aden, have won her this site supervision by navigation between East and West, both whether navigation military or navigation economic, in particular, and energy supplies through the Strait of Bab el Mandeb, and is transit route towards the African continent.
Located in the Indian Ocean, has strengthened its commercial link between the countries of the Arabian Peninsula and North African countries with the countries of South and Southeast Asia, and made it an island mediated ways international navigation making it easier docking at its ports, has helped factors Djimorvologih to form coasts winding provided Ports protected from strong winds.
Among the geographical characteristics, we expect that a lot of international and regional powers aspire to exploit the island military base, and that Yemen is considered a strategically when they target depth.
The island has important vital sea expect them to increase in the future, any regional role determines in the region would threaten the interests of the countries that see the location Giostrutejia excellent, and by this represents the site of great importance in strategic international and regional, because of its importance as a transit point President for oil tankers and Chinese industrial exports to Western Europe, and a transit corridor from neighboring countries across the Arabian Gulf through the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Aden and then becomes this site impact in their mutual economic relations from strategic advantage and important market in the region

Proof for Abiel-Brakat Al- Baghdadi

ama Mohammed Ibraheem; Naba; a Abd- Al-Sattar Jaber al- Rabe

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 18, Pages 79-108

Praise be to God alone the Lord of Worlds, Prayer and peace be upon His Prophet and his pure Ahlul-Bait.
Abi Al- Barakat Al-Baghdady occupied a n important position in the history of our Arab Islamic philosophy, he had an original critic ability to which we can hardly find a peer. He comprehended all the different intellectual trends of his period, this is exhibited clearly in his ( Al-Mo`atabar fi Al-Hikmah ) where he put his philosophical project and critical attitude towards his period intellectual trends , this book had considered all the tiny details of these trends and directions, we can say that it is the intellectual encyclopedia of Abi Al- Barakat Al-Baghdady period.
Throughout this research, it became clear that Abi Al- Barakat was able to establish the bases of the rational critical method in his ( Al-Mo`atabar fi Al-Hikmah ), this indicates the originality and deepness of this philosopher thought, just like the other Muslim philosophers such as Al-Gazzaly , Averroes and other.
The researchers has many reasons to choose this subject such as :- what had been published for Abi Al- Barakat is only a small part of his works , he still in need for more and more of the deep study, a number of the researchers had studied his works before, yet the field of logic is still unstudied, as I believe, hence I decided to study this subject.
The thesis is divided into three chapters , an introduction and a conclusion.
The first chapter is a an introductory approach for Abi Al- Barakat Al-Baghdady, it includes the philosopher`s life and works as well as his philosophical method, within the first topic, while the second topic deals with Logic before Abi Al- Barakat Al-Baghdady which is represented by the Greek philosophers, with a brief exhibition for Aristotle Logic, and the Logic for the Philosophers of Islam.
In the second chapter the researcher studies the logical terms for Abi Al- Barakat Al-Baghdady through their significances and meanings and their different positions, the five predicates ( al kuliat alkhams ), definitions and their division within the first topic. The second topic deals with the direct deduction with its opposition of propositions and contradiction as well as the direct deduction with its analogy, induction and representation within the third topic.
The five craft (al sinaat alkhams ) for Abi Al- Barakat Al-Baghdady, had been studied in the third chapter by dividing it into three topics; the evidence, debate or argument and sophist, speech and poetry respectively.
This study is an attempt to penetrate truth in the thought of the philosopher Hibtallah bin Malkah , only a step on truth path, with guidance intuition, to throw light on one aspect because it is about to be impossible to obtain the whole truth.
Our last prayer is Praise to be God alone the Lord of Worlds.

Sheikh Mohammed Mahdi Shamsul-Dean and Renewal and Reformation Issues.

Dhahir Yousif Al-Wa; ili; Rana Abdul- Raheem Hatim Al-Shamkhi

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 18, Pages 109-146

This study deals with an aspect of the biography of the chief of the Islamic Supreme She`ai Council in Lebanon Sheikh Mohammed Mahdi bin Sheikh Abdulkareem bin Sheikh Abbas Aal-ShamsulDean Mohammed bin Makky Al-Jazeny Al- Amely who is known as the first martyr the author of (Al-Lama`a Al-Demisqhiyah). This aspect relates the renewal in his thinking and his reformative efforts that began in Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf where he was born in 1936 where his father was living to study the religious sciences in its Hawza. Sheikh ShamsulDean joined the Hawza too and that is what added the traditional characteristics on his thinking and personality.
After his return to Lebanon in 1969, due to the threats of Al-Ba`th party in an attempt to tighten the grip on the Hawza, he joined the Islamic Supreme She`ai Council in Lebanon in 1975 when he was elected as the vice-chairman when the chairman was Sayid Musa Al-Sader who was lost in 1978 in ambiguous conditions during his visit to the Republic of Libya, so Sheikh ShamsulDean became the chairman of the Supreme Council, as he was the vice-chairman, in the most difficult period that the civil war ploughed with the country (1975-1990), hence Sheikh ShamsulDean faced the political and social status of Lebanon whose distinguished feature is (Pluralism), and, as one of the quelling parties in Lebanon, he had to find more flexible resolutions for the aggravated political problems which the society suffer, in addition to the dialogue among all the national, regional and international parties save Israel that he considered it as an absolute danger, by that he became one of the distinguished characters of the She`ai reformation and renewal in the contemporary Lebanon.

Soil`s Characteristics Variation in the western plateau Province of Najaf by Using Geographic information System(Gis)

Ab Dul- Hasen Madfoon abu-Reheel; Kamil Hamza Flaifil

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 18, Pages 147-170

يهدف البحث إلى الكشف عن تباين خصائص الترب في الهضبة الغربية لمحافظة النجف وإظهار هذا التباين في صورة توزيع مساحي باستخدام نظم المعلومات الجغرافية بطريقة ( النمذجة ) لعينات من الترب ، بلغت ( 40) عينة، غطت معظم منطقة الدراسة و مساحتها(27528 ) كم2 وبعمق ( 0 ـ 30 سم ) .
وقد تناول البحث أولاً الخصائص الفيزياوية والتي شملت تحليل نسجة التربة من الرمل والطين والغرين ومعرفة نسبها وظهر ازدياد نسب الرمل في العينات التي تقع ضمن هضبة النجف كربلاء وارتفاع نسب الغرين نسبياً في عينات منطقة بحر النجف ، كما تناول البحث تحليل الخصائص الفيزياوية الأخرى المتمثلة بالمادة العضوية والأس الهيروجيني والتوصيل الكهربائي .
ودرس البحث ثانياً تحليل الخصائص الكمياوية والمتمثلة بتحليل ( كاربونات الكالسيوم وكبريتات الكالسيوم والمغنيسيوم والبوتاسيوم والصوديوم والكالسيوم) وقد أظهر التحليل تباين في تلك الخصائص نتيجة الاختلاف في نوعية الصخور ومادتها الأولية ، فضلاً عن توافر المياه والنبات الطبيعي .
وأخيراً تم التطرق إلى أنواع الترب بحسب الخصائص الفيزياوية والكيمياوية وتوزيعها جغرافياً بالاعتماد على برنامج (GIS ) .

Geographic Analysis of the Livestock in Iraq and its Natural and biotic problems and its development potentialities.

Mahmood Bader Ali Al-Samea; Muthana Fadhil Ali

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 18, Pages 171-218

Iraq has many types of pets Kalognam , goats , cows , buffaloes , and abound in rich areas Bmraiha fertile , since Iraq is primarily an agricultural country , and the man was and still relies heavily on its products which compose the second half of agricultural production . Which keeps them supplied food as well as other luxury needs , as well as the use Pfdiladtha fertilizer to the soil ...
However suffer livestock in Iraq, many of the problems of natural and human life , as a result of negligence or palaces or government policies, unbalanced , and what concerns us in this paper is to highlight the problems related to natural conditions and life , Kalmhakl relating to pastures and water resources and diseases.
Stationed search towards four main axes , aims first axis to the statement of economic significance and food for livestock , and focuses second axis to the statement of numerical properties and quality of livestock in Iraq and their distributions , while projecting third axis light on the most important problems of this wealth , while the fourth axis Putting to find a solution to the problems afflicting this wealth in Iraq .

Johan Adams and his Federal Government facing the Republic Opposition under the leadership of Thomas Jefferson and the announcement of Kentucky and Virginia Resolution in 1798-1799.

Ahmed Naji Ni; ama Al- Ghraury; Thamir Abd Jebur Al- Bedairy

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 18, Pages 219-242

In the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions (or Resolves) were political statements drafted in 1798 and 1799, in which the Kentucky and Virginia legislatures took the position that the federal Alien and Sedition Acts were unconstitutional. The resolutions argued that the states had the right and the duty to declare unconstitutional any acts of Congress that were not authorized by the Constitution. In doing so, they argued for states' rights and strict constructionism of the Constitution. The Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions of 1798 were written secretly by Vice President Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, respectively. The principles stated in the resolutions became known as the "Principles of '98".

The civil Importance of Najaf Geographic and Political Site.

Majeed Hameed Shihab Al-Bedery; Adil Kadhim Abbas Al- Abily

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 18, Pages 243-260

This research aims to reveal the strategic importance distinguished by the geographical location of Najaf, which paved the way for opening other areas exceeded the borders of Iraq during the Islamic conquests that occurred at its homeland (12 – 19) AH, as well as show the most important reasons that led to the transfer of the capital of the Islamic state of medina to AL – KOFA, which fall within the spatial limits of the search of cultural geographical triangle (Confusion – Kufa – Njaf) .
And the importance of history in the making political event search historical approach used in the interpretation of the time factor and disclosure of strategic importance to the site of Najaf and its political impact on the future of the place.
The geographical analysis of the strategic importance of the Najaf site of exposure to spatial attributes to him of the subject, location, and the political and military gains and economic which the Islamic state optained to control on that site.
The search also included a set of maps and illustrations, as well as the theoretical framework that began and findings

Palm and its Significances in the Contemporary Palestinian poetry.

Ali Mattory; Aty Obyat

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 18, Pages 261-288

يعتبر الرمز الطبيعي من المصادر الفنية الذي أسهم توظيفه في إثراء النصوص الشعرية وتخصيبها وتعميق دلالاتها،كما أن هذا التوظيف للطبيعة ورموزها وإسقاطاتها في النص الشعري الفلسطيني قد ساهم بشكل لافت في إشراقة النصوص ورونقها وأبعد كل أنواع السطحية والخطابية المباشرة والتعتيم عنها وهذا الأمر حدا بالشاعر الفلسطيني علي توظيف وإستدعاء الطبيعية(كشجرة النخيل) وفق رؤيته المعاصرة،تمهيداً للتعبير عن أفكاره وقضاياه الوطنية الراهنة. فهذا المقال وفق المنهج التوصيفي التحليلي يرمي لبيان أهمية الرمزالطبيعي ومدي أثره علي التجربة الشعرية ،كما يعالج الدلالات الوليدة من الرمز المستدعاة(النخلة) وبيان أثرها وفاعليتها علي المتلقي ودورها في النزاع الدائر بين الصهاينة والفلسطينيين.

Ego against World, A Cultural Reading in Hussein Mardan Poetry

Hassan Abid Auda Al-Khaqani

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 18, Pages 289-320

This researches starts from a hypothesis says that Merdan's literature is more various than people think, and researchers too. He is not poet of sex only! So that this study tried to explore different factors that effected and affected by Merdan's poetry. I found that Merdan had strong feelings about death, hunger, and being against the world. He cared about the big issues of his country and people.
The logic behind all of that is Merdan had a "swelled ego" that feels powerful and great against pity world, unbalanced, and can't give people essentials of their lives.
So after 1958 revolution we find his poetry had some ddegree of happiness, and hope, but it didn't last!

Patience in the Poetry of Hudbah bin Al- Khashram Al- Odhrim.

Hussein Abd Hussein Al- Wetaify

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 18, Pages 321-342

Hudba Bin Al-Khashrim (died 57A.H.) was one of the poets who were imprisoned and suffered this experience. These emotions were evident in his poetry were his attitudes were contradicted between hope and despair. In addition, other features were evident in his poetry like patience and bravery. He survived many hard feelings that overwhelmed him. Therefore the images in his poetry varied affected by the different experiences that he went through in his life like the prison, losing his wife, losing his parents, turning from wealth to poverty and etc.). in spite of these sufferings but he remained strong till the last day of his life.

Abdul- Mohsin Shilash his Social Life and his Intellectual activities 1882-1948

Rabee; a Haider Tahir Al- Mosawy; Ameer ahmed Raheem Al- Shemmary

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 18, Pages 343-368

It clear from in the following that Abed Al- Mohsen Shalash was have many and large of relation with people AL- Najaf Al-asharaf, He was good reputation In Iraq on general and AL-Najaf particular.
Al-though his busy in politics but he not to leave Al-najaf ,and he always comes and attending in Al-najaf , He was remained constants with his family and his friends.
Abed Al- Mohsen Shalash was intense believes with his sacred , So he works to build and construct many from tombs and Al-Husainiat , Also he works on cultured the people AL-Najaf through helping on build many from schools as Al-karay capacity school.
Also he was wrote many of articles in magazines and Al-najafia newspapers , also he was wrote in many field that represented the position in the Iraqi social.

Evil Problem in Poul Ricore Philosophy.

Sami Shaheed Mashkoor; Iftikhar Abd Salih

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 18, Pages 369-400

هناك كثير من المشاكل التي تواجه الفلسفة، إذ نجد منها ما يلفت النظر في الفكر الغربي المعاصر، وأهم التغيرات التي تطرأ على بعض ملامحه ومعرفة طبيعة جزء يسير من هذه التحولات الكبرى التي شهدها القرن العشرين فكريا ومعرفيا، ويعد بول ريكور اسما بارزا في الفلسفة والأدب الفرنسي، وليس من السهل الإلمام بكل فلسفته لأنه بحد ذاته موسوعة منفتحة على جميع المدارس والتيارات الفلسفية والأدبية واللغوية سواء كانت فرنسية أم انكليزية أم أمريكية أم أوربية بشكل عام، فهو قد أخذ منها وتأثر بعدد من التيارات والاتجاهات السابقة له، فقد تأثر بفينومينولوجيا هوسرّل، وتأثر بأطروحات هيدجر بالكينونة، وأخذ من الفلسفة التحليلية آراء في فلسفة اللغة. وكانت له إسهامات منها كتاب (الإرادي واللاإرادي)، و(التناهي الإثم) الذي تضمن جزأين(الإنسان الخطّاء، ورمزية الشر)، وكان الهدف من ذلك هو تحليل الألم ومقاربة مسألة الشر وشرحها بفضل تأويل رموز أولية كالخطيئة والدنس والذنب.
وقد اقتضت طبيعة البحث تقسيمه على مبحثين تسبقهما مقدمة وتليهما خاتمة ثم قائمة بأسماء مصادر البحث ومراجعه، فأما المبحثان فكان الأول: مشكلة الشر في فلسفة بول ريكور، والثاني: فلسفة الشر من خلال تأويل الرمز والأسطورة.

Seid Mihammed Al- Hassany Al- Baghdadyand his Method in his Recortoryding His.

Alawy abbas Abd Al- azawy; il Mohammed Mardhi; Karrar Isma

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 18, Pages 401-422

Al-Saied Mohammed Al-Hasani Al-Baghdadi interpreted history in a philosophical jurisprudential way according to his pure religious culture. In addition, the works and readings from which we drew Al-Baghdadi view to history studied the history from a religious point of view in particular. He skipped out any work related to the origins of western history of all tendencies and schools. Accordingly, we comprehended that his views came to support our interest and understanding of our Islamic heritage in general and our Shiite heritage in particular. This does not imply that Al-Baghdadi adopts a methodological view to history more than an attempt to rewrite and correct the view to Islamic history in general. His purpose of theses attempts is to make the Islamic history related to the historical reality of the Islamic cause with all its stages and periods. By that he is confirming basic cases concerning the nature and purpose of this history on one hand and method of dealing with the Islamic historical records on the other hand which then became the base of our understanding of this history.

Imam Mohammed al- Jawad (P.U.H), Investing the Scientific Supremacy to Prove the Imamate and Guiding the Nation.

Zaineb Ibraheem Hasen

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 18, Pages 423-446

Imam Muhammad al-Jawad played , like his purified fathers , a great role in explaining the situation of imamate as an important ideological origin and the elements which it stand on . He emphasized his right in it through a scientific and brave protest .
According to all these scientific justification .I wrote this research about him and his attitudes . The research divided into four topics and a conclusion .


Fareed H. H. Al-Hindawi; Musaab Abdulzahra Alkhazaali

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 18, Pages 9-32

This study deals with the role of synonyms in propounding the main themes in Wordsworth's poetry, who is considered one of the best representatives of the romantic poets. Thus, his style can be a portrait for this movement.
Wordsworth's poetry generally reacts against the thought and literary practices of the preceding century. His major subject, like most Romanticists, matter is the beauty and satisfactions derive from nature. Romanticists believe in naturalism and realism in the place of morality. They believe that man should not be conformed or stereotyped to one norm of code rather derive pleasure from what he derives from nature (see Abrams, 1953; Moulin, 2005: 1-2). His style, thus, is worth researching because it is a picture of his age.

The Sympathetic Vampire:A Study of Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire


Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 18, Pages 33-60

The myth of the vampire has continued to frighten and fascinate people all over the world. The idea of an undead night-stalker that feeds on human blood has been around for centuries and endures to this day. Numerous countries and cultures across the globe have personal deviations of a similar mythical entity. No matter the variation, all the vampire tales have a key commonality ‒ the lust for human blood. The cornerstone upon which all the vampire characters now turn was established in 1897 byBram Stoker in his novel Dracula which, since its publication, has never been out of print and its title character, Count Dracula, has become an icon of terror that inspired many subsequent novels and stories of the vampire fiction genre. However, only a handful of these novels were considered of literary merit. That handful includes the works of Anne Rice (1941‒) in which she develops a new way of portraying the vampire in fiction. The figure of vampire has changed from the evil and menacing figure of Dracula to a kinder and more sympathetic vampire who questions the meaning of its existence.

Thomas Hardy's Tess of the d'Urbervilles:The epresentative of a Tragic Hero

Ali Madhloom Hussein; Riyadh Talib Mohammed Hasan

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 18, Pages 61-78

Tess of the d'Urbervillesis Thomas Hardy's novel that tackles the story of Tess Durbeyfield, a working-woman in the farm of d'Urbervilles. She works so as to help her family in getting living. Jack Durbeyfield, Tess's father has no job. He spends his days in drinking wine. Tess looks like her mother, Joan Durbeyfield, in that both of them are uneducated and beautiful women. Alec d'Urbervilles forced Tess to be raped by him. She cannot oppose him because he is her master in work on one hand, and she is ignorant in the sexual relation-shipsbetween man and woman and the outcomes connecting from such arelationship.