The Problems Facing Breeding and Producing Fish in Babylon Governorate and Ways of Developing this Activity

bdulhasanMadfun; Mohammed Mahmoud Mohammed

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 22, Pages 11-32

The air's ability to carry large amounts of sand and dust depends on the wind speed, the size of grains of sand or dust, soil and the degree of cohesion, and stability of the atmosphere and the severity of vertical air currents. Generally speaking, the movement of dust particles .
Generated dust storms when the wind speed exceeds 7 m / s as the soil particles adhering surface of the earth will lose power interdependence with fractions. Begins those atoms move when increase the speed of the wind, which overcome the force of friction corn ground surface and the weight of the corn itself.
Occur escalating phenomenon dust in during the day or night, especially in the summer as a result of the extreme heat of the earth's surface and surface air touching it creates severe instability of the surface air layer. The airborne dust, it happens after the phenomena of rising dust and dust storm where the remaining minutes of dust stuck in the air there is no wind . Because of their small size, which up to less than (1 micron) and the remaining dust particles stuck until you reach the extent that it overcomes gravity on static wind up dust to the final stage, a sedimentation.
Take storms flow paths in the movement categorically distances varying dimension mismatch in which they arise and disappear within the borders of the province's political. The ones that travel vast distances across many states or across the seas between continents Kantqalha from the Libyan desert associated with depressions Mediterranean.
The ones that travel vast distances across many states or across the seas between continents Kantqalha from the Libyan desert associated with depressions Mediterranean Some dust storms are linked to systems of light pressure as low seasonal India which starts from India across the Arabian Gulf to Iraq.
As well as low-Sudani, up to the Sinai Peninsula and then east to Iraq and there are storms accompany Aljbhoah depressions and tropical low similarities and Icelandic and the Caspian Sea.Was accompanied by dust storms highlands air as high Sbara The EU and the Azzurri and semi-tropical island.

The Problems Facing Breeding and Producing Fish in Babylon Governorate and Ways of Developing this Activity

Mahmoud Badir Al-Samea; NuhaNeama Mohammed

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 22, Pages 33-84

This study aims to reveal the problems that faced by Pisciculture and its production in the Babylon Government and the possibility of its development , through diagnosis the problems that hinder the ways of this development of these ways . As the Pisciculture and its production is one of the most important economic activities because of its impact in providing the employment opportunities for residents as well as its contribution to the optimum use of the land . The Pisciculture activity is one of the important economic activities in the province. As Pisciculture and its production is suffering from many problems that impede the correct ways of development of this important productive sector therefore, the intent of the study in this research is to show the most important problems that faced by Pisciculture Activity , resulting from natural, human and Biological effects that impact on the development of breeding and production of fish in Babylon province, and ways to deal and reduce them for the purpose of development this activity in the province.
This research deals with the study of reality of fish production in Babylon province in 2010, and the problems that face this activity , in terms of natural, human, Biological and environmental problems and its effect on its development and ways to solve and reduce them for the purpose of development of this activity in the province.
The study obtain a set of conclusions such as :-
The fish cultivations numbers are varied according to administrative units in Babylon, the center of Al-Mahaweel district occupied the first position, followed by Al- Eskanderiya and Sadat Al –Hindiyah. Marketing had the great effect on this concentration.
Fish cultivation and production in Babylon government ,now, face many natural ,biological and human problems had negative effects ,but these problems might be solved depending on the method that will have the great role in developing pisciculture in the government.
3. Pisciculture in Babylon province as well as other provinces Still raises in the ponds that lack the typical requirements for fish breeding ponds .

Geographical Analysis of Air Pollution inAl-Najaf Governorate

DawoodJasim Al-Rubaei; Abdul Sahib NajiRasheed Al-Baghdadi; Zainab Abdul Razak Abdul Hussein Altglbe

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 22, Pages 85-120

The study seeks to reveal the reality of the problem of air pollution external and internal in the holy city of Najaf and to identify the most important sources and factors affecting the different dimensions temporal and spatial
The study revealed the following: -
1 - The amount of dust falling in the holy city of Najaf was great especially in the summer and reached (122.7) g m 2, and the spatially recorded Yarmouk district highest amount dust hit (139.95) g m 2 because of dust storms and neighboring city of Western Sahara, and poor soil and lack of vegetation, which reduces the severity of dust storms.
2 - The results indicate high concentrations of minutes outstanding, record summer highest concentrations in most sampling sites and reached (116.7) Micro g m 3, the spatially has recorded the highest rate of concentration minutes outstanding was in the neighborhood of teachers and reached (199.98) Micro g m 3 due to the movement of transport and proximity to the neighborhoods of Aden and industrial artisans.
3 - The study revealed high concentrations of gases in the air outside. Which reported higher concentrations in the summer, there are some gases have exceeded environmental determinants in the summer, including the gas carbon monoxide and reached (31.9), while sulfur dioxide (0.6), while the gases that were within the environmental determinants in chapter Summer is hydrogen sulfide gas was (0.3), and methane (0.06) and ammonia (0.4), and oxygen gas (19.3%). At the level of spatial find the highest concentration of gas carbon monoxide log in Ghadir district (55.5) due to increased car exhaust and smoke generators private and public. The highest concentration of sulfur dioxide in the Yarmouk district (0.75), and the highest concentration of hydrogen sulfide gas in the neighborhood of Arabism (0.45) , and the highest concentration of methane in the neighborhoods Alassane Bourne and Jihad (0.1), and the highest concentration of ammonia gas in HawraaZeinab (0.35) , and less oxygen Tercazelghaz in neighborhoods justice and teachers (19.9%).

Effect of Najaf environment on establish literary and scientific council and development

AqeelAbdulzahra Al-Khaqani

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 22, Pages 121-130

Najaf is one of the metropolises of Arab and Islamic countries that have contributed, throughout its long history, to the revival of Arab and Islamic heritage and supply the movement of thought and culture, employing the economic, social, cultural and scientific elements of this holy city.
One manifestation of the cultural richness of Najaf city is that it has had forums of scientific, literary and social distinct from other meetings. Those forums have been accompanied by names of the scientific and literary families that had established them.
Every family of these households has had its own meeting or forum where elite people meet to have an issue of ideology, literature, culture or public policy for debate. Therefore, poetry plays an active role and the discussions may reach a point of controversy, which leads to what so called (Literary battles). Those battles usually erupt between the two currents: the traditional or conservative and the regenerative.
Among its cultural heritage manifestations is that names of some books and sources of science and jurisprudence have become surnames to some of its scientific and literary families as Aal-Kashif Alghitaa and Al-Jawahiry. This is considered as one of the cultural phenomena that characterized Najaf environment from other literary and cultural metropolises, which shows that, as evidenced by, there is a high cultural awareness probably rare to find its equivalent in other metropolises.
Although most of the pioneers of these forums represented Najaf scholars and literary men, however, they are not limited to this class but included all social classes of Najaf.
Therefore, the Najafi society generally influenced literarily and scientifically by those forums due to its interest in seeing more and listening to all that is new in the world of thought and culture, literature art and politics. Hence, those forums have been witnessing a high attendance.

Imam Mahdi in the Arabic Poetry and His Publicity Effect

Ali KadhimSmesim

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 22, Pages 131-226

This research attempts to study the Arabic poetry characteristics and its informative aspects that are directed to a receiver who interacts with it in certain issue; that of Imam Al –Mahdi( may His almighty God drive away his grieves).
The research divides into different topics relating the poetry that cares for the issue of Imam Al- Mahdi; some of it preaches for the Imam, and some expresses grievances or complaint directed to the Imam and other aspects of life. All of this poetry expresses the oppression and injustice that the followers of the Imam suffer from in the different times. The research also deals with those who pretend the (Mahdawiah= being Imam Al- Mahdi) either ignoring the Imam`s right or seeking for the Divine position that should be obeyed.
This research is based on informitivity which is considered as one of the poetry effects and expressional outlets.

Feeling Value for Woman in poet of poetes in Third Level of Ignorant

FatemaHamedYakob; Yaser Abed Ali

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 22, Pages 227-258

Women's presence was felt in the third class poets ignorant; they ate each according to what he sees as the aesthetic values, and those values were distributed between sensuality and moral. The nature of the search warrant has been divided on what seemed to them from the aesthetic features, attached to each course created by the beauty of the face, eyes, hair, mouth, and others. Others have attached Bgeleta and her clothes and fragrance including added from aesthetic values

The Meaning of syntax in Simple Arabic Sentence From Theorem of magic of Arabic syntax

Toman Ghazi Al-Ghafaji

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 22, Pages 259-320

This research aims to establish a new vision for the study of Arabic grammar of the language of classical Arabic, to be than the text service, especially the Quranic text, not an end in itself, envisages accuracy, clarity and simple specimen applied using less select from the technical terms, because the traditional Arabic grammar follow two approach firstly: structural purely formal approach is full of mistakes. That occurred in the origins and this spread to the branches necessarily who prevailed after Sibawayh (D180AH) and remained so far, leaving behind differences sterile missed a great effort, and the second functional approach deliberative an approach Jarjaani (D471AH), Sothe foundationsJarjaaniabouttextreportedhimRhetoriclater, bringing ourtwosciencedoes notadvocateone anotherproceduralterminologyand techniques ofanalysis, both laterbecamea formalityand did notbring forwardafter the death ofhisfounding.
His research deals withthe subjectomittedArabic grammaris an essential aspectof it,has beencreatedto studya new methodologytoxicity(Theoryactormagic) metaphoricaldesignationstrong(Partandintendedtotal), given the importance ofthis termproceduralin solvingmany of theproblemsaboutthe Arabeloquencethat influenced theparsing ofsentencesQuranic, including the problem ofthis research.
Andincludesthe term(actor magic) understoodgrammaticallywhateverhelped meto discover thenature andstatementfunctionsmoralcurriculumlinguisticsmodern, as highlightedthe historical methodand Comparativesomewhatlight onone of thestages ofdevelopment ofArabic sentence, an abandonactbeingrudebeachingManiergrammarians: (Time, andconscienceattribut) onthe attribut ofwholesalelies, and thenvariedWholesaleArabattribut reportingaboutthe English languageonlynominalphrasein terms ofthe number ofelements ofthe phenomenon andthe order of theseelementsformthe following:(name+verb+attribut).
Anddelete theverbAssistantinterArabic forrudebecome(verb /attribut) wordrichwith meaninggrammaticalincluding:(Time, linking relational), as well as themeaning ofsemanticlexical, meaningsiteis(verb) in the actualsentence,a(attribut) innominalsentence.Thebankingin different shapesfallin the list(banking /grammatical) representsthe ability ofthe motherspeaker oncreativitynumber offormulaswhich functionMissned: (verb /attribut) in whatever formlanguage.
Hierarchicalconceptualmethodologyto studythis listthat are nottaught byhasusedafunctioningcommunicativeas alinklingual(grammatical /media); composetrackstructuralformalsheerbasefrom which thesearch, and thenfollowedthe pathof semantic(social, or psychological), followed by trackhermeneuticalwhich represents theceilingof thismodel, tounitealltrackswithin thesentenceasa methodselectedfromamongsedentarymethods inlanguage.
The nature of the research was required to swear on the following detective:
First topic: Wholesale Arab attributs reporting simple structure.
The second topic: verb forms and forms of the name in the simple sentence, and the rules indistinguishable.
Section III: Components (verb / attribut) functional in Arabic sentence Statistics.
In conclusion, the most important research findings together with the recommendations.

The Philosophical Dimension of Intestine's Relative Theory

Hussein HamzaShaheed

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 22, Pages 321-346

The theory of relativity of Einstein and one of the most important theories that have brought an intellectual and scientific revolution in the field of contemporary physics, and served as a critique of the theories of classical physics, such as the theories of Newton and Galileo and Kepler, as well as that this theory is one of the hardest and most complex theories in physics, it is also a more general theory of science yet.
Although the scientific importance of this theory, but it is gaining importance with philosophical in nature as a result of dealing with some of the philosophical concepts and change the point of view of classical physics, such as the concepts of time and space.

A Geographical Evaluation of the Qualitative Properties of Drinking Water in Al-Nasiriya city and Ways of Developing them

SameaChllab Al-Sahlani; Anwar Sabah Mohammed Al-Kilabi

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 22, Pages 347-378

Representedthe current studyassessed thequality of drinking waterin the city ofNasiriyah, towater plantsactresscomplexwaterSadrists, and theAl Buadumcomplex , andcompound-Hakim. Andmeasure the level ofconcentration ofthe physicalelements [ hydrogen ionPH,dissolved saltscollegeTDS,dissolved oxygenDo,temperatureTemp,turbidity],chemicalelements[ calciumCa,MgMg,sodiumNa,potassiumK,chloridesCl,sulfatesSo4 ] ,depending on thedataenvironmentDirectorateof DhiQar2013 .
The study concluded that the low quality of drinking water in the city of Nasiriyah , due to a number of causes , including natural and human which is the most influential act posed by the city of amounts innumerable pollutants urban agricultural and other as well as pollutants, industrial, which led to the deterioration of river water quality Euphrates in the study area and it travels over the network liquefaction water districts the city of Nasiriyah. Making those susceptible to water-related diseases such contaminants , making it poses a threat to the public health of the city's population
The results ofmeasuringthe physicalelementshave shownvariationin theconcentrationlevelsexceedingthe limitvalue oftheelementsaccording toWorld HealthOrganization standards, particularly dissolved oxygenandturbidityexceededthe standardvalue of thehydrogenionin the winter months . Whileresults measuring ofchemical elementsshowed , occurwithinthe permissible limitsaccording tothe World HealthOrganization , with the exception ofthe sodiumcomponent , which exceeded the standardvalueinthe month of September , far behind therecordlevelreached(585 mg /liter) .

The Social Status in Asfahan City through the Books of Al-Baldanyeen

HayderMajeed Hussein Al-Eleli

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 22, Pages 379-408

Tile of research is the social circumstances in Isfahan city throughout the book of Muslims boldanees as acity of Isfahan considered one of major places in global history, as it is one of the most important cultural centers in the Muslim Orient; especially after the income Muslims in 21 AH / 641 AD, and then became the center of attraction of Arab tribes and Muslim traveler who wrote a lot about the political, social and economic conditions , there is no doubt that this kind of works is one of the sources that contains life certificates through the ages;Through this research it emerged that the Muslim geographers have attained a great and sophisticated in the curriculum of the historical and geographical blogging compared with stage medieval (third century AH-nineteenth century) in which these books have emergethe native of accurate details about Isfahan, topographiclly and statistically; as we see the touch of exaggeration to describe the city's climate and nature by muslims , although religious and sectarian diversity in Isfahan climatic was big factor on the natures of its people and their physical appearance human, and intellectual diversity of professions, seems that the ethnic and religious diversity had the effect of making the city's intellectual and cultural religious, which gave privacy from the rest of the cities of the provinces of the Orient ,Isfahan site locate on ways to road convoys helped in the growth of social evaluation that the source of a good entry and the prevalence of a state of relative economic stability throughout the seven Islamic calendar centuries despite contained on sectarian crises in the city signals.

Industry in Tenas City (230-588 A.H/ 845-1192 A.D) Historical Study


Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 22, Pages 409-446

The Tignes one of the main industrial cities in Islamic Egypt during the period extending from the third century and until the end of the sixth century as characterized by many industries, especially shipbuilding industry, ceramic and pottery and glass industries, mineral industry, the arms industry, and industries based on agricultural products, but the most important absolutely industries are textile industry as Tignes known industrial city through what is known for its textiles, particularly from drinking linen textiles, Aldbiqi, and Albouklmon, as well as weave Kiswah. Note that their products were requests from Islamic countries in the East and the West and even from Western countries for their quality and time, even though their price for something that is reflected in the prosperity of Tignes and growth of urban and the increasing number of plans, and the recovery of its stores and markets, and the prosperity of its people, and the increasing number of factories, and its population, the growth of life rose intellectual where an increasing number of scientists as well as the shares of the economic recovery and increase imports of countries that wisdom. Note that the publicity famous Tennis industrial city would not have been possible without the availability of a number of factors have completed each other and contributed to the eventual arrival of Tignes to the high esteem in this area, especially the geographic location is important to the Mediterranean, and the abundance of skilled workers from her family, as well as the availability of materials initial raw material industry, especially linen, as well as the attention of States ruled by the emergence advanced city in the textile industry.

The Road of Imam Hsussein Anniversary(pb.u.) in the Geographical Data Systems

Ali HameedSaad; ZenaAyadJaber

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 22, Pages 447-490

The Visit of the death of Imam Hussein is annual carnival dating to revive it millions of crawlings to Karbala , and crawlings way is the only place that those millions are passing through and in a shortly period so that the roads , services , security , the fore through and accommodation should be of a high capacity to assimilation and service these large numbers in one time.
And year after year the service , staff and supervising increases and made improvements to the performance and development of contexts and rising the capabilities.
From her the search comes to provide a geographical information database covering a region lacks to most of the responsible agencies to maps of their own , and in the same time enriching the libraries by researches of geographic information to demonstrate its role in the planning , development , and aggiornamento .

Boy Handeld in Islamic inducing Learning

Mohammed JabarHasim

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 22, Pages 491-508

It is doubtless that there is an urgent need the legibility of transactions accomplished by children. This paper introduces the extent to which one should stick with the legitimacy of these transactions. It also significant to know jurists’ points of views and their evidence in this respect whether to accept or reject children transactions. The first part of the paper tackles the conditions of selling and how much they should be complied with. The second part deals with the maturity conditions, discusses them and their plausibility. One of the main results the paper reached is that there is no evidence for the illegibility of child transactions. However, if the consensus view is adopted, then transactions should be restricted to trifles.