The Rural Development and its Affect on the Rural Settlement in Al-Abbasiya District

Wahab Fehed Al-Yasiry

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages 91-108


The development in general is a set of organized efforts that are achieved on the basis of a planed system to harmonize the human physical and tangible capabilities within a certain social environment aiming at increasing the level of the national in come and the individual once and achieving higher standards of living.
The research dealt with the effect of development on rural settlement in Al_Abbasya district for economical social and cultural reasons. Therefore the research included studying the different aspects that affects the rural Settlement in the studied area as the rural resident pathways irrigation and electricity Systems and that of drinking water. All of which are effective factors on the development of the rural area.

The Considering of Ahmed Bin Faris in "Mujam Magaies Alugah" (The Dictionary of Language Criteria) with the Central Semantics

Haider Jabbar Iedan; Abdul Kadhim Al-Yasiry

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages 11-46


This thesis is entitled "Mujamu Magaies Alugah" of Ibn Faris (died 395A.H.). It is a semantic study in terms of modern semantic; the linguistic and semantic studies of old book of linguistics. The whole thesis is an attempt to treat from the modern semantic view. This "Mujamu Magaies Alugah" of Ibn Faris discusses the semantic development.

The Family Size in the Urban Regions of Wasit Governorate

Nagie Seham Risen

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages 109-132

ABSTRACT The Family is the core of the society upon which every thing depends. Its size has been the subject of interest for a long time. Large size families have often been considered a '' legitimate'' ambition because adding a new baby to the family means more income in an agrarian society, and it also means more man power which signifies mastery, control and prestige added to large size families in rural societies The present paper aims at studying family size in the urban area of Wassit Governorate (specifically the suburban towns). The questionnaire forms were distributed randomly and on the basis of the percentage of family in every town. The sample consisted of 281 families. The paper dealt with family size on the basis of the geographical distribution and other influent geographic, economic and social factors, so as to form a picture of the future of the family size in Wassit . The study concludes that the social factors are the west influential one of the variation of family size at present and that they will continue to be so in the future. It also predicts that family size will tend to be smaller in future. It also found out that males show a tendency for marrying younger few ales with the following , age averages : 26.1, 20.5 years for males and females respectively, and that there is a continual tendency for female marriages below the age of 15 years

The Population in Palestinian before and After Catastrophe – A Hundred Year of the Demographic Struggle (1907-2007)

Yosif Kamil Ibraheem

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages 47-90

ABSTRACT The research tackles the Jewish existence relation with Palestine form historical point of view and their in crease number, the plans adopted by the Zionist gangs in expelling the owners of the land, and dividing Palestine into three geographical regions, west bank, Gaza strip and Israel. The research also discusses the population in crease, immigration, and geographical distribution and population density in the three geographical regions.

The Concept of the Divine Caliphate of Man in the Holy Quran and the Writings of Muslim Scholars

Abdul Ridha Hassan Jiyad

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages 133-155


The Quran is considered one of truthful history sources of the study, because it is deducted from the Wise. The importance of this issue lies in the historical creativity of human beings in the divine truthful source, which is the Holy Koran. What divine succession of man on earth but an expression of the will of God (Glory to God) as an advantage of all his creatures credit, wisdom and views honestly and positively, and what came in the Koran of Baqrah verse 30th:
[30] And (remember) when Your Lord said to the angels: "Verily, I am going to place (mankind) generations after generations on earth." They said: "Will You place therein those who will make mischief therein and shed blood, - while we glorify You with praises and thanks (Exalted be You above all that they associate with You as partners) and sanctify You." He (Allâh) said: "I know that which you do not know."
The reason for selecting this topic and provide historic space for Khilafa and Khilafa in the perspective of the Holy Quran. The search was in the books, sources interpretation, and historical references together did not find astray, and found that most explicators of the word “Khalifa" did not intend on lingual & lexicon meaning in their interpretation, but what I found in the book "Mecca’s’ Conquests" to Ibn Arabi, Abdel Karim Gaily of Sufism intellect, where there is what I wish.
I studied in this research "Khilafa as term & idiom and the Khilafa in the Quranic concept, back to the language dictionaries, and the views of scientists, human rights creating in Holy Quran, enhanced with Quranic verse, and the components of Human, the professional opinions of explicators. The research included investigations dealt with Human and the fact of replacement (succession), containing composition & legislation, the truth & mind, the secretariat & commissioning, and the fact of replacement (Khilafa) in the concept of Muslim Scholars, and, finally, we ask God to guide us to do goodness.

The Social Status of Aged People According to the University Students' Point of View

Adnan Muttar Nasir

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages 157-168

This study aims at knowing AL- Muthana University student perspective towards the social position of aged people. It has been prepared an application form as mean for collective data, for this applied study which applied on specimen of 200 students of both sexes who were been chosen by random process.
The study showed the results of the general perspective of students towards aged people , characterized with positive aspects , and possible to refer that to religion and social culture which support the value and respect for aged people .

A Geographical Analysis of the Reality of Vegetables' Production in Al-Zuber District for the Period 1983-2007

Mustafa Kamil Othman

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages 169-205


The study is interested in the geographical analysis of vegetables production for a quarter century for one of most important areas of such production in Iraq, which is Zuber Province. Th study included summer vegetables crops (Cantaloupe -Watermelon -Cucumber-Gourd), and covered Tomato, which represent the greater parts of Zuber province production from aside , and for its alimental, economical, consumption importance from other side. The vegetables crops provide human body with vary useful elements and compounds which needed .The cultivation of vegetables crops in Zuber province developed since the end of 70th decade from the past century, specially covered tomato, the province now is one of main areas in tomatoes productions in Iraq .The province also is one of an important areas in vegetable crops productions like (Cantaloupe -Watermelon -Cucumber-Gourd) in Basrah Governorate .
The 1st section of study deals with alimental importance of vegetables. The 2nd section of study deals with the physical elements affected upon vegetables crops productions in Zuber Province such as : Location , Geological Structure , Surface , Climate , Soil and Water sources , and the effect of each physical element upon cultivation of vegetables crops and the agricultural process which the cultivation of vegetables crops needed in Zuber province. The 3rd section of study deals with the human elements affected upon vegetables crops productions in Zuber Province such as :Employments , Possession , Irrigation , Marketing , Farmers associations and official supports .The 4th section of study deals with the agricultural process which the cultivation of vegetables crops needed in Zuber province .The 5th section of study deals with the development of vegetable crops productions in Zuber Province from 1983 to 2007.

The Geographical Analysis of the Reality of Drought and the Climatic Water Deficit and the Proposed Potentials for its Treatment

Muthanna Fadil Ali

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages 207-247

This research aims to touch on one of the important themes and strategies concerning human life and his multiple, especially problems that have negative effects on the human environment, that is, geography same event hydrology, biology and other .. etc., is vital fields that affect the economic life of man and his environment.
The problems of drought and water deficit and water deficit in the climate are one of the most important problems facing most parts of Iraq, particularly Najaf governorate clearly, the regions of the dry and semi-dry, thereby stimulating an interest in the areas of the terms of reference to consider carefully so serious problems reflected adverse impacts on the environment.
That the study of these problems is of recent studies critical, especially with the increasing demand and competition for water sources for water posed a vital element in the presence of the living environment, have taken upon themselves the geographical great interest in these studies by examining the concepts of drought and water budget climate, desertification and the actual value of the rain, and identify quantities of surplus and water deficit and its effects on man and his environment, and therefore develop appropriate solutions to minimize those impacts. This will be addressed by this research as academic study on specialized aspects of the topic of al most all respects.
This study identified four key dimensions searcher Investigation serialized as a descriptive analysis...
I saw them included climatic characteristics of Najaf governorate, which researcher presented the main features of the most important elements of the climate (solar radiation, temperature, wind and humidity, precipitation and evaporation) was, according to the latest weather data, which showed that the maintenance fall within areas gases few rain.
Turning researcher at the campsite II to the concept of drought and water deficit in the studies of climate and weather geographic methods by which Ahtsabhma practical indirectly through empirical equations for that.
Enables a researcher at Mbgesh III of the application of the equations and experimental methods within the environment preservation, and thus access to the results, ie the volume of drought and the amount of water deficit in the province. Researcher used several variables most important equations may transmission and BLANEY Cradle and episodes and Thornthwait.
After applying those Atrak, which showed that the preservation suffer from the inability of large water and dry climate is also significant, the researcher was able to produce a set of proposed solutions and potential to address the problems of drought and water deficit in the climate, which can be applied in practice within the atmosphere and preserve natural conditions (soil, water, plant.. etc.), techniques that could be followed in order to achieve the development of water resources and rainfall and improved weather conditions and came in the fourth thesis research.

The Spatial Analysis of the Population Growth in the Centre of Al-Kufa District for the Period (1977-1997) and its Future Expectation till 2017

Rana Abdul Hassan Jassim; Kefah Dakhel Obeis

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages 249-270


The phenomenon of population growth of population phenomena, which rank high among the branches of the population which is a geographical indicator directly on the increase and decrease in the population at the same sources, the main population growth is births, which represents the increase in population, while the mortality paradoxical situation in the preparation of the population and the third element of Immigration movement, which represents workers increases and decreases at the same time.
We have focused our research that this matter for the issue of direct importance to the population and the urban planning and construction of any city were singled out to examine the status of our juvenile Kufa study of the small population of this urban centre.
And address search Investigation included the first three geographical definition of the status of juvenile Kufa, containing the geographical location of the study area and physical characteristics of the surface manifestations, soil and climate because of the impact on the population distribution and settlement of the criticism has dealt with the second set of the historical city of Kufa and the evolution of its population as well as the concept of population growth and spatial variation of the growth population and the relative distribution to them during a period of study and Bashron year since 1977 1997 2017 volume and expectancy for urban and rural populations in the centre of Kufa Elimination of the same