The Effects of media on the Investor’s decision (A fields study for a sample of investors in Najaf)

Ali Muhammed Ali; Redha Sahib abu Hamed

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 7, Pages 55-89

AbstractMass media effectiveness in achieving attract local and foreign investor, and seek to resolve the problem of identifying any of the media more effective in the decisions of investors, in order to support planning for these means technical and financial support, and then to achieve economic prosperity, which is required.Therefore, research came to solve the problem, going ahead from hypothesis (coming local and foreign television primarily in effectiveness on decisions of individuals and companies investors).The research found a number of important conclusions, and the most impotent is that the statistical tests showed that the satellite TV channels in general, and satellite TV news channels in particular are the most influential media tool in the decisions of investors, while the research concluded a set of recommendations, and the most important of thes,that Najaf government must be given more attention and material support to official (national) television networks, which it follower to the central govern

The context semantic in Al-Isra’a Sura

Samir Dawod Salman

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 7, Pages 227-269

Abstract The context plays an important role in detecting the semantic to be delivered to the listeners and to reach this semantic it should be linked the word with some current phonetic proves. The context is dived into two parts the linguistics (internal) and non-linguistics (external), then the linguistic context is meant the uniform of the words and the connection of the words within the context with its relation by the prior and posterior words assisting in clarifying the meaning or considering the sentences analyzing it according different fields of language while the non-linguistic is meant the proverbs and ambiguity accompanied with the text surrounding it ; i.e., subjecting the text to the external environment. Pivots included with three chapters. First: The context of Quranic verse which is meant studying the relation between the components of Quranic verse itself or the verses between them to consolidate the text ; these are one of the most important motives attracted the attention of linguists (interpreters) through the science they have, knowing the occasion representing the importance of the relation between the occasion and the context as the latter is deemed of the most important principles of the unity of the text and its consolidation. The linguistic proves clear effect in merging some context semantics in Isra’a Verse either grammatical, internal syntax linguistic, the issue for which the external context depending upon in detecting the semantic on external components the first one of which is the reasons of descending of Quranic verses and miracles so that some words and pronounces and unknowns in the Quranic text never been known unless reviewing the events leading to descend the miracles and the second ones is the physical movement as the context of the proverb may recall some physical movement to be in compatible with the event requirements which felt in Israa verse in some nouns in which it was mentioned such (Yanqudhon, A’aridh and Na’a Bijanibeh( .Finally Some Quranic words have relations with traditions of the community and its norms the most important words mentioned in Israa Verse is (Taiyer) (Qatel Al-Awlad).

The Real Motive of the Enclinic - Church 1509-1547

Rabe; i Hader Al-Mosawy

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 7, Pages 193-226

AbstractThis is Reserched about causes and Motive by the king Henry VIII to change the church on England and separation of Rome and agree the people. with note the Reform about church pass in so peaceful.The King Henry VIII dipute with his Chancilar Wolsy because wishes he dimantion to the power executive and church .Henry VIII try dimantion for European Land by Church and power, but his failure .he stale Throne in his family .

The In-Marketing Strategic and it’s effects on the Bank’s services, Quality– Applied study for a sample of the Iraqi Banks

ama Abo Ghnaim; Azhar Ne; Kefah Saleh

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 7, Pages 11-54


Internal Marketing Strategic and Their Effects on Banking Services Quality.
The objective of the research is to identify the effects of internal marketing on Banking Services Quality. choices on the banks .the research was conducted on all of 8 banks located in the Nagaf city and this represents the research population several statistical methods where used to test the research hypotheses which led to the following results:1 it level of Banking Services Quality was Madill,2 there is significant relation ship of effect between the internal marketing and Banking Services Quality.

Ethics for the Rewaqi

Sami Shaheed

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 7, Pages 271-301


This topic Treats ethics according to the Stoics. The definition of philosophy given by the Stoics indicates that ethics occupy the first position.
For example, they said that philosophy is the practice of virtue; They also believe that a man should seek reason in himself as it is the most perfect way to achieve the highest aims; he must embodies reason by actions, i.e. to live according to nature and reason.
Nature has bestowed us the disposition which enables us to distinguish between what complies and what contrasts with it. Therefore, we seek what is useful and avoid what is harmful to us.
Non understanding nature and not realizing its laws lead to the disorder of man till he finds himself contradicting with his personal will and away from achieving his aim and consequently becomes subject to his caprices which contradict with nature.
Thus, the judgment of human reason and its control on his desires represent the climax of correspondence between man and nature.
Moreover, the goodness of man is reflected in virtue and in the freedom of mind rather than in pursuing pleasures. Virtue does not have outside relations to move towards, it ends at itself.
Virtue is corresponds with nature and its value is not measured by a goal it may accomplish but it represents the goal per se. Stoics Think that people should not divide into different peoples and tribes with various laws and maxims for each because they are all brothers.
They never include masters and slaves. They are all citizens similar in their essence. They are also in one nature which is their mother and law. Therefore, the homeland of a wise man is the whole world.

Political issues in Jabal – Amel news paper (1911-1912)

jasib Abdul Hussain

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 7, Pages 91-168

AbstractJabal – A'mil news paper is considered as one of the most important news papers that appeared at late Ottoman reign. In a previous study, We studied its establish meant and the way it treated affairs of Jabal- A'mil. In this paper, We will study its stand from the. Political issues. The researcher investigates these issues in terms of its stand from main four points:The researcher came finally to main points put in the conclusions. The research depends on many resources that covered the topic entirely.

Interpretation and suspicion for marks

Amer Abid Zaid

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 7, Pages 169-192


Off Marx's "following the text" of this vision is based on the Challenge Foundation and philosophical approach and work on mixing the two in his notions of the theory of knowledge, nothing to do with self and knowledgeable the subject of knowledge transferred from the ideal Hegel to the material, and in this position breakdown of the knowledge and give them dimension and reality through emphasis on alienation based on private property, and their relationship to the understandings ideology of the economic system, this should not be, in particular, to consider the philosophy of the institution of power and delivery is a belief for many centuries, "that wants to heterogeneous across" to be the creator of the world "and owned by its own strength alone. - The relationship between Visualization of scientific and humanitarian spirit of the variant in the sense that it change the face of this dominance is the human role in change and resistance. We find Marx had under this act through the following:
Perceptions based on the idealistic and self-criticism emphasis on the physical dimension. . Proceeding from this, "the physical dimension," explains this step (that being of individuals associated with the material conditions of production), this perception has not come suddenly, but he and Walid becoming an intellectual, we can return it to the interpretations that have occurred before in Western thought: the French, the former German.

Phonological Deviations in Dickens’ “Hard Times”

Majid Muhammed Sadoon

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 7, Pages 112-133

1. Abstract
Charles Dickens (1812-1870) achieved a recognizable place among English writers through the use of the stylistic features in his fictional language. This study is concerned with Dickens' unique fictional language, used in one of his novels entitled "Hard Times", in relation to phonological deviation from settled norms in English. It endeavors to show Dickens' manipulating language and the effects achieved through this manipulation.
This research investigates Dickens' use of language which deviates from the linguistic norm phonologically. As such, it is hypothesized that Dickens used phonological deviation to show the character's social class.
The study aims to analyze the types of phonological deviations in Dickens' "Hard Times". It determines the reasons behind these deviations, and how that reflects Dickens' philosophy and style in presenting class distinction in this novel.
According to the hypothesis, the research has come up with a number of the findings as a result of the stylistic analysis of phonological aspects carried out in this study. So, phonological deviation has a very important effect on the readers (and hearers).
Out of the stylistic analysis, the research has found out that the writer uses a language deviated from the literary convention or everyday speech. He uses two types of phonological deviation to achieve his purpose