Historical way for twining from Arsti logic

Nama M. ibrahem; Marwan A. hussien

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 24, Pages 11-38

The researcher to a number of results that serve as a conclusion to this letter, can be summarized as follows:
The controversy though the practice and application of age-old, but arthroscopy and rationing did not begin only with Greece .We note that Aristotle had been influenced philosophers Greeks who preceded him, through the definition and introspective when Socrates and measure back when Light, not to mention the method of dialogue and discussion to reach the truth that we find when Socrates, and all these concepts helped fuel the controversy when Aristotle, to complete the final form him.. Note that the concept of the controversy might take grants logically when Aristotle, is an industry, St. measurement on the basis of Article not his image, unlike the controversy when Plato, who took grants philosophical science curriculum together, and this is what we have observed when Plotinus and when Hegel. That although evidence was connected to the truth when Aristotle, but it may require conditions not be taken, as provided in the message, as well as the a dialectical reasoning wider body of the inference Borhani, involving controversy as well as measurement, extrapolation..

Estimation the size of water of Alfurat river for agriculture activityin Al-hidya and Al-nasryadike

MahmodB.Ali; Mustafa K.Othman

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 24, Pages 39-66

Estimating the volume of water loss for agricultural activity difference between the water requirements (theoretical ) or optimal for the processing plant and the actual field , that determine the size of this loss water has considerable impact in determining the amount of the possible benefit of this vital resource . The need for the study area of water in agricultural activity includes the need for the two activities plant, animal , and this need differentiated depends on the size of what it needs monocultures of water and thus the total crop , not only that but it also extends also to the amount of demand by season of the year , which varies according to the degree of economic and social development of this region or that and climatic characteristics . Different crops in their water needs and was limited to rice, the largest share . Study included four sections , including the first section of the theoretical framework which included the problem of the study and its premise and justification and significance , objectives and style and its borders and visualizations and maps Digital Elevation and software used. While the second part, evolved to include the environmental distribution of the population of the area study. Singled in the third section on the density of the agricultural population of the study area.

Place analysis for using the ground in Kufa city


Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 24, Pages 67-96

The study shows that the status of residential land uses in Al- Kufa city does not match the planning standards and the population size; there is a clear deficiency in the number of the residential unit and the residential area where the population number is (157845 persons) and the residential use area is (546, 12 hectares) with a rate of (29, 11%) of the city, so the individual share of the residential use is ( 34,6 M2/ person), and the residential units number is (22024) units distributed on ( 20 residential quarters).
The residential area deficiency is (20, 89%) of the city area, and the individual share is (20. 4 M2/ person), knowing that the planning standard is (50%) of the city area with a (55 M2/ person).
The study shows that the total required area for the residential need till 2030 is (873, 19 hectares) with an increase of (93670 persons).

The history of political thinking

Jalel H. Naama; Ali M. Reda

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 24, Pages 97-126

Greece has reached the height of its greatness and flew reputation around the world to this day, every intellectual and philosophical product of historically had studied and drinking from the fountain of the Greek civilization, it is a fountain of ideas and the center of the world of thought to this day, and this does not mean that he did not preceded by another civilization land of the Nile and civilization Mesopotamia Chinese, Indian, and Persian civilization has been preceded by many centuries has Greece took them too much and this is not a defect but a cosmic year and the law governing human as civilizational and cultural exchange and interaction of ideas and integrated part of the human system within the title of "the integration of civilizations."
It will begin in Athens and we are preparing the starting point and that for many reasons, including the blogs that many integrated reached us and theorem and built on the clear evidence of up to infer by that critique and develop within the controversy lot system, becoming a is the premise of each researcher, despite the existence of civilizations may be preceded, as we have said.
Athens has consistently put forward bold and puzzling questions concerning the presence (Alantaloggio) and determination all with respect to the presence and the origin and destiny of man and the respect of his origins and the conditions of the discovery of their own general laws to try to get to the essence of the truth away from the mythology and superstition, which was formerly the people of Greece control Mstdlh evidence and scientific mentality on all adopted started searching in the presence and origin and laws that govern which launched Alantlogia or theoretical philosophy which is longer the first section of the philosophy and then followed by the second section and crossed his philosophy process, which in turn is divided into the philosophy of the house, morality and politics measure it (cities) measure as Greece was a all cities group then called the state of the city and all the theoretical and practical philosophy pour into one policy goal, a goal to get to the next grade or virtuous up to the nominal sovereignty and space and that is justice

The effect of thinking map in collecting the information for the fourth class in history of Arabic Islamic civilization

Mohammed taheraltemeemy

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 24, Pages 127-210

The current research aims to identify the impact of mental maps strategy in the collection and retention of information among fourth-grade students in the subject of literary history of the Arab-Islamic civilization.
To investigate, the aim of the research hypotheses formulated researcher Elsafreeten:
1 There is no difference is statistically significant at the level of significance (0.05) between the average scores of the experimental group students studying material history of the Arab Islamic civilization according to mental maps strategy between the average scores of the control group students who are studying the same material on the way according to the usual (traditional) .
2 There is no difference is statistically significant at the level of significance (0.05) between the average scores retention of information for students of the experimental group who are studying material history of the Arab-Islamic civilization, according to the mental maps strategy between the average scores of the control group students who are studying the same material on the way according to the usual ( Traditional).
To investigate, the researcher chose determined experimentally a partial set, a design of a post-test of equal groups, and select Central junior researcher in Najaf to be the research sample, and reached the sample (60) students from fourth grade literature students at the rate of 30 students per group of two sets Find (experimental and control).
Researcher conducted parity shows the sample students in Kalzca variables and academic achievement for parents, and chronological age of the students measured in months.
Having identified the researcher scientific article of the first three chapters of the book material history of the Arab-Islamic civilization, the researcher taught the two sets of search himself, and coined the researcher targets behavioral three seasons was counted (74) behaviorally target three levels of Bloom's Taxonomy (knowledge, comprehension, application) The researcher plans to study prepared for the two sets of search and display models, including a group of experts and specialists in teaching methods and measurement and evaluation.
The researcher developed a research tool consists of an achievement test to measure academic achievement level of the students, and the test grades the post of (30) paragraph test of multiple choice having studied the two students Bnevsh.olthalil search results used researcher appropriate statistical methods to achieve the objectives of the research and the research found to the following result:
Outweigh the experimental group students who have studied the material history of the Arab-Islamic civilization to the control group students who have studied the same material in the usual way, and applied researcher test again on the two sets of research students (experimental and control) after (14) days of the first test to measure the retention of information and show there is a difference in that for the experimental group students.
One of the conclusions reached by the current research are:
1 possibility of teaching according to the mental maps strategy on the development of historical thinking among students of the experimental group compared to the control group students skills.
2 The use of mind maps strategy in teaching means increased interaction and harmony among students process and course material as well as the use of many of the skills and means at the same time and this leads to a desire to get high education and the demand for material and then increase academic achievement.
3 mental maps advantage in raising the educational attainment level of the experimental group students who have studied the material history of the Arab-Islamic civilization using mind maps.
In light of the search results, the researcher recommended a number of recommendations including:
1 to benefit the educational training and rehabilitation centers for teachers of mental maps in the teaching of history in middle school.
2 provide the authors of the curriculum sufficient and clear information about the importance of mental maps strategy, to take that into account in the design and planning of the curriculum.
3 by the Ministry of Education to train teachers lectureship and for the development of educational and professional competencies for the purpose of providing multiple and diverse and ongoing experiences for students in order to raise the academic level they have.

The reality of economic intelligence in Algeria and can be integrated in educational programs

Zara Alayashy; Mdahy Mohammed

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 24, Pages 211-234

The new organization aims at achieving the efficiency, effectiveness, innovation and advantage competitive, by maintaining the advantage competitive. That obliges the organization to work harder and harder to develop and renew its goals and strategies and promote its products and using the new tools and styles. Thus it aims at acquiring the new knowledge that is considered as a fundamental step for advantage competitive, and basic of innovation and creativity.
The application of Economicc Intelligence in modern organization of the most important and effective modern methods of management, which means optimize tacit knowledge and explicit knowledge in organization for promoting innovation as advantage competitive to keeping going in the business world.

structural Origin of poem between emotional and artistic intent for Al-Jwahery in ( yaDejltaAlkher) simple

Ammar A. Radi Al-Slalamy

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 24, Pages 235-256

قصيدة ظرفها الخاص ، وبواعثها المميزة . ولهذا كان من الطبيعي أن نجد عند الجواهري بواعث مختلفة ومناشيء متعددة . تخضع تارة إلى الاعتباط الانفعالي وتخضع تارة أخرى إلى القصد الفني ، وربما في حالات كثيرة يجتمع كلاهما عند الشاعر في اثناء ولادة القصيدة ، أو يستمر ذلك إلى ما بعدها بقليل .
ولعل خير طريق لنا لمعرفة ذلك هو ما نجده في مذكرات الشاعر نفسه ، من تصريح لبواعث بعض القصائد ووصف للحالة التي ألَمَّتْ به فيأثناء قول القصيدة ، وكذلك نجد نظير ذلك على لسان أصدقائه من الأدباء والنقاد . فقد وصف بعضهم ما شاهده من حالة الشاعر وهو واقع تحت تأثير تلك البواعث والانفعالات، فضلاً عما نجده مبثوثاً بين أبيات قصائده هنا وهناك من وصف الشاعر لحالته وما يعتلج في صدره عند قول الشعر .
فقد ذكر أنه عندما دعي إلى مهرجان المعرّي في سوريا سهر ليلته الأولى والثانية والثالثة ولم يخرج إلا بقصيدة دالية لا تقل عن سبعين بيتاً ، إلا أنه كلما راجعها وفحصها لم يجد فيها روح (المعري) ، فأصبحت نفسه في ذروة التوتر والهياج ، فغضب على القصيدة ومزقها قطعاً متناثرة، واقتربت الأيام وازداد القلق واستمر الوضع من التمزق والأرق إلى أن وجد المدخل وكما قال الحكيم الإغريقي (وجدتها) بيتاً واحداً فقط:
قــف بالمعــرة وامســح خدهـــا التــربـــا

واستــوح من طــوَّقَ الدنيـــا بمـــا وَهَبــــا

Event of Black September in 1970in the viewing of massage Kasenger - Nikson

Ahmed S. Abed

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 24, Pages 257-296

Telegrams and memos and mutual reporting between National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger and President Richard Nixon has dealt with detail in the events in Jordan during the month of September of 1970, which is known as the (Black September) by the Palestinian factions, however, that the label was not found in correspondence Kissinger - Nixon, where the editors of those reports keen on accuracy in the transfer of the facts of the news, even if it's on national security, US or US-Arab relations or Israeli, it is important benefited Find the thing a lot of the content of those reports, concerning the events and political and military developments in Jordan and the positions of organizations International bodies such as the cross and red, for instance, as well as the Arabs have a clear position with the development of the general situation in Jordan, as well as the manifestations of the US position and the statement of the US view of the conflict between the Jordanian government and Palestinian armed factions.
It was the first and last goal of the Palestinian armed factions that was taken from Jordanian territory starting point for its military operations against Israel, the goal is to revolt against the rule of King Hussein, and was claimed repeatedly that the throne went to the Palestinians, and it followed the style of armed action to grab its right, in contrast, King Hussein and the US administration believe that the existence of such so organizations poses a real threat to the throne of the country on the one hand and on Jordan's relations with the Western world and the United States of America and Israel private, so we see that Jordan is often asked for assistance and advice to US and Israeli secret and openly in order to put an end to the persistence of factions Palestinian, which I talked about US reports.
It was the European countries Her relationship and international organizations stand on the events of Black September and the issue of the conflict between the Palestinian factions and the Jordanian army and differed dealing with the phenomenon of abduction of civil aircraft, as it followed many of the procedures and methods in order to end the issue of release of the hostages, and was among those roads send delegations and representatives to negotiate with the leaders of the Palestinian factions, which turned away by the US administration and promised him an encroachment on the agreements that had been held between them and the international Red Cross, an organization that tried to follow the diplomatic methods in order to end the conflict in Jordan.
I tried the US to follow the style of negotiations, roads diplomacy in dealing with the Jordanian crisis, particularly with regard to the issue of release of foreign hostages who have fallen, however, the Popular Front release was the public policy of the US administration, either in secret were the military preparations in full swing, especially after it found things are not going according to its vision, therefore embarked on the study of military invasion plan as an alternative in front of the intransigence of the Palestinian factions.
The US administration positions not only in dealing with the Jordanian crisis that way, but overtaken by to provide military and financial aid and humanitarian aid, in the aftermath of the crisis, because of that suffered by the country from a severe shortage of food and lack of military equipment the US administration tried to correct path its relationship with Jordan and the ever recovered from the deteriorating situation politically and militarily, and by following the policy of armament and send more military and political advisers to Jordan.

The understood meaning in London language school


Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 24, Pages 297-332

In fact, an aim of this research that to explore meaning concept in functional theories, which introduced in London school by three big researchers: Malinowski, B, Firth .J.R, and Halliday, M.A.K. Then explore the main term in these theories (context of situation).
This research was built on preface, and three sections. In preface I tried to clear the position of London school among other modern linguistic schools in western world. then I explained its method of linguistic study, and its point of view toward meaning.
In first section, I tried to investigate the concept of Malinowski whom was called (context of situation) and then revealed what the relation between this concept and meaning.
In second section, I was put light on Firth by his theory of context to understand how he studied the meaning.
In third section, I researched about meaning by Halliday's point of view. Then I collected the results of research in conclusion.

Effort of old people to control switching language and evaluation in viewing of modern audio lesson

Kathom O. Khshan

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 24, Pages 333-353

Ancient linguistics efforts to direct the language replacement phenomena or that which is measureable and has a large scientific value but it extremes were dispersed among many sources. They have different definitions for this phenomena, the number of letters in which the replacement occurs and the reasons of its occurrences. Ancient linguistics has many views towards it. Some of them counted it as a replacement. This research rebids those efforts by a comparison curricular between what has been demonstrated by the ancient linguistics and results of modern voice studies.

Position of Al-Shea from radical Islamic current until the end of Abased age

Jwad.K. Shayb

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 24, Pages 359-390

We talked about the position of the Shiite extremist currents, one of the largest Islamic sects and has a strong and determined attitudes toward those currents, particularly people of the house (peace be upon him).
The Thashit dwell on display some vocabulary that may raise Hvidh section of the researchers, who are unfamiliar with the cash method, Vohalt matter to the sources and references that can refer to it directly to find out the contradiction in some of their resources or texts, especially ideological ones.
It was found that wading in the midst of these extremist currents back to the historical period that followed the death of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and then extended to several decades, and despite the critical importance of which is characterized by those sensitive era, where political, social and cultural roots has been formed Muslims but they have not received the desired attention by researchers and thinkers, and become a lot of intellectuals do little about known, and for some few scattered studies that took place around the eating of that era methods may colorful and varied in a manner not tells the thirst of science and truth students, not appointed to absorb and understand their effects, there is a literary trend, which dealt with that era narrowly limited, and walked to the method of thinner is not conducive to a specific or clear concepts about the outcome, and lacked a constant balance emanating from the Islamic call itself can be measured by the facts of that era, and perhaps this the trend was aimed at the literary language only away from the visions ideological, and there Silent direction closed who sees not eat that era looks absolutely and study, but it came to the warning limit of trying to examine the facts and events on the grounds that it could lead to abuse probably some dignitaries and gatherings to which they belong, and there direction Almmali flatterer who has just praise and praise, has spared no effort to turn things upside down and the amputation of the facts in order to straighten the facts of that era and the positions of the owners in a manner hard to believe or extradite him for the average reader to other styles and trends which was often fail to fulfill faithfully the purely scientific research, which ultimately leads to sensitize the reader to the nature of that era, and visibility around, and concluded her objective assessment, and determine their relationship.

Jurisprudent asaedIbn Al-Furat and his role in opening Seqlya (212/827)

Nedal G. Yousef

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 24, Pages 391-426

The purpose of studying the life of al-Faqih and Prince Asadibn al-Furat to see religious his scientific and his trips to countries that have managed through AlTafaqah doctrine Maliki and publish the Maghreb as well as to know the political career spent Most of them in the judiciary among the people and sometimes his leadership of the campaign, which asked him to increase God Aghlabi Prince Moroccan leadership open at other times during which the island of Sicily in 212 213 e where did very well until the death of her term .

The management tourism for Islamic and tradition places by using the program (ARCGIS 9.2) in applied education

Asad S. Lhmod

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 24, Pages 427-450

The study focused on the disclosure in Religious and heritage sites, and planning and management using Geographic Information System (GIS), The study combines theory and practice, as it involves dealing with a theoretical framework (GIS), and contribute to a practical application to benefit from (GIS) to the possibility of storage and retrieval and modification, processing and presenting data, and maps drawn on the multi-layered, has reached a number of findings in particular: that the management and development of and in Religious and heritage sites by using the (GIS) provides the time and effort by relying on satellite and aerial images and topographic maps with high accuracy, analysis and access to accurate results in a very short period of time when compared to the duration of time required when using conventional means

Iraqi EFL learners’ Use of the Speech Acts of Warning and Threatening in situational Dialogues

RazzaqNaifMukheef Al-Shafie; FadhilAthab Al-Jubbory

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 24, Pages 11-26

This paper is concerned with investigating the use of warning and threatening by Iraqi EFL learners. It concentrates on the pragmatic strategies and linguistic forms by which these two acts are realized. It proves that these learners are inclined to use certain strategies in preference to others. It is composed of three sections, the first of which is concerned with the distinction between these two acts. The second one deals with the pragmatic strategies and linguistic forms of these acts. The third section is concerned with the empirical study of these acts.

Les techniques rhétoriques efficaces DansPhèdre de Racine et Tartuffe de Molière

Raid Jabbar Habib; Sajjad abdualameer Kadhim

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 24, Pages 27-38

Moliere and Racine use the rhetoric techniques in a suitable way. The rhetoric style in writing these important techniques do not aim to be stylistic only, but it has an indirect persuasion effect. Those two writers try to persuade the audience through the aesthetic and artistic features of their discourses. rhetorical images and figures of speech of these two discourses have not only been artistic or decorative, rather these images and figures of speech are of privileged argumentative and persuasive nature, which is used in the argumentative discourse to persuade others, or have their consent.

The Archetypal American Quest for Identity in Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Tewfeek Muslim Haran

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 24, Pages 39-50

The present paper consists of some orienting reflections of the archetypal American quest for identity in Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. The novel tends to be a matter of its language overcoming problems despite the fact that it is considered the archetypal American tradition. It could also face up to most problematic cases because of its complicated history and controversial diction. It seeks a great deal of a new social identity of America, thus it is so important for understanding the ambiguous relationship as well as its understatements among fictional personas. It weaves and understate a complicated plot, diction and theme. The main goal of the novel is particularly interesting for constructing identity. It is not an attempt to force racial identity because of a regardless of skin colour. The fact that this novel may read is a damning indictment of racial identity of America. It is stunning, and for a long time engrossing all valuable charisma