Al-Sheikh Ali Bin Mohammed Bin Yunis Al-Bayadhi and his Literary and Scientific Effect

Ali ZuhairHashim Al-Sarraf; HasanEssa Al-Hakeem

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 26, Pages 11-32

The history of the JabalAmel that mired in mystery was witnessed the scientific- literatural revival since the eighth century A.H. / fourteenth century A.D. made it take the running track and become the Imamiyyah Scientific center and that was manifested in the efforts of the pioneer thought in it: Mohammed bin MakkiAljizzyni (d. 786 AH / 1374 AD) based on the foundational era back it's originality to the middle of the fourth century A.H. / tenth century A.D. where grew up cultural and scientific links between the JabalAmel and the science centers in Iraq until JabalAmel became illuminates it's way with science torches represented in it's Endowed scholars.
Here in this research I highlighted on the Amili unique character had was an important scientifically and literary impact on the scientific arena so he was one of notables scholars in the ninth century AH / fifteenth century the whole between science and literature and he has been known by his authored in the field of «Al-Kalaam» and his famous book in this section is: «Al-Sirat Al-Mustagheem li-Mostahaghi Al-Taghdeem», that it has been known in the issues of the Imamate, as he has the other works in this area in the folds that we know its in the pages of this research

Imam Ali speech in th five factories

Aqeel A Mubder; Eslam F. Essa

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 26, Pages 33-58

The research observes a number of Imam Ali ( P.U.h) speecheson the levels of form and content adopting the logical standarddepending on the speech type of text :- description, praise and exhortation.( Deviation= figurative) represents a clear presence in the descriptive speech as the structural relations indicate that the linguistic types go beyond truth to the unbelievable ranges, this had been traced also in the praise and exhortation speeches, where averages of the deviations thatgo beyond the ordinary style, are so high, with the presence of the other types that subject to believe.
On the level of content, the poetic feature is the dominating one where the logical standards are applied on the descriptive speech of Imam Ali ( P.U.h)in general; ( types of people) speech is an evidence. The study also concludes that the speech standard dominates the praise of Imam Ali ( P.U.h), and that poetic and oratorical rates in theexhortation are approximate.

A Geographical Analysis for the FactorsAffecting the General Characteristics of the Population and the residence in Al-Najaf city ( using SPSS Program

Abd Al- Hasan Al-Khaffaf; Abdul Sahib Naji Al-Baghdadi; Raheem Mohammed Al-Abdili

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 26, Pages 59-78

Factors affecting differ in characteristics and housing characteristics of the population of the city to another, and that according to scientific progress and living standardsAnd the degree of social development, economic and political, as well as affect the modern technological and available and the possibility of owning and using them,There is no doubt that those factors that exist in some cities, the same can apply to other cities, but the impact of each factor varies from city to another and from one locality to another within the same city.
he study addressed the factors affecting the general characteristics of the population and housing in the city of Najaf, which was used in the analysis of the global population and residential properties that have been adopted in the program after pruning elements of their large size and the difficulty of use in the analysis combined analysisThe results have led to the emergence of five major factors affecting population and residential properties in the city of Najaf, and these factors have tested other programs for the purpose of knowing whether they are or not analysis.

wasafalnnaqat fi shaearshueara' alttabqatal'uwlaaal'iislamia

Hakim Habeeb Al-Greti; Mijbil Aziz Hasan

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 26, Pages 79-100

The camel is not absent in the Arabic poem asit is a means of amusement .a means by which the poet escape from his painful present through a journey that could last for a long or short amount at time .This journey is considered as an important part in the Arabic p0em that save its traditional shape in spite of the development inherited that effect the Arab people life.
The researcher tries to stop at describing the camel in the journey part of verse of the Islamic first class poets which they do not deny . The camel is present in their verses . poets describe the camel in ways that sometime they share the same description and sometimes not.
Jareir is interested in the moral description of his camel over its sensual description. He stops a lot on origin. On the contrary , Farazdaq focuses on (physical sensation) . He describes it only for its physical appearance . He is so close to his camel that he speaks to it as if it comprehends what he said. While Al-Akhatal sided with in heritage. He benefits from the camel (its potrate ,words and phrases) that has been used by other poets before him. Al-Raee Al- Numayre has described his camel too much even in away that include minor scenes that surround it (the camel) describing the desert ,wind , rain and other elements of the environment.

The Commercial Stations and Roads Prior to Isalm

Khalid Mousa Al-Husseinin; IlhamHamadEssa Al-Qabji

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 26, Pages 101-122

Stations and Trade Routes
Trade is one of the most outstanding feature for the tribes of Arab peninnsula .Since the island site had the greatest impact on its population that occupied an excellent place in the world of commerce and was its importance that they had kings and leaders were sometimes leaders .
It was necessary for the Arabs to direct their attention to the trade routes which represented the main artery to the centers of marketing merchandise ,which led a prominent role in the lives of people of the peninsula and an important factor in formation cities and kingdoms , and many of the stations convoys until the fall of the states and the emergence of some of the other was based on the booming trade in the fledgling state and its degradation in the fleeting state as a result of trade routes turning by .

The Elements Causing Trffic Jams in Al-Najaf City and the Short-term Suggested Solutions

AdndnHameedJasim; WahhabFahad Al-Ysiri

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 26, Pages 123-138

تُعد الإختناقات المروريةنوع من أنواع المشكلات المرورية المتمثلة بـ (المخالفات المرورية , والحوادث ) من أهم المشكلات التي تشغل فكر العديد من المهتمين بموضوع النقل وخصوصاً النقل الحضري (داخل المدن), فهي مشكلة تعاني منها أغلب دول العالم وخصوصاً دول العالم النامي وهي ضريبة التطور الحضاري والتكنولوجي الذي تدفعه الشعوب , كما إنها تُعد أثر من آثار حركات العمل اليومية التي يقوم بها سكان المدن , فذهابهم الى أماكن العمل والى أماكن التعليم كالمدارس والمعاهد والكليات وحتى رياض الأطفال وكذلك الى التسوق والعديد من الأغراض الأخرى ، كلّها حركات تؤثر في زيادة أو نقصان نسبة الإختناقات المرورية في شوارع المدينة تبعاً لكثافة حركة السير والمرور فيها وكذلك طبيعة الطرق وتجهيزاتها .

The Woman in the Plato and Aristotle's Philosophy (a Critic comparative study)

JameelHilayilNeamah Al-Mealla

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 26, Pages 139-160

بات موضوع المرأة من المواضيع المهمة التي تناولت من قبل العديد من الدراسات الإنسانية والعلميةكونها ذات نواحي عديدة منها:الاجتماعيةوالإنسانية والسياسية والدينية وغيرها,كان للدراسات الفلسفية مشاركة في تناول هذا الموضوع,اذ تم تناول موضوع المرأة من قبل العديد من الفلاسفة على مر العصور,اذ تناول افلاطون وارسطو وهما من اكابر الفلاسفة في التاريخ,تناولا موضوع المرأة حيث اخذ عند كل منهما منحى مختلف,فهي عند افلاطون انسان مستقل لايقل عن الرجل, اما ارسطو فالمرأة لديهِ كائن طبيعي محكوم من قبل الرجل كونه كامل العقل اما المرأة فهي ذات عقل غير مكتمل,في هذا البحث تم تناول موضوع المرأة كدراسة مقارنة عند كل من افلاطون وارسطو.
في هذا البحث تم دراسة المرأة داخل مجتمع ما قبل افلاطون كبداية لهذا البحث,اذ كان المجتمع اليوناني مجتمع آلهة واساطير حيث تم عرض معاناة المرأة في الاساطير الالهية حيث لم تكن إمرأة الاساطير اوفر حظاً من مثيلتها في الواقع ,فلم تحصل على حقوقها وحريتها الكاملة كأنسانة مستقلة امام الرجل الذي أُعطيَّ كامل الحقوق وكان هو السيد الحاكم بيدة كل شي وقد تمثل ذلك بالاله زيوس والذي عانت زوجته هيرا اشد المعاناة مثلها مثل المرأة في الواقع من دون اي اختلاف,بعد ذلك ننتقل الى العصر الذي شهد ظهور افلاطون وانطلاقاً من الوضع المتدني للمرأة في الواقع, راح افلاطون مسنناً القوانين التي اخذت تنادي بضرورة تحرير المرأة من قيود المجتمع وجعلها تشارك في امور السياسة والحكم والحراسة,وقد قوبل بالرفض من قبل المجتمع والفلاسفة الذين جاءوا بعده امثال ارسطو,اذ كان ارسطو يمثل واقع اليونان بآرائه,اذ اكد على ضرورة بقاء المرأة على حالها اي دون اية مشاركة في الحياة سوى في المنزل والنسل وتربية الاطفال لا شأن لها غير ذلك,بل انه قد استبد بآرائه حتى وصل الناحية البيولوجية وجعل الفضل والارادة في تكوين الجنين للرجل فقط لاغير,حيث ارجع خلق الذكور وتكوينهم داخل المرأة للرجل,اما المرأة فجعلها مجرد مستودع ينام فيهِ الجنين,فالمرأة قد سويت بالعبيد كون الطبيعة قد حكمت بتواجدها لخدمة الرجل.

The Andalusia Nature and its Effect on the Poetism of literary letters (the Era of doctrines as an example)

Ali Mohammed Hussein Al-Khalidi; Haider Abdul Hussein Meer Zuen

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 26, Pages 161-174

في نهاية هذا البحث الذي تنقل بين أرجاء الطبيعة الأندلسية الخلابة تارةً ، وشعرية الرسائل تارةً أخرى ، فقد توصّل الباحثان الى النتائج الآتية :
1- اعتمد الكتاب الأندلسيون في شعرية رسائلهم على الطبيعة الأندلسية ، التي رفدتهم بمختلف مزايا الابداع الفني 0
2- شكلت الطبيعة الأندلسية الصامتة الجزء الأول من هذا الإبداع ، وتمثلت في النبات بصورة عامة ، والأزهار ، والرياحين بصفة أخص من ذلك 0
3- شكلت الطبيعة الأندلسية الصائتة الجزء الثاني من المصادر ، وتتمثل في الحيوانات على اختلاف أنواعها (الأليفة ، والوحشية ) 0
4- اختصّ الكتاب الأندلسيون بتصنيف تلك الأزهار ، والورود ، فمنها الصيفي ، ومنها الشتوي ، فضلاً عن الربيعي ، والخريفي ، ويبدو ذلك في رسالة ابن برد0
5- أدخلَ الكتاب الأندلسيون الأشعار في رسائلهم الكتابية ، فزاوجوا بينَ الشعرِ ، والنثرِ، وقد استعملوا أسماء هذهِ النباتات ، والحيوانات في هذهِ الرسائل ، وهذا ما لاحظهُ الباحثان لدى ابن برد ، وابن عبد البر ، وابن الحناط 0
6- استعمل الكتاب الأندلسيون هذهِ الأزهار كرموز طبيعية لكي تدل على زعماء الدول التي احتضنتهم ، ويعد هذا الصنف الأقرب الى غرض المديح ، ويبدو ذلك في رسالتي ابن برد الأصغر ، وأبي الوليد الحميري 0
7- انقسم أسلوب الرسائل في هذا العصر على قسمين أحدهما مباشر ، والآخر غير مباشر
8- ينماز بعض كتاب الرسائل باستعمال الأسلوب المباشر في رسائلهم النثرية ، ويتمثل ذلك في رسالة أبي الوليد الحميري ، بينما نرى أن ابن برد قد استعمل أسلوباً غير مباشر0ٍ
9- أخذ بعض الكتاب شعرية رسائلهم من لوحات الشعر في العصر الجاهلي ، والمتمثل في الصراع الناشئ بين حمار الوحش ، وكلاب الصيد ، بالرغم من الاختلاف الكبير بين البيئتين ، والمسافة الزمنية البعيدة بينهما إلا أنّ أثر ذلك الشعر تمظهر في رسائل عصر الطوائف ، وقد اتضحَ ذلك للباحثينِ في رسالة الكاتب ابن الحناط التي وصف فيها الصيد بالجوارح 0

The University students' Tendency Towards the Mind Terrorism and its Relation to some Variables

Neamah Abdul Samad Al-Asadi; Abbas Noah Sulaiman Al-Mousawi

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 26, Pages 175-206

University students are regarded as an important class of society where they form the majority of its fabric. The significance of the future roles in leadership and the diversity of the attitudes and approaches are regarded as important determinants of the students’ behaviour. Thus the present study aims to design a scale for the university students’ attitude towards intellectual terrorism, identify the level of their attitudes and the connection of such attitude with gender and academic filed. The two researchers have formulated four hypotheses to be tested statistically.
The study sample represents students from the University of Kufa for the academic year 2014-2015., Faculty of Mathematics & Computer Science and the Faculty of Education. Total number of the participants is 247 for both the Scientific and Humanity majors.
A scale which consists of 33 items is designed to measure the attitude towards intellectual terrorism. Three fields are included: verbal, political and cultural terrorism. The psychometric characteristics reveal 0.75 stability. The study concludes the following:
1- There are statistic differences which indicate negative attitude towards intellectual terrorism.
2- There are no statistic differences between male and female students towards intellectual terrorism.
3- There are no statistic differences between students from the scientific and humanity majors towards intellectual terrorism.
The researchers recommend and suggest the following:
1- Holding workshops and seminars that mainly address the risk of intellectual terrorism and pay the university students’ attention to the prevention means.
2- Including intellectual terrorism in the human rights syllabus that is taught to the first year student at the Iraqi universities and institutes.
3- Conducting a pilot study to examine the impact of a guidance program that is intended to modify the students’ attitude towards intellectual terrorism.
4- Conducting a study that reveals the correlative relationship between the students’ attitude towards intellectual terrorism and its relationship with different variables that the present study has not researched.

Saiful Din Al-Amadi (d.631 A.H) and the Crisis of Philosophy and Logic in the Ayubian era

MishtaqKadhimAguul Al-Mayyah

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 26, Pages 207-250

Saif Eddine Abu Alhsan Ali ben Ali ben Mohammad ben Salim Al-Taghlubi Al-Ameady Al-Damascene Al-Shafei, is one of the most distinguished Muslim scholars, who was categorized by his various scholar interests. In addition to bring a distinguished scholar and a fundamentalist, he was known for his interest in philosophy and logic.
Baghdad was a turning point in his life; his teachers had a clear influence in changing a lotof his scholar beliefs, this was clear when he abandoned his sect Alhanbaly to Alshafi'i. In Baghdad, his interests were crystallized to study philosophy and logic by one of the best non-muslim scholars in the city. This lead the traditional scholars to accuse him with putridity, which forced him to leave Baghdad and return to Belad Alsham to start his first struggle.
He has various works despite the fact that logic was the general characteristic of his works, whetherit was merely logical or mix of logical thoughts. His works had three main directions of thoughts; philosophical, fundamental and theology.
The struggle of the hard life he had and the rumors that targeted his scholar position were only a reflection for the political conditions Egypt and Alsham faced. Those conditions affected the scholar and the cultural movements in those conditions affected the scholar and the cultural movements in those areas, where Al-Shafei and Al- ashari sects were dominating. It also emphasized the importance of theology, logic, Hadeeth, Quran interpretation and science of quranic studied, while abandoning the study of philosophy and theology

The Required Planning Indicators of the Preservation and Development of the

AbdulJawadHasan Aziz

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 26, Pages 251-266

Mostof historical city center (H.C.C) are changed and expanded gradually ,through years .They are grow ,so people rebuilding them as parts not as acomperhansive view. H.C.C changed because of modern civil changes , the growth people and transportation changes made aprussure, so as rehabilitation projects and urban conserve did .
All that led to slumbs area in the urban fabric of H.C.C. As ahole most of H.C.C. have been destroied ,som of them lost their traditional function as acultural or comertial or religous or historical center.
The most important matter is the decision of which is the historical areas to conserve at first and its boundiries , activities and the suitibale changing in it. As we know replanning of H.C.C. is one of complicated problems because of alarge number of historical buildings which need to study and analysis to find asutible solves to we need acomperhensive planning indicators to conserve and rehabilitaition H.C.C.

The Attitude of the Iranian Journalism towards the Internal Developments in Iran 1918-1925 A.D in the light of the Persian Documents

Alaul Din Mohammed Taqi Al-Hakeem; Ahmed ShakirAbd Al-Allaq

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 26, Pages 267-302

Enjoyed the press and those who made it in Iran a kind of relative freedom during the first phase of old and evolved that movement during the years of the Constitutional Movement, and increased confidence and maturity during the years of the First World War, where the split itself between supporters and opponents of the foreign presence in Iran
After the end of World War I, Bdouat a new phase of life of the Iranian press was based on the basis of mantras homeland and patriotism, and publish articles and studies concerned with the political and economic reality and try to pull the country from the miserable reality that was experienced, Vtosst many of the press office and made applications to become prime minister in order to allow open press centers, have varied orientations for those Asahv scientific ones, including the apolitical and other Tdbeh and so on
However, after the 1921 coup, the Iranian press has entered a dark tunnel, which is authoritarian Reza Khan Aldva Minister and the Prime Minister then, and trying to adapt the press to serve the purposes and objectives of the central and extremist policy
And because of that he followed Reza Khan power politics with opponents of the owners of national newspapers, and tried many of the bills within the dome to Aberlman, which was the goal of which is to subdue the press and policy orientations extremist pass

Al-Shea and there teams in Islamic resource


Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 26, Pages 303-334

The Shi'aa was one of the main lsLamic denominations which attracted considerations and it elicited writing about it , but what was mentioned about this denomination and its beliefs was mixed with false accusations I studied in this research ten Islamic books which dealed with denominations and doctrines , and I followed what was written about the Shi'aa and its denominations and beliefs .I explained the method of these books which presented important details about this denomination .The research divided in to an introduction and ten subjects and a conclusion .

The Climatic Elements and its Relation to the Design of the Residence in Al-Samawa city

Rafid Abdul NabiIbraheem

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 26, Pages 335-362

The research aims to examine the relationship between climatic elements and design of housing in the city of Samawah, the researcher used the descriptive and analytical approach in this study, the researcher used a questionnaire where you choose random samples consisting of 185 units
of all the city's neighborhoods, amounting to (39) alive, either border temporal Vtmthelt duration of the (1981 - 2012) of the researcher to several results of the most prominent 1 - receive the study of large quantities area of solar radiation reflected on the degree of homes heat, moreover, more (51.35%) has windows (5-10) Nuama reflected on the warm homes degree, as the researcher that (31.89%) of the total homes in the city, taking advantage of all the houses entirely construction area, which was reflected by the high Drjah heat in homes. As that (35.67%) of the homes where there is no home gardens , affecting heat homes.

Turkish Water Policy and its Impact on Iraq Food Security

Salam Salim Abed

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 26, Pages 363-404

Water problem was and still one of the problems, which becomes the focus of the heating discussion. All indicators ensure that water will be, in the next years, a reason of conflict among countries, and what increases these fears are the major changes in the international situation and introducing ideas and attitudes as New International Order, Greater Middle East, Globalization and Pre-emptive war against terrorism. In respect to these international changes, we find that many countries re-schedule their water policy to ensure their water rations of the available water. They work on setting up water policy conforms with their future attitudes of agricultural, industrial and social development even if this policy crosses with the interests of other countries that have common water resources as Iraq and Turkey. Iraq is the estuary country for both Tigris and Euphrates, which affected negatively by the measures of the countries located above Tigris and Euphrates streams, specifically, Turkey, the riverhead. These measures include the dams that Turkey built and planned to build with their related agricultural, irrigation and industrial projects, in addition to resettle people of east Anatolia according to the increase of the cultivated land.

Hdithih analytical study of «modern innovation in religion»

Ali Alasadi

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 26, Pages 405-430

موضوع هذا البحث هو حديث التجديد في الدين المنسوب إلى النبيّ . وهو واحد من الأحاديث التي ينبغي تمحيصها والتثبّت في تقويمها من أجل الوقوف على حقيقتها. ولمناسبة هذا الحديث، يتضمّن البحث سطوراً عن المقصود من التجديد في الدين وتبيانه. يلي ذلك ذكر للأشكال التي ورد فيها الحديث متناً وسنداً، ثمّ استعراضها و مناقشتها.
والجديد في البحث هو وضع هذا الحديث في المسبار من أجل تحليله إذ لم يُسبَر من قبل كما ينبغي. والهدف منه وضع لبنة جديدة في بناء عالم الحديث لتساهم في ترسيخه ورصّ كيانه وتهذيبه و حفظ قداسته. وكذلك التنبيه على مزيد من التروّي في أخذ الحديث و قراءته و دراسته.
المفردات الدليلية: الدين - الحديث ـ التجديد

The Effect of the Iraqi Religious Minorities in the Discussions of the Iraqi Parliament 1925-1933 A.D

Ahmed Ibraheem Mohammed Mustafa Aal Mustafa

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 26, Pages 431-456

The arrival of deputies minorities in the reign of King Faisal I to the dome of the Parliament adopted on the extent of their closeness to the royal court and because the constitution select them eight seats in each election cycle has become a presence for granted, and RPR these cultural their previous levels high and their decline from families of long-standing career in business and perhaps above reflected on cohesion within the parliament and unite theses by a large margin, and during the period 1925-1933m maturity of the deputies of minority legal regulations several based on their entries actors in the standing committees in the House of Representatives, which reflected positively on the development of the reality of the country because the previous regulations have become laws got up the country, and because of the link Congress minorities during the search for the person of the King Faisal stayed away from partisanship fully and opposition in the House of Representatives by a large margin.


Abbas H. J. Sultan

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 26, Pages 9-22

The present paper aims to propose a classificatory and descriptive account of epistemic modal expressions in Shabaki to recognize their syntactic categories and semantic interpretations. The corpus is based on the data excerpted from everyday communication. Results suggest that Shabaki makes a rich use of expressions to express epistemic modality. Modality in Shabaki is expressed differently from other languages. Shabaki language displays an interesting interaction between epistemic modal expressions and negation.

Diaspora in V. S. Naipaul’s The Enigma of Arrival

Sahar Abdul-AmeerHaraj; Mujtaba Muhammad-Ali Al-Helu

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 26, Pages 23-36

One of the most successful writers, who rose to grasp the reins of the concept of diaspora, is V. S. Naipaul, giving it a new and different shape. He is known for his great ability in investigating various types of diasporas successfully.
This research aims at studying diaspora in general, its findings, causes, victims, and outcomes. Then, it moves to analyze diaspora in Naipaul' real life. It, finally, analyzes diaspora in Naipaul's The Enigma of Arrival.
First, the research strives to make a general perusal of the concept of diaspora. It gives a definition of the concept and its etymology. Next, it investigates the most important features of diaspora in the light of various scholars' theories and viewpoints. Then, it moves to cover different types of diaspora, respectively the Jewish, victim, labor and imperial, inventing, trade, and cultural diasporas.
Then, the most significant Naipaulian fingerprints in molding diaspora are investigated. It also reveals the reason behind choosing Naipaul as the case of study. It, moreover, analyzes the traumas of identity loss Naipaul has undergone, due to his successive diasporas. It, additionally, studies Naipaul's struggle in dealing with oblivion and his seeking resort in diaspora for the sake of innovation.
In the light of diaspora, this study moves to analyze one of the most significant works of Naipaul, The Enigma of Arrival.
Finally, the research adopts the task of summing up the study and the main findings, and giving recommendations and suggestions for further study.

La théorie interprétative et sa démarche compréhensive dans le processus de la traduction : le texte coranique comme modèle

Hayder Abdel-Hossain. S. El-Tammimy

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 26, Pages 37-50

La compréhension se considère comme une phase principale et essentielle pour la théorie interprétative dans le processus de la traduction. Cette théorie compte sur le contenu contextuel à interpréter ou à traduire car il y a des relations abstraites entre les signes linguistiques qui gouvernent le processus de la traduction, mais cela ne signifie pas qu’elle néglige le contenu conceptuel pour saisir le sens. La problématique est que ; est-ce que la compréhension, comme une démarche essentielle, est suffisante pour comprendre le message source selon les critères de la théorie du sens ? Le traducteur devra-t-il avoir des compléments nécessaires pour terminer une opération de traduction sans fausseté ? Ainsi nous essayerons de prouver s’il y a une étape pré-interprétative ou pré-compréhensive dans le processus de la compréhension pour saisir un sens. Nous comparerons, en tant qu’un exemple, entre deux textes coraniques traduits en français afin de conclure comment on avait pu comprendre ou saisir le sens par l’analyse de cette compréhension dans le cadre de la démarche compréhensive de la théorie interprétative. Ce modèle exige une analyse aux deux niveaux celle l’analyse lexico-structurale (textuelle) et l’extralinguistique (contextuelle) par rapport à la nature du texte coranique.