Industrial structure analysis in the provinces of Najaf and Babil 2000- 2012

FirasNazimAhmed; Abdul Zahra Ali al-Janabi

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 28, Pages 11-40

We can analyze the features of natural stricture by using a group of ways which are descriptive analysis and quantities analysis. In quantities analysis, there are several statistic treatment which lead to this process. I chose Gibbs _ Martins coefficient to analyze natural structures and change them in two provinces An Najaf AL- Ashraf and Babil from the period 2000 – 2012. The result of analysis showed that they fell out to the variety and charging them headed for more varieties too. In the natural localization analysis, I stated three main aims which are economical effectiveness, social justice and economical activity. I combined these aims in general aim. This analysis shows that there are highly prospects for success in localizing engineering, construction and wood industries in Najaf. In Babil, There are engineering, food and construction industries. We can enlarge in these industries in the future.

The reality of health indicators and their impact on human development in Qadisiya province in 2011 (the spatial analysis of the human development indicators in Qadisiyah province(

Abdul Ali Hassan; HassonA.Daboon

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 28, Pages 41-62

Health is basic and necessary needs for man because it is important indicators can be used to measure the human development . Health is safeguard a contenous and elongated life .Therefore this research is contain introduction and two parts .Introduction included research problem , hypotheses and goals . First part was discuss health foundations and its place distribution and through this distribution we noticed a big deficiency in hospitals number and health centers and imbalance in the health foundations distribution according to population volumes. Parttwo was discused the number of medical crews and it efficiency and it effect in human developement . Results was showenadeficiency in medical and managment crews and also its not distributed normaly according population volumes and health needs. As aresults for previous reasons , the level of human development in governorate was decreased to reach ( 0.675 )and this level is middle. Current research was ended by conclusions , suggestions and references

Spatial analysis of the viral hepatitis disease pattern (A) in Iraq for the period (2008-2013)

Mahmoud Badr Ali Samee; AmalSalehAboud al-Kaabi; Aqeel Hassan Yasser

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 28, Pages 63-126

Throughout this research it becomes clear that epidemic type of Viral Hepatitis (A) in Iraq during the study period did not appear routinely. Via studying the time directions, monthly and yearly, we found it followed different directions, up and down, within the year months. The highest seasonally rate of affection and mortality had been recorded in Summer. The affected demographic directions show that the disease affect the two genders, male and female, and all ages with different degrees.
Studying the spatial distribution of affections and death in Iraq shows a spatial significance for its distribution rates in the governorates; the highest distribution rate focuses in the middle of Iraq( Kerbellaa governorate), while the highest death degree had been recorded in more than one governorates (Ninawa, Kirkouk, Deyala, Baghdad, Kerbellaa and Al- Basrah).
The research also found a relation between the geographical environment elements and the pathological elements that governed the disease time directions and spatial distribution in the study area.

Syntax descriptor of the HolyQuran in the Quranic text in the light of the evidence of verbal and moral

HaidarJabarIdan; HashemJabbar

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 28, Pages 127-158

Koran was and still net designate which draws from studies linguistic and grammatical studies and others, have chosen in this study verses of it linked a single subject, a description the Koran; to be studied grammatical study tag in the light of the evidence of the moral, and this came Find according to what is of those clues that came out of those verses that describe the Koran and we called (b syntax descriptor Holy Quran in Quranic text in the light of the evidence of verbal and moral), included preparation and Investigation was the first part, titled (customization relationship belongings sentence), was between customization relationship Bamufail and the case and discrimination, The second section, entitled (the corresponding relationship between the elements of the sentence) we dealt with the conformity of all kinds between the act and the perpetrator and the Debutante and the news, and came third section entitled (linking parts wholesale relationship) we had when this moral relationship through display means patterns that achieve connectivity KrabtBaldmair or link letters and others.

The foundations of the Constitution in the political philosophy of Aristotle

JamilHalilNaamaAlmala; LeylaYunusSaleh

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 28, Pages 159-192

For the utopia and its bases, Aristotle defines the conditions that should it has such as the site or location, it should be near a sea, population should be neither large nor small, because the state of large population would suffer from more disturbance and the state with small population would be subjected to the other states with large population, it should enjoy self sufficient. To show the importance of state as a theory we can mention the following:-
1- The conditions of utopia are so importance as a theory in politics in the modern age, which affect the contemporary constitutional law.
2- Justice could not be obtained save by the individual satisfaction; the moderate medium is the golden medium, which Aristotle had talked about, to obtain happiness.
3- The state should have a principle to secure freedom, democracy and rights practicing as they are the bases of any constitution.
4- Aristotle, as well as Plato, had paid a great interest in education and teaching in the Utopia system.
5- The both philosophers insisted on progeny or descendents as the base of establishing advanced state with individuals of a healthy intellects and physiology.
6- They focused on the educational system for children; the education subjects should be general, music and physical education are the first of these subjects. The state should be the only responsible for education as it helps in maintain the constitution.

Totals literature Almottaganin (Literature Bahlul model)

JafarAmuri; Abdul RidaAtashi

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 28, Pages 193-213

The purpose of maniacs literature is not that we investigate the literature of People suffering from bipolar disorder. Such literature was common on a period of political repression and Oppression and tyranny of Bani Abbas ageagainsttheAlevi and Shiite. This kind of literature is a subset of mystical and resistance literature. This article will review this kind of literature and bohlolliterature , and it will pay attention to the importance of such kind of study on Recognition of such literary styles , which have never been noticed before. Maniacsliterature are known to their wisdom and great literature. This group of people wore madness clothing to stay immune from the horrors and fears of rulers and bring their protest to them. Such literature , on its style aspect , is about staying away from obsession of this world,And seeking refuge in God and love for the Hereafter , and Thematically contains toriat , Allusions and widening , and derivation's. this kind of investigation has aimed for the literature of this group and investigates Bohlolliterature , and on Stagnation and repression period , such kind of literature played an
important role onModificationanduprising and resistance.
Key words: Bohlul، resistance ، objection ، derivation ، hereafter

Remember repetition and Mthirath style in Alsjadih newspaper


Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 28, Pages 215-232

إنّ التكرار من الصنايعالأدبية فيكلامالعربوهوأسلوبمنأسالِبالبلاغةيستعملونهفيخطاباتهم، لأنّه يزيد الكلام بلاغة إذا كان في محلّه وقد جاء وفقا لمقتضيالحال. ظاهرة التكرار تُعدّ من الظواهر البارزة فيالنص،ولاشكّأنهاترتبطبعلاقةٍمامعصاحبالنصفهومنخلالالتكراريحاول تأكيد فكرةٍ ما تسيطر عليخياله وشعوره. ويعد وسيلة من وسائل تشكيل الموسيقيالداخلية. التكرار لا يقوم فقط على مجرد تكرار اللفظة في السياق، وإنما ما تتركه هذه اللفظة من أثر انفعالي في نفْس المتلقّي، وبذلك فإنه يعكس جانباً من الموقف النفسي والانفعالي، ومثل هذا الجانب لا يمكن فهمه إلّا من خلال دراسة التكرار داخل النص الذي ورد فيه، فكل تكرار يحمل في ثناياه دلالات نفسية وانفعالية مختلفة تفرضها طبيعة السياق. وأدعية الصحيفة السجادية للإمام زين العابدين (ره) فضلا عن المعاني السامية فإنّها تضمّ بين دفتيها آليات وأساليب فنية تدلّ عليمديجمالياتالنصوروعته، وتساعد عملية إيصال الفكرة للمتقلي؛ والتكرار من هذه الظواهر الحاضرة بشدّة في الصحيفة وقد يوحي بدلالات ومعان عميقة حسب السياق؛ الصحيفة السجادية مشتملة على معان سامية لاتستوعبها الكلمات المحدودة فاقتضى التكرار فى الفاظها كـأسلوب أدبيلإبلاغالمعاني.
وفي هذا المقال وفقا للمنهج الوصفي – التحليلي، قمنا بدراسة ظاهرة التكرار في الصحيفة السجادية والتي تشكلت هذه الظاهرة في النص بأشكال متنوعة فهي تبدأ من الحرف وتمتدّ إلى الكلمة والعبارة، وكلّ شكل يعمل على إبراز جانب تأثيري خاص. وقد توصّلنا إليأنّ التكرار في الصحيفة السجادية مثيراً للانتباه، وداعياً للإهتمام بالشيء المكرّر، ومن ثمّ فقد حقّق تفاعلاً عاطفياً وشعورياً وإيقاعياً مع المتلقي بكافة أشكاله. وأياً كانت صور هذا التكرار فإنه سلّط الضوء على بعض الجوانب اللاشعورية في نفْس الإمام، والتي تلحّ عليه كأنه لا يودّ مجاوزة العبارة المكررة إلى غيرها.

Political activity for students of Najaf 1932- 1958 read in the perspective of government documents through the Iraqi Interior Ministry archive

Dr Abdul SattarS. al-Janabi

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 28, Pages 233-294

It is the subject of the student movement and political mobility in Najaf, as a segment conscious and mission of the National Movement slices, an important page is a deliberate political history, whether it's at the level of local histories, or at the level of Iraq's historical and political studies. We discussed this and comes from the (political activity for students of Najaf 1932-1958) to fill some of the shortfall in its theme. The research includes a presentation of the details of the events in the city of Najaf of strikes and protests and clashes with security forces and the role of students in which, as well as the positions and activity of political parties and movements, local dignitaries, as described by the official reports, which helped to read the government perspective of the event. Search is a documentary study relied on dozens of documents pertaining to the subject in the folds of thirteen Public secret from the Iraqi Interior Ministry files, these files and left untouched documents constitute official correspondence, which monitored the professional and political work for the students of Najaf diary, as well as the nature of the government orientations group as contained in the assets of the police and security reports.

The model proposed standards for the quality of science textbooks from the standpoint of teachers of these materials

Abdul Razzaq S. al-Janabi; Nabaa Abdul RauufSmesim

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 28, Pages 295-332

The aim of the present Research is to construct a proposed model on the basis of the evaluation of the school science textbooks (chemistry , physics and biology ) from the viewpoint of the teachers of these subjects because the Iraqi standards are not available in the present time .
The researcher built a questionnaire based on evaluation of the school science textbooks . the questionnaire consisted of four key areas and four sub – areas regarding the content . the questionnaire examined by experts in education and psychology to ensure its psychometric characteristics . On this basis , the final form of the questionnaire consists of (71) items distributed as follows :
Goals (14) items , Introduction (7) items , content (4) sub – areas consisting of (40) items , the output of the book (10) items. After applying the questionnaire to a random sample of (160) teacher taking from the center of Najaf province and correcting the answer , we used statistical procedures to analyze the date , using the outcome of the percentage and pearson correlation coefficient . The results showed the following :
1- the book output ( 88.798 ) came at first place .
2- content of the book ( 86 . 336) came at second place .
3-introduction to the book ( 85 . 514 ) came at third place .
4-Goals of the book ( 85.510 ) came at fourth place .
On the basis of these result , the questionnaire is acceptable and therefore it is considered as criteria for the quality of science textbooks

Manifestations in the Dewan of the city (to the wind, said the tree)  Poet MuniraSeda anklet


Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 28, Pages 333-346

نروم من خلال هذه الدراسة الكشف عن تمثلات فضاء المدينة في ديوان الشاعرة الجزائرية منيرة سعدة خلخال الموسوم بـ( للريح قالت الشجرة ) ، محاولين من وراء ذلك الجواب عن سؤال طالما راودنا ونحن نقرأ للشاعرة أيهما تحققت فيه الشعرية أكثر النص كنسق أم التجربة كممارسة.
"لم تعد هذه المدينة
أفقاً أو مداراً
ينبغي أن نؤسس حتى نراها
ونرى أننا نراها
نظراً لايزال جنيناً
لغة لا تزال دفينة "
بهذا المفتتحالأدنيسي الحامل لرؤية صاحبه للمدينة رأينا أن نستهل قراءتنا العجلى هذه مستحضرين إيماننا الجازم بمقولة روسيل التي يقول فيها " كثيرا ما تكون القراءة ُ معَادَلةً للضياع ". وإناّ لنتساءل أي صنف من الضياع هذا ؟ أهو ضياع من أجل الضياع ؟ أم ضياع من أجل أن نخرج النص " من سكونيته إلى حركية أكثر جاذبية " ؟
وتأكيدا منّا على أنّ المراد إنما هو الصيغة الثانية للضياع نقرّ بما كان قد قاله عبد القادر فيدوح وهو أنّ الأمل المنشود لكل نص هو الرغبة في زعزعة كيان الذات ، ومداعبة ذائقة المتلقي بولادة جديدة تكون سببا في موت المؤلف وبداية الكتابة .
وعليه فإذا كان هذا النص شعرا كان الضياع أجمل وكانت المعادلة أصعب ؛ذلك لأنّ الشعر "حمال ذو وجوه وثيابه التنكرية لا تحصى، ودراسته تحتاج إلى صبر وأناة مع تعاطف حميم لا يتنافى مع الحدة النقدية " ، ولعل هذا ما يجعلنا نجزم بأن الشعر هو " جوهر الرؤيا الكشفية التي تبحث في علاقتنا بالكون وتقرب صلتنا فيما تتخذه المعرفة البدئية بالمعرفة الوجودية الأمر الذي يدفعنا إلى تفجير السؤال الناتج عن القلق المفعم بالصدى ، المنظَر للصمت في طريقه الصاعد إلى السكون " ، حاملا بين حروف نصوصه فكرة مُفادها "أنّ الحركة الإبداعية الفاعلة هي التي تسوّغ للقارئ استجابة من نوع متميّز ، لما في هذا النص أو ذاك من ثغرات وثقوب مائزة فيه ، فتحدث حميمية وجدانية بين المتلقي وعالم النص الذي يفسح المجال رحبا للاحتمال والاستكمال" ، محولا القراءة إلى حافزٍ لإثارة الصمت الأربد ، الملبد ، وهو ما "يسمح ببناء الشبكة التي منها يتمّ تحديد الحقل المفرداتي للنص "
فنحن "عندما نقرأ عملا فنيا جيدا فإنّه يفجّر في أحاسيسنا قنوات وجدانية لها روافد ذات عطاء ثري ينتج من توالي البناء الرمزي في القصيدة وكلما انطلقنا في قراءتنا تكونت أحاسيس مختلفة تتجمع أمامنا ونحاول أن نستمتع باستكشاف تلك المدائن الخبيئة والتي نقصد بها عالم القصيدة ، والتي تمثّل تجسيداً لتجربة تحبو أولا وكلما استمررنا في قراءتها رأينا ريشها ينبت ثمّ تحلِّق في خيالنا ، ويحلّق فيها خيالنا مع دفق من البث الشعري في الفكر والوجدان شريطة ألا نحس بتوهجها يخمد أو بأجنحتها تقص" ، وكل هذا يجعلنا نجزم بأنّ " الشعر ليس معناه الدخول في مسارب غامضة أو متاهات ينزلق فيها التخيل " إنما هو "محاولة للتخلص من الانفعال ، وذلك بواسطة الخلق التصويري الذي يكون معادلا لانفعال الشاعر ، هذا الانفعال الذي يحثّ الخيال على إعادة تحليل وتركيب البناء اللغوي وذلك ببث حيوية مخصبة في أعراق تلك العلاقات التي يزيل الشاعر عنها رتابتها " متجاوزا الحد الفاصل بين الوعي واللاوعي ، تاركا المجال لمخيلته التي " تقوم بعملية استكشاف لما يتموج من عوالم مترسبة حتى تعثر في أثناء تطوافها على أفكار متناثرة إلا أنها تقوم بضمها واحتضان أجزائها لتتكون هذه الأجزاء مع طول المعاناة العاطفية والجهد الفني إلى صورة " ، تكون حاملة لكلّ الانفعالات ، وتعبِّر بشكل ما عن وعي الشاعر وإدراكه الفني لكلّ ما من شأنه أن يغذي أوردة نصّه جماليا وبخاصة اللغة حيث يقوم بـ"استثمار ما تمتاز به اللغة من جماليات وطاقات خاصة على التوصيل ، وتجسيد الذروة التي يريد بلوغها كل عمل ، وتشكيل عدد من العلائق الداخلية بين مفردات اللغة وتراكيبها مما يؤدي في آخر المطاف إلى إنتاج نصوص ذات ماهيات مختلفة " .
ولما كانت وظيفة الشعر واحدة وهي الدفاع عن إنسانية الإنسان في العالم كما يقول ماياكوفسكي ،فإنّ "إنسانية الإنسان ليست قيمة مصمتة ، وإنما هي واقع أصيل يتأذى بشتى الاعتبارات (...) وهي رغم واقعيتها قيمة مطلقة ، وكل خروج عنها يمثل شرخا أو جرحا في وظيفة الشعر " التي تتجلى في كل مرحلة من مراحل الإبداع الشعري ( العقل ، القلب ، اللسان) ، "فقد يصف الشاعر البحر لأنّه أحبّ منظره ، أو تأثر بروعة امتداده، ولكنك تحسّ وهو يتحدث عنه ، أنّه يعبِّر بذلك عن حرية الإنسان أو عن عمق الوجود الإنساني ، أو سعة التجارب الإنسانية دون أن يصرِّح - في الحالين مخبرا أو مقررا- بهذه الرابطة الوثيقة السرية بينه وبين البحر " . ونحن إذ نقرأ الشعر فليس غايتنا الوصول إلى تحديد معناه بل يكفي أن تصيبنا عدوى الشعر أو اللذة على حد تعبير إليوت.
وقديما قال فخر الدين الصابي: ( أفخر الشعر ما غَمُض فلم يعطك معناه إلا بعد ممطالة منه) ، ولذلك فإناّ نعتبر قراءة الشعر نوع من المكابدة التي لا تحتاج من الناقد إلاّ"أن يقف أمام مبدعات الفن موقف المتعبد لا موقف القاضي " على حد تعبير كروتشه ، فهل سنقوى على تمثيل صورة المتعبد أمام نصوص المدونة أم أنّ الحس الأكاديمي سيجعلنا نُرضخُ نصوصها للمحاكمة النقدية الصارمة حيث تتحول اللغة لفرط حسّها النقدي إلى لغة لا وطن لها، ولا هوية سوى هذا النص الذي تنشده الشاعرة بلغة تتساقط أوراق مؤسستها العتيدة العنيدة ، ونقصد بها المؤسسة المعجمية البلاغية الأسلوبية التراثية ، لتتحول إلى لغة لها بحّتها الخاصة ، ولها جماليتها المتسكعة التي تتقصّد تأسيس نص أنثوي يسائل الذات وفعل الكتابة عبر ذاكرة واعية تسعى إلى تأجيج نار الخصوصية النصية لما يُكتب في زمن استحكمت فيه التعددية ، وطغت فيه سلطة التجريب الذي غالبا ما تكون مسالكه وعرة ومرجعياته عصية على النصوص التي يحاول أصحابها الغرف من تلك اللحظة المتوترة التي تُلغي الحذلقة وتقرّب لحظة الكتابة الشعرية من زمن الميتافيزيفا .
تمظهرات المدينة في ديوان ( للريح قالت الشجرة ):

Diwan consider the grievances and its role in achieving justice

Abdul Amir al-Araji

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 28, Pages 347-388

Mandate of the ombudsman function Semitic intended to the administration of justice among the people, and the payment of injustice and hurt and restrain evil, to correct their situation, because the injustice rooted in the temperament of man must be strong governor resides Justice to do justice to the oppressed of the power of the oppressor, whether from the general community or from officials who considered themselves of with Satwa and believe from the account and punishment, and when abounded tugging and leadership among the community of Mecca and many of injustice and domination by the powerful over the weak, Mecca knew alliance contract between the tribes leaders called (curiosity Pact) objective to defending the oppressed and took the rights of the oppressor, either in the era of the message the Prophet God's blessing upon to hold accountable and punish anyone who exceeded the rights of the people by himself, after he recovers from it all raped them, even assigned to that Imam Ali Peace be upon him to achieve the aspirations of the God's blessing upon of justice and fairness among people in Yemen, at the same time was watching the actions of his governors and his workers until it reached its comes to isolate AlaHadrami and him to Bahrain after a complaint of its people from it, it is supposed to follow his successors after him his example, to monitor the conditions of the people and to hold the abusers of their rights, but some of them did not achieve justice and fairness in the return of the people of his rights "as happened to his daughter Zahra the peace of god in Fadak under the influence of some of the companions, but a significant turning point has been achieved in the mandate of the Ombudsman in the succession of Imam Ali Peace be upon him through taken beta so he called (grievances house) to throw patches of complainants in which Gore governors and workers without fear and was supervised by himself, but in the era Umayyad has Umayyad rulers continued to sit to consider the grievances, but treat them has been uneven between the parish especially with a household "except Caliph Omar bin Abdul Aziz (99 e / 101 e) which Ancefhm, and after the fall of Alamoian successors Bani Abbas continued to consider the grievances themselves or commissioned who Antdbonh them, so I took the mandate of the Ombudsman's a serious reversal when women overcame the King and the measure was Ms. or Caliph Muqtadir ordered years six and three hundred chambermaid her know (screwed) to sit soil built Rasafa and consider the patches people every Friday Fastnkerha people that. In order to stand on the actions taken by the caliphs to achieve justice among people and insurance on their lives and their money, and what the mandate of the injustices they have created of importance in achieving this I saw that I studied that model and how to deal with the successors of Muslims.

Andalusian cultural metropolises in a modern emirate and the Umayyad Caliphate

Aqeel Mohammed Saeed Ahmed

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 28, Pages 389-448

The research finds shed light on many Andalusian cities that specialized with it's educational activities and it's for at the Variouse Science and Knowledge till it became Capitials for educational activity in Andalus with Andalusian encouragement and care rulers in order to compete the large educational capitals at Islamic world like Baghdad, Kairouah, Cairo.
The research found that Large number of educational capitals appeared in Andalus besides other large capitals Like Cordoba and others Seperated at different Sides of Andalus Also AL - thgor areas which confrouted for enemy characterized with Prosperity and the Stablishment of many educational capitals in it.

Eloquence conversations Ahl al-Bayt () and its impact on linguistic correction

Dergham Ali Mohsen

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 28, Pages 449-468

Marilee one of the main features that characterized the talk of the in fallible imams (peace be upon then). It reached the highest levels of eloquence rhetoric they are free from of mistake the methods of expression of sound and in dividable level and installation articulated people because conversations extension of the language of the holy Koran worthy job an criterion and standard of scrutiny Arabic language and rhetorical settlement and taking her bad vulgar and exclusion of which cannot be exported from in fallible (peace be upon him) in any way the research focuses by dividing it in to two sections, the first one was in a certificate imams talk fluently and eloquence and the sayings. Of scholars in it. The second one was in effect that hi legacy conversations in the Arab language and literature, in particular linguistic correction models which I chose the my for the first two kind, of linguistic imams themselves and the second in linguistic correction saw them was from conversation.

Contents and forms of news websites(The study of his analysis of the site Elaf model)


Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 28, Pages 469-494

Epitomized the importance of research in the quest to gain access to precise and clear scientific conclusions about how electronic media dealing with news article, through scientific research establishes steps other research can enhance the view of this researcher that the way of dealing with the news article, news story or he story news or a news report in the electronic media taking different from the traditional customary in the world of the printed press method path, but in practice, the results that came out of that research can be a road map for Elaf-mail to the creation of a state of balance in dealing with art. News in terms of topics and kind and values news and components form Brief geographical area and the sources of news article as this research from three chapters are the first chapter dealt with the methodological framework of research problem, objectives and importance down to the methodology involved beneath this research came the second chapter the theoretical framework for the highlights on the concept of the press electronic features and values carried by the news The third chapter represents a practical framework addressed the reality Elaf electronic and analyze the news article published site during the period of research and then reveal the results after discharge from the tables that have been used for this purpose, and came out of this research a number of valuable scientific conclusions drawn by the researcher of the results as well as Some of the recommendations to evaluate the performance of the Elaf website

A Pragma stylistic Analysis of American and Iraqi dream in two novels(Night of Sad AliBaba)&(American Pastoral)

Suzanne Abdul-hadyKadhim

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 28, Pages 11-20

This study examines the nature of the pragma stylistic aspects in English and Arabic by adopting two novels;the American one by Philip Roth and the Iraqione by Abdel khaliq Al-Rikabi. It illustrates that there are definite points of equivalenceand variance between the two languages in using pragma stylistic devices. The study discusses the use of the pragma stylistic devices in the two languages. The study ends with some copncluding remarks pointing out some points of similarity and difference between the two languages.